bd Circular Download 2023

At present, the authorities are conducting the admission process of students through lottery instead of admission test at the primary and secondary levels through the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. Therefore, there is no need for a student to be admitted through admission to get admission in a government or private educational institution. The circular will be published when you are offered admission in the new academic year and accordingly you have to apply using the link mentioned above. After applying, the authority conducts a lottery for you and those who get a chance will be given the school-wise list.

In the past, students were given the opportunity to get admission through the admission test, but this system has been changed since the time of Corona. Moreover, if these rules are followed in present times, then it can be seen that a student is under a lot of pressure for these admission tests. In other words, as per the wishes of the students, they are encouraged by their families to get a chance to study well. Since no class system or any coaching system could be conducted in the educational institution during the Corona period, this admission process is conducted under completely new rules.

That is to say, to participate in this admission, you have to apply only by providing correct information and keeping the government or private educational institution in the choice list. Names of students will be drawn on the basis of a complete lottery without conducting any kind of examination and on that basis chances will be provided depending on the number of seats in an educational institution. So you are informed about the admission of this lottery program and you can apply if you use the link mentioned above.

When you want to apply using the link mentioned above, first of all you have to select whether you want to apply for admission in a government educational institution or a private educational institution. Because separate seats have been given for government and separate options for private sector. Please follow the things that we are telling you to apply by following the correct rules. Most of the educational institutions have a list of admission programs for classes III, VI, VIII and IX.

So you have the opportunity to apply according to the age or according to the information in the birth registration certificate in the class you want to take admission in the new academic year. Generally, all the information required to properly identify a student must be provided so that the information goes directly to the government server. So you have to apply online correctly so that there is no mistake anywhere and after submitting the application form you have to make the payment through teletalk sim recharge.

Please follow the payment steps properly so that you don’t have any difficulty in understanding anything. Once the application is submitted, you can collect the copy of the application by following very simple rules. The authority will conduct the admission lottery program of government educational institutions on the scheduled date and conduct the lottery admission program of private educational institutions on another day.

So as this result will be declared on different days, if you get a chance through all the educational institutions you have given your choice, then you have to follow the rules of a particular educational institution for admission. Hope you have been able to know about the admission process of students through this post. Therefore, when the Department of Secondary and Higher Education publishes the circular for you, complete the application within the prescribed time and by paying the prescribed payment.