eticket bangladesh railway gov bd

If you want to travel from one place to another by buying a ticket through the Ministry of Bangladesh, then all intercity train tickets are being collected online. So if you want to follow the correct procedure in the case of rail travel, you can definitely visit the official website of E-Ticket and buy the ticket. But to collect tickets from here you have to follow several rules or by following several steps you will be given permission to buy tickets after completing registration.

Nowadays every railway station apart from offering tickets offline also sells tickets online for the convenience of many people. Normally, tickets are available on other days, but if any kind of examination is held in Dhaka on Friday of the week, there is a lot of pressure to get tickets. So when you buy the ticket, you should understand and buy the ticket in advance so that you can secure the seat. We will inform you about the ticketing arrangements available or the rules to be followed for intercity train ticketing.

First of all you have to complete a registration when you buy this ticket by visiting the official website of Railway Govt BD. Registration is to be completed here using birth registration certificate or NID card or passport details and providing some other basic information. Mobile number and email address should be provided so that the authorities can give you updated information on your phone.

When buying tickets through online, after completing the registration, you have to go to the ticketing hall and enter various information. First you specify the station from which you want to start the journey and in the second step you have to specify the station at which you want to end the journey. In this case, if the name of the local station does not appear, then if you search with the name of the previous or next station, you will hopefully find it. Provide these two important details while booking tickets and mention the dates you want to travel.

Also, let us mention the type of seats you want to travel in this case. After that you have to search for trains and the list of which trains will be running on the specified day will come in front of you. Along with that, the list of all the compartments or seats available in those trains will be displayed and the number of seats in each compartment will be shown. So you will select the seat you want to buy the ticket and if the ticket option is available or the seat selection option is available, select the seat and proceed to the next step to complete the payment.

You can select bank account for payment there or select mobile banking account to complete the payment tasks correctly. An OTP will be sent to the account from which the payment will be made and an SMS will be sent and it will be collected and paid on the website. If you make the payment, the ticket will be ready for you within a few minutes and will arrange to download it in the form of a PDF file.

Moreover, this ticket will be sent to the email address you registered with. So you have to complete all the preparations to travel on the specified date by printing the ticket within the specified date. Hope you have been able to understand how to buy tickets after completing the registration through Bangladesh Railway Ministry. If you want to know more about this or if you feel any problem, feel free to ask us and you will get the right answer.