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eporcha.gov.bd Currently we are visiting the official website called e-porcha to get important services related to land ministry and through this website we are collecting important information related to portcha. So if you want to know about this official website then we will provide you some important information about this official website or help us with all the information that we need in our daily life.

This official website helps us a lot as we solve our various tasks or we can keep ourselves ahead in various tasks through land office or land ministry in daily life. So, through today’s post, you can get detailed information about the activities of the official website called E-Percha.

eporcha land gov bd

We use the website to ensure proper execution of land related work following the rules that have been followed since the Tenancy and Land Act was passed in 1950 till date. In addition to having an official website called Land Gov BD, the Ministry of Land has an official website called e-portcha for all the applications that we usually receive at the land office or apply for at home. Through this official website we can easily enter the citizen corner and do the important tasks related to Khatian as well as search the papers.

Before knowing about the official website of e-purcha we need to know what is porcha and definition of porcha. Generally, the information related to the name of land owner, name of father of owner, dag number of land, type of land, amount of land and boundary etc. That is, based on all these information we can know the important things related to a land and the copy of Khatian is Parcha. In this important way, we have to follow these rules in order to know the details of any land and to collect the certificate, it has been arranged to collect it by applying online at present.

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By using the official website of e-portcha gov bd we can easily collect any land related documents at present. So if you need this map or any information then you can definitely apply online. You can collect this pamphlet by post by paying a very small amount of application fee on application basis. In this case, you have to visit the website to apply for the Mouza map and provide all the information required as a citizen to apply. So for you, through this post, a detailed description of how to collect Mauza map has been provided.

Actually the Mauza map that you are trying to collect is called Parcha. So to collect it you have to go to this official website and go there and click on online application option of Mauza Map in citizen corner. After clicking there, if you provide all the information that will be sent from you, then the application will be accepted according to your information and you can collect other detailed information along with the plot of land from there. So below is the detailed information you need to provide.

Mouza Map PDF

If you want to collect fun map in pdf file format then it can be collected in pdf file format but direct copy can be collected on request. Based on the above information, when you visit this official website, when you want to apply for fun size, you must go to the application page first. There you have to first select your department name from the information you will provide. Then you go down and select your district first.

Information of the last updated Khatian within your district should be provided. That is, whether it is RS Khatian, or BS Khatian, or CS Khatian should be selected. Once it is selected scroll down and select Upazila and scroll down and select your Mauza. Then you select whether you want to search information by spot number or by seat number to download this Mouja Map PDF file. Once selected you will provide that information and if the information is found by searching then you will need to provide some more information to download its mohammed. And on the basis of searching information you can complete the application very easily and by paying the application fee you can download this pamphlet or Mouja map.

eporcha gov bd login

For those who want to check papers online, it is called Khatian search in website parlance. So if you need to search Khatian then you must follow the following rules. Since Parcha is a copy of the Khatian, the information you can find by searching the Khatian will be very important. So let us get a detailed idea about how to check Parcha or Khatian online through this post. Searching this khatian is very important for website and to search khatian on this website you need to provide some important information to the website.

To search khatian you must go to the option called khatian search and enter some information. To search khatian you have to select which category you want to search khatian and also select which district you want to search khatian of that category. In this way you have to select the khatian which has been done in that area or the khatian which is ongoing in that area as per the latest update. In most cases, the website ticks this option as RS Khatian is searched. So apart from this, if there is another Khatian going on in your area then you have to select that and go down and select Upazila and Mouza.

After providing this information, you will mention the Khatian number. Apart from mentioning the Khatian, there is an option to search the information based on the tag number or ownership, so please provide the correct information and write the following capture code in the blank space. Then clicking on the search option will show the name of the land owner and other information including his father’s name.

For other information, the amount of land will be given in percentage form and a detailed description of the type of land will be given. Moreover, the website has been arranged to show detailed information about the land mark number and land boundary, so you can know about every information by searching the certificate in case of buying any type of land.

Online RS Khatian check BD

For those who want to check RS Khatian through online, we will tell the correct rules to check RS Khatian through today’s post. To know the correct rules to check RS Khatian through online you have to follow certain rules and in this case you have to collect the Khatian number with yourself in advance. Because in the language of the website when you click on the Khatian search option or when you go to the citizen option and use this matter, you must complete the task with the Khatian number.

Because when you enter the website and want to search for RS Khatian, even if you know the information about the department or the local address, the number of RS Khatian may not be known to many people. Therefore, if you want to find out the ownership of the land by RS Khatian, you can find out the ownership of any kind of land, and with the Khatian number, you will get a detailed description of where and how much land he has according to that ownership. Moreover, you can easily calculate the total land of any dead person by calculating the amount of land in the number of spots.

RS Porcha Download

Above we have informed you the rules to be followed while downloading RS papers. Through this post you will be able to do the important tasks related to land in your daily life based on knowing this information and you will also know what kind of benefits you will get by visiting the official website called e-portcha. Therefore, by downloading the RS form, you will easily get a detailed idea about the land of a certain boundary or the land of the spot number and it will be possible to get a detailed list of where the information has been recorded in the government survey.

Eporcha.gov.bd Khatian Application

If you apply for khatian through online then this application can be done by visiting the official website called e-purcha. Because by visiting this official website you have to go to the application page after going to the website to download the form. By going there you can easily apply based on providing your address information and plot number or seat wise number. In addition to accepting these applications online on government basis, issues are being looked into to settle each application very quickly. So you can easily follow the rules mentioned above to complete your tasks or to download RS papers online.

By visiting the official website, you may be able to perform various period related tasks through the login provided to you. But there is an option called office login through which email or username has to be provided. Moreover, you can easily create an account by providing the password that you set there to receive official privileges. Therefore, for office login, the authorities have given you the option to visit this official website and do the work to get various facilities. However, in case of different types of applications, you do not need to enter any special information or login here separately.

eporcha gov bd খতিয়ান অনুসন্ধান

This paper is very important to know the important information related to land in daily life. So you can easily apply online on a short time basis without going to the land office to collect the certificate and without spending more money day after day. The slip can be downloaded by applying online and the copy of the slip will reach you easily based on the application. Since you have come to know the important information related to the stages through this post, the rules for downloading them have been discussed in detail above, so there is no need to mention it again and again.

We have repeatedly informed you how to get this form online and based on that information you can collect the copy of khatian. You can do these things to remove all kinds of opposition from any kind of land dispute. Because when you have the papers in your collection, you can collect a copy of the official khatian and solve various problems of daily life through that copy. Since we can easily collect various land-related information from Mauza map to paper, it will be best to collect it. Moreover, you need to play a conscious role in the documentation to emphasize the important points related to the terrain of each spot.

eporcha gov bd খতিয়ান

The official website of the Ministry of Lands is currently providing an opportunity to those who want to get Mauza map through online to apply for fun. So when you want to collect Mauza online online, you must collect them in such a way that you can collect them properly at low cost without any kind of brokerage. You can stay away from various problems related to land because we are providing you with detailed information about the activities of the official website of Land Gov BD and the activities of the official website of e-portcha. As the distribution of land is increasing nowadays, it will be the duty of every citizen to keep separate documents for each land.

Even then, you can visit this official website and click on the options currently available called Citizen Service and perform various tasks. After each purchase of land, one must pay the rent for it and complete the Namzari. Through Namjari you can establish your land ownership and get various land related services based on the current “paper owns the land” rule. So you must visit this official website to get digital land service related help and thousands of visitors visit this official website every day.

In case of land purchase, you must purchase it subject to the necessary documents. After purchasing the land, you need to complete the registration. After submitting any type of application form there is an option to track the application form on the website. So you can take the service of khatian print applied on hot line along with application form trucking. You can use this official website to get various services from Khatian applications to land related services.

As a good citizen of the country and properly understanding the activities of the smart and digital country, it will be the job of an intelligent person to act accordingly. So for the important information regarding Parcha or Khatian we are providing you information so you can know them and accordingly you can ask any type of question.