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Those of you who want to do General Diary due to any problem or threat are currently requested to do GD online by visiting the above mentioned link. Usually if you want to do GD at local police station then sometimes some corrupt police officers may demand money from you. But according to the government’s instructions, no money is required to do GD and when you can know this, you must follow certain steps to do GD.

Even though our life system is managed normally, sometimes many unexpected things happen. If any person has threatened you or if any person has gone missing or any document has been lost, you can file a GD at the police station. As the police officers are responsible for finding lost things or important reasons, they will take responsibility and you can bring these issues before them through General Diary. So when you do general diary then all the mediums you take online can be made at home or from online service shops.

When you do GD at the police station or GD through online, you will get the option in which context you want to do GD. Generally, if you do GD, you should follow the options that are shown there. Because the options given here are very important and GD will be acceptable in this regard. So if you can follow these rules in making GD then it will be very good and if you submit it following certain rules in making GD it will be noticed by the police.

If any person threatens you or creates any trouble then you will get police security accordingly if you give advance GD. Or since you have informed the police in advance, they will look into the matter and take action accordingly. If a person suddenly disappears and in this case they cannot be traced, then when you make a GD along with the picture, these matters will be looked into under the supervision of the police.

We can certainly do GD if we are in trouble because there is a system to take all these facilities if we do GD in case of an event that has already happened or if we have a forecast of an event. In making GD we have to follow certain rules so that the authority does not accept or cancel it. So there are some special rules to do GD or there are some special options which you have to watch youtube tutorial video to know.

It will be very good for you when you can input every information correctly at every place and select the options that are given for doing GD. Normally one doesn’t need to do GD in life or if you are doing it for the first time. Do not understand how to do it. In that case you have to follow certain rules and in following the rules we have provided instructions to use through YouTube.

While doing GD you try to give every information correctly or if you do GD with false information it will cause you problems later. You can ensure your safety through the option of making a GD to the Police Department by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. We must try to follow proper rules while doing GD to save ourselves from any kind of unwanted problems or get police assistance.