eporcha gov bd map

At present, we can take the opportunity to know various types of information related to land through the Ministry of Land under the government management. Starting from Khatian, by visiting the citizen corner, the option of applying for registration is being provided, as well as more options have been opened for us. This official website has launched Digital Bhumi Seva System with all the services that are generally required in our daily life. So today’s discussion is for those of you who have come here to collect or download Parcha maps.

When the land in your neighborhood is measured or all the work is done in the presence of all the people who measure the land to show the specific ownership, they have a plan or map in hand. How many points of a piece of land or the shape of a piece of land are mentioned there, so each point is measured and filled accordingly with a compass.

In this case, if there is more or less in the deed or record, then many types of problems may arise to fill the land or to explain the specific ownership. However, if you want to get rid of all these problems, then after buying each land, you have to take proper possession and get the name issued within a certain period. In other words, since land related works are very sensitive, if we are not able to play a conscious role in this matter, then someone else may come and create trouble here.

So since we are discussing here about collecting the tract map for your purpose, you have to visit the website to download it or to collect the tract of specific area. In this case you have to go to the official website mentioned above and give all the information required to apply for collecting the map. All the information required to collect this map should be given and if wrong information is given beyond that then the map of that particular place will not appear.

You can thus easily apply online to collect paper maps of any place and they will be sent by post. But for collecting this map, a minimum fee is fixed from you and you will get the opportunity to fulfill it through mobile banking. When you can collect the map of your area or your own lands through this online program, you can take the land rights accordingly as it is mentioned in the government records.

Land knowledge or land related matters if you handle every matter properly then it will be seen that future heirs or neighboring land owners are having trouble about it. So each land should be measured in a certain way and kept in their possession accordingly and if you want to surround it with a boundary, it would be best. So, based on the discussion here, you can get an idea about collecting paper maps and if you can download them and keep them or if you have them in your own collection, when Amin comes to measure the land, you can show them and do the work accordingly.

Although every Amin has maps from the Mandhata period, if you want updated maps, he is the best. Because there are many Amins who use all these old documents but later the records are corrected or the dag numbers change, so the measurement of your land changes accordingly. Apart from keeping up-to-date on land related works, rents must be paid regularly.