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Every government and private educational institution across the country is currently updating their educational institution information through information management system. If you want to participate in this program run by the government through the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education then your educational institution will be included there. Therefore, we must update the information to carry out various tasks of our educational institutions or to transfer every information of our educational institutions to the website of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education.

So for updating you must go to the official website of EMIS Govt Bd for information management system functions. Then from there you will follow certain rules to update the required information. As many people may not know about how to update new information, it will be discussed here today. And based on this discussion, you can easily know the rules for updating the information by logging into the Education Management Information System.

When you want to update the information starting from the teacher of an educational institution or if the educational institution is under MPO then the new salary list has to be presented there by updating the information of each teacher. Since these activities are being conducted online, we must follow the current rules. So by using the user ID and password that each educational institution has, we can use all the facilities very easily. And by using this rule, every teacher of the educational institution will be provided with special privileges and other things.

So when you log in for this purpose and update the information or those who have expressed interest to know about it we request to visit the official website of EMIS Govt BD. If you are completely new to this website after visiting then you need to complete the registration.

And to register, you have to follow the correct rules and complete all the steps for registration correctly. As we present these things to you, you will not have much difficulty in understanding them. If you have any problem to understand something then you can write the problem in the comment section of our website and we will try to inform you about it.

However, if you have already registered, I will ask you to go directly to the login option. If you go to the login option, you can get the username of the educational institution from the head teacher and collect the password. After collecting them you must sign in.

Then follow the steps we will present to follow the necessary steps. When you can complete the login by using this IMS option, it will be seen that in front of you you will know about activities related to Human Resources Management, Institutional Management System, Performance Based Management, Data Collection Module, National Curriculum Framework National Curriculum Outline 2021.

After that I will ask you to click on the option that says IMS directly without using other options. By clicking on that link, you can directly enter the educational institution. The updated information of the educational institution till you are logged in will be displayed there. In particular the number of students and the total number of teachers taught will be mentioned. Along with that, there is a mention of how many are responsible as male teachers and how many are teaching as female teachers. Head of Institution information can be found here.

Since you know how to update information or input new information by visiting the information management system website, you have to go to the options on the left hand side of the specific page. That is, if you go there and click on the option called data entry, you will see that many types of options are presented in front of you. If the information has not been provided on this website before then you will have to provide the information in a new way. And if any previous information needs to be corrected then you should also write it correctly. That is, you have visited here to do the work from inputting new information to correcting information.

As you will get various options from data entry, here you have to update or fill each option. Especially the information of the organization, who is engaged as the committee of that organization or if there is a committee meeting of that organization, then when will it be updated. Also the building details of that educational institution, student information etc. are important. Since information and communication technology is being given a lot of importance at present, what kind of ICT equipment is there in the educational institution in terms of information and communication technology should also be mentioned there.

Apart from this, there are other types of options that you can present your educational institution to the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education as an MPO educational institution based on filling the options. So, since you have come here to know about data entry, if we discuss a little, it will be convenient for many to understand. When you go to provide or update the information of the organization, there will be various options in front of you, so first of all check whether the name of the organization is correct. If the name of the organization is valid, it will be shown and you can also know the date it was last updated.

After that, if you want to introduce the organization, then you can write the introduction of the organization from there and there is an option to write details about the organization. The teachers of that educational institution deal with any bank or the income and expenditure statement related to the educational institution is managed through which bank and through which account it should be mentioned there. Also, as other options, you can do the necessary tasks as there are various options available there. If you can update the information here like the logo or gallery of the educational institution, it will be presented in front of you in such a beautiful way that it will be nice to see. Also don’t make mistake to provide name of information provider here.

That is, you have to update every information very nicely so that this information can be collected by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education at any time through the website or you can provide the information if you want. Therefore, in the present time, with the benefit of information and communication technology, any student can use them in knowing any subject or in knowing any information. To know about the educational institution of an educational institution or to know about the recruitment of teachers there, it will be possible to know everything by logging on to the website. And in this case, every educational institution is giving us the opportunity to inform us by updating the information in IMS.