After the publication of the recruitment circular from the Directorate of Fire Service and Civil Defense, for those of you who want to follow each step related to the application, here is the detailed information based on the discussion. Because many of you may not know where to apply and how to apply. At present, two recruitment circulars have been published for the posts of firefighter and driver, so you can apply for the mentioned posts if you want.

If you can participate in this recruitment circular through the Directorate of Fire Service and Civil Defense then you can involve yourself in service work besides getting a government job. For your convenience we will discuss here how to apply for driver and firefighter posts. And based on this discussion, if you understand each point properly, I hope that there will be no difficulty and you can apply yourself on your own responsibility.

Directorate of Fire Service and Civil Defense is working to provide overall security within the country. Fire Service and Civil Defense Directorate is working to build a safe Bangladesh by protecting life and property in every upazila level or in important places.

At present, the authorities are taking all necessary measures to become one of the best institutions in Asia by dealing with all accidents including fire and ensuring civil safety. Moreover, in recent times the fire service authorities have been handling the issues which have saved many property from damage.

So if you want to apply for the post of firefighter or driver then we ask you to directly go to the official website page to apply using the above title. At first you will get basic instructions and application form. You must read the basic instructions to follow the important steps related to the application

and if you have any idea about that then you can directly click on the application form option. When you go to the application form, two posts are mentioned in front of you, select the path you want to apply for and proceed to the next step. Because that’s where you have this application page and the correct information needs to be filled there to fill that form.

Based on the above mentioned discussion, for those who have come to apply for the post of firefighter or driver, we say wrongly, first of all provide the applicant’s name in capital letters in English. Once the name of the applicant is given you have to give his parents name and date of birth correctly.

In providing the date of birth, the applicant must mention the date of birth, month and year. In this way, after mentioning each task, if there is any kind of quota, then mention that quota and if there is no quota, then you will go to the next step.

The gender of the applicant must be mentioned and whether he is a member of any ethnic group. If there is any kind of physical disability or if there is a disability then it should be mentioned there. Moreover, if Ansar is a VDP member, there is an option to mention that too.

Next comes the height of the applicant and how fit and how many inches tall the applicant must be mentioned. After giving the height, what is the chest expansion and what is normal? Then provide the nationality and national identity card number. If the applicant is married then mention it and if not there is an option to mention it.

After that the applicant should mention his current address. Names must be provided to indicate whether the parent is acting as guardian of the applicant. Give father’s name if father is alive and mother’s name if mother is alive. After that the applicant has to provide village name, district name, post office or upazila name and post code. Once these are provided, go to the permanent address.

If the present address and the permanent address are the same, then the information will be automatically updated by ticking the blank box next to the permanent address. After that the mobile number of the applicant has to be given and the mobile number has to be typed once more to confirm. In this case, provide a mobile number through which the authorities can contact the applicant or inform him to participate in the examination by sending an SMS to the phone.

So after providing the correct mobile number we will ask you to provide your SSC exam and HSC exam details. Apart from mentioning the name of the SSC exam, from which board you have passed and the roll number and result should also be mentioned. Then from which department you have passed and in which year you have also passed. Similarly you have to provide details of HSC examination and if graduation then graduation option must be filled.

In the case of graduation, mention the name of your exam and the subject in which you have passed. Then mention the name of your university as well as the result and in what year you have passed. In this case, do not make mistake to mention the year of the course in which you graduated. Thus, if you want to complete master’s degree, then you must complete it and if you do not have master’s degree, there is no problem.

Now you have to clearly understand the validation code that is being given and after putting it in the blank box, tick the small box below. Then you can proceed to the next step where your application details will be shown in detail and at the bottom it will ask you to provide photo and signature. Now you have to provide correct image and signature and must provide them of 300*300 megapixels.

And if you want to upload signature then it must be 300*80. When you can upload them in the correct resolution and in the specified format, then your application will be completed and you will submit the application form. Once the application form is submitted you will be provided with User ID and PDF file will be prepared for downloading the applicant copy.

No matter which device you are applying through, please download it properly because later by using it you can download the admit card. You must complete the application completely on the basis of paying the application fee through Teletalk SIM recharge in the user ID that is in the applicant copy. Once your application is completed, it will be notified through SMS and the user ID password will be mentioned there, so when the exam is announced later, you can use it to download the admit card.