eticket railway gov bd com

The facility of buying tickets for those who want to travel from one end of the country to another end of the country by the trains operated by the Bangladesh Railway Ministry has now been introduced on the website. As different people of our country travel from one divisional city to another divisional city so these train tickets are very important. While commuting by other public transports is full of hassles for many, train journeys are comfortable for many.
So we will try to give you A to Z information about it when you take the right rules for traveling by train. That is, if you want to travel through Bangladesh Railway from where you want to buy tickets and what are the rules for buying tickets, then it will be very good for many people. So you can choose Bangladesh Railway medium to make your travel comfortable and convenient. Currently, all the trains that are running in our country, there are other types of trains running here including Intercity.


So when you travel by train, you have to play a conscious role in booking tickets well in advance to get seats because of the high customer demand in this country. Trains are especially crowded on Thursdays and Saturdays of the week. Because many students from different parts of Bangladesh come to the capital to take the job exam and for this the pressures remain. So if we don’t play a conscious role in buying tickets or don’t hurry then many times tickets will not be available.

So to get the ticket you have to visit the official website of eTicket Gov bd managed by Bangladesh Railway Ministry and follow all the rules of ticketing. Following the rules there are several steps to buy tickets and you need to register here beforehand. That is, if you want to travel somewhere by buying the ticket here, then you have to complete the registration by clicking on the registration option as soon as you enter the website.

If you are a citizen of Bangladesh, you can register with your NID card or birth certificate, as well as if you are a citizen of a foreign country, there is a special system to register here. At present only NID card holders will be allowed to buy tickets and everyone can play a very important role in traveling by registering separately. When you need to travel by train, it will be better for you if you buy tickets to follow the correct rules.

However, many will check whether there is sufficient balance in buying tickets. Because many times when you go to make the payment after selecting the seat, the ticket gets canceled due to insufficient balance and later to cash in. Since everyone needs a ticket and everyone is comfortable traveling by train, you need to play a proactive role in this regard.

So, after visiting this official website managed by Bangladesh Railways, click on the registration option and complete the registration with all the information you need there. Once the registration is completed, you will be confirmed by sending an email to the email address you are providing.