eporcha land gov bd

For those of you who will visit the official website of E-Purcha Land Govt Bd in Government Management, various features have been introduced there. So if you want to gain knowledge about this or if you have any really necessary work in this regard then go to the official website using the above mentioned link to complete it. Because if you go to the official website, there are various options available for you and you can view the information or apply by using the options you need.

Currently we delete the official website of Land Gov BD to get updated about the land related matters. And if you need information related to Khatian or information related to land mark number, then you can get it by visiting the above mentioned website. If the issue of measuring the land of a place comes up then you have to arrange to download the paper map to get the updated design or they will be sent to your nearest post office on application.

If we do not currently update or collect these parcel maps to ensure accuracy in any land measurement, then the land measurement will not be accurate. In most cases, the heirs or the neighboring land owners make a fuss about it, so we must make preparations in advance or show the proper design and take out the land accordingly and take possession of it. So we have to go to the website to collect the map at this stage and apply there.

You will have to spend a certain amount of fee for collecting the certificate and pay it as an official fee. So in daily life, you should collect this map to get the measurements of different lands correctly and when an Amin comes to measure the land, you will understand every thing by showing that map. In case of land purchase or to know various updates about land, you need to know detailed information about Khatian first.

Because if we don’t have a proper understanding of Khatian, it is not possible for us to know in whose name the land is owned or in whose name the name was last registered. Even if you live in the same area, you can get to know them through local people, but if you are a person from outside the area, you may not know much about them by visiting that area. So you have to collect the khatian number from the person you are buying the land from and there is an option to check whether it is RS khatian or BS khatian by going to the website.

So you have to visit that website to know the updates of various matters related to Khatian and if you feel the need to make any kind of application somewhere or if there is a missed case then you will get a chance to solve it from there. One of the most important steps after buying any land is getting the title issued. There are many people who do this later, causing trouble.

So after purchasing a piece of land, first of all you have to register and also confirm the possession issues. If you can complete each and every task properly in this way, hopefully there will be no problem related to land and even then you will be able to solve it. Moreover, we will accept all the facilities that have been introduced for us by the government initiative or we can know any information very quickly through this system of internet. thank you