eticketing railway gov bd login registration

If you want to buy railway tickets online as per present rules then first of all you have to visit the official website of e-ticket and complete the login or registration. That is, if you do not complete the registration there on the basis of providing mobile number and other information, then the authority will not give you permission to buy tickets. Since traveling by train is very enjoyable and traveling by train is often safer, you can complete a registration to avail the online ticketing facility for traveling by train.

It plays a very important role for you as we discuss various issues in daily life for your convenience or tell you what kind of facilities can be available by visiting a website online. So by following this post we will arrange railway ticket booking for those who want to book railway ticket and also inform about the actual rules to be followed in ticket booking.

But first of all you have to visit the website and complete the registration in order to buy the ticket. Because if you can’t complete the registration then you won’t be able to go to the ticketing page and won’t be able to buy the ticket. You have to go there to complete the registration and if you can go there, register with all the important information starting from your name.

Usually you will need your NID card number or birth certificate number to complete this registration. Along with that you need to provide mobile number and a valid email address through which the ticket is sent to the email address when you buy the ticket. So it is your important responsibility to fill every information correctly and if you give any wrong information it will be harmful for you. Therefore, based on the above discussion, you should follow the rules of the website to complete the registration for ticketing.

However, if foreign tourists want to buy tickets in our country, then they have full opportunity to register here by providing their passport and visa number. For registration, you have to register with all the necessary information and you have to set the password in addition to giving the mobile number. If you want to set a password, create a strong Rdigit password using digits and English letters. Then when you need to buy tickets, you have to visit the website and login.

While logging in, you will be asked for that mobile number and password and if you save it, it will be filled automatically. And if you don’t save it, then you have to type it by hand and in this way you will first select from where you want to travel after logging in. Apart from mentioning the date of travel, you must also mention the seat you want to travel. After giving all this information, a list will appear in front of you which train will run on the specified day.

Moreover, how many seats are left in a train and how many seats are empty will be mentioned there, so you can book tickets conveniently. In the case of buying tickets, you must carefully buy tickets and complete the payment related tasks very important. In this way one can travel from one place to another by visiting this official website managed by Bangladesh Railway Ministry and buy train tickets online.