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Economic Relations Division is one of the divisions of Bangladesh Ministry of Finance. Since the accounts of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh are kept by the Ministry of Finance, they are divided into four departments to create and manage their activities. Therefore, it being a very important department, the work needs to be done properly and on that basis the authorities have given important responsibility to the Economic Relations Division. If you want to know about this official website or their activities then post this and hopefully the information here will be able to answer your questions.

You all know that all the departments or ministries and directorates under the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh have given us information through the official website. That is, if we need to know any information, we do not have to go anywhere else, but we can know them through the Internet and there is an opportunity to know them through the notice section. And if you want to get all types of government-run websites in one place, then you can visit the official website of Ek Seva or visit the official website of My Gov BD and you will get all the information.

So if we want to bring speed in every work considering the current situation and think about the progress then we must keep pace with the official website. What is meant by various notices should be understood. Because if we don’t complete every task properly or know every information then we can’t move ourselves accordingly.

We need to know the activities that are currently being conducted by the government and it is important to know as a conscious citizen what kind of steps the government is actually taking for the common people or what kind of policies are being followed in running the country. So we need to be updated about everything according to current times and there is nothing easier than internet to stay updated. However, instead of relying on information through Facebook or social media, it is best to visit the official website directly and find out from there.

So for you, as we are constantly discussing various issues or trying to explain about the official website’s activities, you can understand it from here. So try to understand the discussions well and what kind of activities are actually conducted on the official website, you have the opportunity to know about them only by visiting the official website. The Department of Economic Relations under the Ministry of Finance performs various important responsibilities for us.

They keep us informed about every matter by performing their duties and fulfill the duties related to finance and related matters. So we hope it is very good if we can use the official website to know each and every information. And when you understand it through this post, we have made this special arrangement so that it is very good for you.

Through the Department of Economic Relations, it is possible to provide various grants in different sectors of the country as well as providing scholarships for students. Moreover, after accepting foreign loans, they are able to use them properly and play the necessary economic role in other areas. Therefore, the Department of Economic Relations under the Ministry of Finance is performing a very important responsibility to bring economic mobility to the country. thank you