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During the Great War of Liberation, various opportunities are being provided through the Ministry of Liberation War website for those who sacrificed their lives to liberate this country. So you can see the link mentioned above and understand that it is the address of the official website of Ministry of Liberation War of Bangladesh. By going here you can find the information of freedom fighters and from there you can perform important tasks with the necessary information.

Moreover, the importance of this website is very high as you will get various policies or orders related to the liberation war. Various facilities are being provided to those people who have been officially recognized for the liberation war within the country. The authorities ensure that every person’s information is recorded correctly and facilities are provided accordingly according to the government accounts. In this regard, the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs is performing an important responsibility, so we are getting every job or every freedom fighter is getting facilities.

If you have any idea about the liberation war, then you will understand that how many people of this country risked their lives to fight during the great liberation war. In every case, the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has arranged various types of privileges or quotas as a reward or honor for the amount of work they have done to make the country independent. So when you have participated in all these activities as a freedom fighter, it will be very good if you take all the facilities provided by the government.

Although no new list of freedom fighters is being prepared or many have died after the liberation war, still those who cannot find the information online should contact the Ministry of Liberation War. Then the authorities will provide you with various facilities and facilities and you can use those facilities. Because at that time according to your age you were young or young but nowadays many of you are old.

And at this age it is very good when you accept all these honors or services for financial security. When we need to know the information of local freedom fighters, we can get it from the specific official website. At present, official websites have been created separately for each upazila or each district and all official websites are managed by the government. So by visiting all these websites you can know a lot of important information about the liberation war and accordingly if any information is required then you can collect it.

Therefore, you will participate in all the arrangements or matters organized by the authorities of the Ministry of Liberation War. And if you need to know any information by visiting the above-mentioned website, then you need to know the information of the area-based freedom fighter by inputting the information correctly. There is an opportunity to take.

Moreover, from the options on the left below, you can complete other tasks by accepting the necessary options or instructions. So based on the discussion here, you have understood many things about the liberation war and it is very good for you that we have informed you many things. Therefore, when you have the opportunity to know these things in the context of the liberation war, you can present these things in the case of informing someone else. We discuss in front of you all the activities that are being conducted by the government or the issues that are being presented.