The system of admission through the admission test from primary educational institutions to secondary level educational institutions is currently closed. That is, if you want to take admission in any educational institution or if you want to get your child admitted in any educational institution, then according to the current rules, you have to apply online by visiting the official website of GSA.

Therefore, the admission test of students through admission in different educational institutions in different categories starting from third class is closed. Those of you who apply online will be accepted and the lottery will be conducted according to that application. As this admission process of students is being conducted through lottery or random selection, you can easily apply online to help any student to get admission in the government educational institution.

In the previous years we saw that parents had a lot of worries to get students admitted. That is, many people want their children to study in good educational institutions and when students study to fulfill these demands of parents, they need to be aware of every subject in their textbooks. But due to the large number of students and limited number of seats, many students do not get a chance in a good educational institution even after having good preparation. So as a student, when you know these things or how to know these things, no one will pressure anyone and in this case, you may get an opportunity to get admission in an educational institution only through your efforts.

But we all are aware that since the Corona period educational institutions were closed and many board exams were given the opportunity to pass through auto pass. But later these things were changed and it was decided to make the students take admission test. However, we hope that the program of admission of students through lottery will be conducted in 2023 as well by the program conducted by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education for admission to government and private educational institutions.

Generally, if a student has to get admission in a government educational institution through examination or is interested in getting admission in a named private educational institution, then a good preparation must be taken from that student. In this case, as there is a kind of pressure within the students to get admission in that educational institution, the parents also give pressure to the students to study well.

So, as a student, those of you who have been studying these subjects for a long time or those of you who said that you did not get a chance in the desired educational institution even after reading the subjects for convenience, it may feel very bad. However, a student will be able to participate in admission in certain educational institutions depending on his/her luck with all the methods adopted to avoid health risks during the Corona period.

As you want to get admission in government and private educational institutions according to your location, you must apply through the ongoing application process as soon as the notification is published. There is a lot of information to be provided while applying and starting from student’s personal information to parent’s information. The website link you are getting at the top of the website i.e. the title is the official website for applying. There are procedures to apply as well as get admission notice and if you follow each procedure these things will come to your attention very easily.

So you have to click on the option to apply by visiting the official website given above. But the opportunity to apply will be given only when the official notice comes and the date is mentioned there. That is, you have to apply within the specified time from the specified time and while applying, you have to fill every information correctly as well as pay the application fee. So those who want to apply should first see the notice to apply within the specified time and if you are given the application direction as per the notice then you will continue to fill the required information to apply without further delay.

Student’s name should be provided in Bengali and English while applying. Moreover, the student should be mentioned in which class he wants to be admitted. When you mention your current address or permanent address, you should mention the address in detail in which area you want to apply for admission to the educational institution. When you mention the specific category and you provide the specific area, the educational institutions within that area will be suggested to you.

From there you can shortlist five to ten educational institutions as per the rules and follow the next steps to apply. So when you need to apply you will follow those rules and in following the things that we inform you, no informational mistakes can be made. Students must provide their birth registration certificate number while applying and provide the birth registration certificate number correctly. In place of parent’s information, NID card number must be provided along with mentioning their name and occupation. In this way, when you can fill the form with all other information starting from the name of the educational institution, you will be shown a user ID.

This User ID should be collected so that you can make payments in the correct manner or to the correct User ID. When you send money to the user ID, you must send this money through Teletalk SIM Prepaid. You will be given the opportunity to download an application form from there only if you can complete the payment by visiting the website or using various means. Depending on your application, various educational institutions will be aware of these issues and the lottery will be held through the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education. It will be shown which students have got chance in that educational institution.

When the result of the admission process will be published, the date of the result will be announced in the admission notification besides being published through the notice. So on a certain day, you can collect the list of students who have got a chance by visiting the official website of the educational institution in which you have applied for admission.

And if you get a chance, then according to the rules of the educational institution and by paying the admission fee, you have to take the opportunity to enroll in the new class. If you feel any difficulty in filling the form in the admission program through lottery instead of admission test in government and private educational institutions across the country, then if you ask in the comment box, the solution will be given.