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Every year in the government and private educational institutions across the country, the admission process is ongoing through lottery. Students do not have to prepare separately as this system is being conducted through internet lottery instead of admission test since the corona virus started. Every year students are under a lot of pressure to appear in the admission test and have to memorize the textbooks of their own class as well as acquire knowledge about the textbooks of other classes.

It is a kind of pressure given to the young students and the students too often drop out while making themselves that way. Therefore, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education is currently conducting this program through lottery to conduct the admission process in all the classes in which the admission system was in operation from the third class onwards. So if there are students in your family and if you want to take the opportunity to get admission in the government educational institution by participating in the admission program in the specific area as well as in the neighboring areas, then you can download the admission form.

That is, all the students who will withdraw the admission form will get the opportunity to participate in the admission program through this lottery. So we should apply online according to the age of the student and according to the admission opportunities offered to us for admission in the particular category. When you want to apply through online then it is mandatory to have birth registration certificate of the student and complete the application by providing other details of parents.

In case of applying, after submitting the application online, you have to follow the specified system and make the payment. And when you can complete the payment then you will start participating in this admission process. After receiving all the applications, the authorities will conduct this lottery for you on a specific day and the winners will be notified on the website or notice board of the respective educational institution by conducting the lottery. So if you want to participate in such a system then be sure to accept it as it requires admission of students through random selection.

By looking at the above mentioned link, you can understand that it is an application related link and a link related to government school admission. So if you want to apply here to provide students with the opportunity to get admission in government educational institutions or to provide the opportunity to get admission in private reputed educational institutions, you can apply here. If you visit the website, you will get various options and you have to select whether you want to apply for admission in a government educational institution or apply for admission in a private educational institution.

Later, in providing information, you have to mention the area in which you live and select the educational institutions in which area you want to apply for admission. In this case, a student can provide a list of five to ten educational institutions. While providing the list of educational institutions must be provided correctly and later the name will be decided for admission by conducting lottery by the authority.

And when you understand that a student has been selected for admission in a certain educational institution, then he has to participate in the classes in the new year if he is admitted according to the rules and regulations of that educational institution. So in order to relieve the students from the burden of study imposed on them through the admission test and to avoid all these troubles due to the corona situation, the authorities have introduced the admission program through lottery. So, if you want to get admission, apply using the link mentioned above as per the circular.