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You can easily find the official website for Primary Education Management Information System, from recording all information to dissemination of information and other facilities, by going to the website of the above title. We have previously provided ideas on information management for teachers of all educational institutions from secondary to other levels on our website, but through today’s post, we will tell you how to view the information management related to primary education.

Bullet Point Information about ipemis.dpe.gov.bd

  • IPEMIS stands for Information and Payroll E-Governance System.
  • ipemis.dpe.gov.bd is a web-based system developed by the Directorate of Primary Education (DPE) in Bangladesh.
  • The system is used to manage the payroll and personal information of primary school teachers and employees in Bangladesh.
  • The system was launched in 2016.
  • The system is accessible by authorized personnel such as school headmasters and DPE officials.
  • The system allows users to view and update personal information, such as name, date of birth, and contact information.
  • The system also allows users to view their salary information, including salary scale, allowances, and deductions.
  • The system is designed to ensure transparency and accuracy in the payroll management system of primary school teachers and employees in Bangladesh.
  • The system has reduced the administrative burden of manual record-keeping and increased efficiency in managing payroll information.
  • The system has also reduced errors in the payroll system and minimized the risk of fraudulent activities.
  • The system has helped to improve the overall management and governance of primary schools in Bangladesh.


This website is a planned and online version of the existing information management system for primary education. That is, by visiting this official website, starting from primary students, the text related information of the students and the detailed information of the teachers have been recorded which we can see very easily.

Therefore, besides mentioning the information of each teacher and student in the database through the Directorate of Primary Education, it is possible to update this information every year and deliver it to the ministry, so teachers or students from any part of the country can enter here and know about every information. This official website is the embodiment of the adoption of the Primary Education Development Program in which every information is systematically recorded and the information is mentioned on the website by building a digital platform.

Under the initiative of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the Directorate of Primary Education has been providing education on the basis of helping students in all aspects of the country, keeping this slogan of quality education in front of them.

About 300,000 teachers who are responsible for 300,000 schools spread across 64 districts managed by the Directorate of Primary Education can be found by visiting this official website or by recording this information very easily, every office from the ministry can use it, as well as two crores. More student information is on the web site. Therefore, in order to record every information in an orderly manner, the information is currently being entered on this official website so that the ministries and departments can be aware of all the directions for the improvement of the quality of education in every field and through the statistics that will be prepared annually.

dpe.gov.bd Notice

Since education has been made compulsory for all, the Directorate of Primary Education is working to provide all the facilities right from distribution of books completely free. The initiative taken by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh to provide literacy to the students will make hundreds of people educated and since every person has literacy within them, they will be able to use this knowledge in every field of life. So this website is implemented to find student information and teacher information accurately for the purpose of imparting education to this huge population.

And the work of the website is always to identify the specific actions to be taken and organize each topic by integrating it. Therefore, the Directorate of Primary Education has been regularly issuing various notices to ensure that every subject is managed properly and every educational institution gets correct information in every work, from the field level to the city level primary schools. . So if you want to follow all the important notices of the Department of Primary Education and provide all the facilities to the students along with following the education system, then I will definitely ask you to collect this information by visiting the official website.

login ipemis dpe gov bd

In the age of information and communication technology, every job is being made official website for those who use every information properly and every information is spread beautifully. Since the creation of this official website for the purpose of teaching students through online in 2020 so that every student can be properly informed and take advantage of that opportunity, every educational institution has been recording the information of head teachers and the information of class wise students on the website. So if you are working under the Directorate of Primary Education then you can definitely check the statistics of the students by finding the information of these students.

Moreover, the notice given to students and teachers by the Directorate of Primary Education informs whether any information has been given regarding the change in the standard of education or whether important information has been given regarding the examination. That is, every educational institution that the Directorate of Primary Education The authority is taking care of these issues so that it is easy to communicate and every student’s information is stored in a digital database with the Directorate of Primary Education. And the most important means of finding information in this case is to visit the official website of Primary Education Management Information System and find it by recording the information there.

https://login.ipemis.dpe.gov.bd/ sign up

As the head of the primary education institution, it is your responsibility to record on the website the information of all the teachers or other employees who are there in the institution. By doing this, starting from the salary structure and all other facilities, it will be possible to provide them in a well-defined time, as well as a precise statement of how many people are studying in that educational institution. By doing this, according to the statistics, various types of facilities will be provided to those students starting from the main to more detailed things or according to this, various initiatives will be taken by the government to improve the quality of education of the students. It is important to record this information.

Therefore, as the head of the institution, it will be the responsibility of each class teacher to collect the information of each student correctly and record it in the database accordingly. In other words, in order to find the information of the educational institution of every student in a digital way, we also have to stay updated through this system, similarly every student as a parent has to provide the correct information and provide the information on this official website of the Directorate of Primary Education. So you can go and sign up on the official website of Primary Education Management Information System with all the features currently supported.

Ipemis dpe gov bd Login Password

When you want to sign in to this Primary Education Management Information System official website of the Department of Primary Education, you need to provide the login email and password. However, by visiting this official website, you can save the email you used to login using your device, so it will be logged in later if you provide only approximate information. Go to the official website and you will be given detailed information about your login, so at least know here that you have to provide email or mobile number to sign in. Also you need to complete sign in by providing password.

IPEMIS password

You may be wondering why the password being used for login is showing wrong password or why login is not possible with this password. Since in the role of Digital Bangladesh, every teacher has to give correct information to the Department of Education by recording the information correctly, since you must collect this password from the head teacher, I think you can follow all the steps to update your information if you talk about updating your information.

প্রাথমিক বিদ্যালয়ের শিক্ষকের ipemis সার্ভারে তথ্য এন্ট্রি ছক

When you visit the Primary Education Management Information System official website and use the helpline here or if you want to know how to fill in any information, then you must click on the “Information Service” option provided on the home page of this official website. The solutions of all the problems that we usually face are very easily provided in the form of videos and every problem can be solved by watching that video from YouTube so please take help from this help dex.

E primary teacher information update

The first thing for those who have recently joined the teaching of new primary teachers is to visit the official website of the Department of Primary Education and update the teacher information. So when you update this information, your information must be updated on the official website and through this you will be able to record your information in the Primary Education Management Information System. So, to know how to update this information, we will tell you to first visit the official website of the Department of Primary Education and go there and click on the option of e-primary teacher or school system.

Then you will be taken to the next page from there and there you will select the department you are teaching from while logging in. Then after taking you to the next page, collect the user ID and password required to login there from the head teacher of the educational institution. Whenever you inform about this information or want to update the information of the teachers, it will be the job of every head teacher to provide the information by going to various online service shops or completing the work on their own responsibility. So after login with user id and password you have to follow some more steps.

After that you will see a new dashboard and from there click on the option called Teacher Management. After that you will first click on the information option of the teacher or teacher among the three options that you can see from there. After that you have to properly provide the options that will be provided to provide the personal details of the teacher. So in providing the information first the name of the teacher should be mentioned in Bengali and mentioned in English. Then the gender of the teacher should be mentioned and the mobile number should be provided so that the Directorate of Primary Education can contact that mobile number.

Voter ID number should be provided and father’s name should be mentioned in Bengali after providing email address properly. After that you will select the religion from there as per the rules and mention the blood group by giving the voter ID card of the father. Similarly mother’s name should be mentioned in Bengali and nationality and your date of birth information by providing her voter ID card name. If there is a small ethnic group then it should be selected from the option. Thus after providing the information in the first cell you have to go to the next page and there you have to input some more information step by step.

https://ipemis.dpe.gov.bd/ Form

Primary Education Management Information System managed by the Department of Primary Education is forwarded if any teacher wants to update their information then they may want to get the form and go there to input the information. I have already told you how to do this by using which link and what information to provide has been discussed above, but now I will provide the right direction to provide some more information. In this case, after going to the next page, you have to mention the school name and school code as well as whether the teacher has any physical disabilities.

After that you have to provide the address information in that form and if your address is the same as the permanent address by giving it as per the instructions given there then select it as well. In this case, if the permanent address is different, then there is an option to provide a different one. Then if the teacher is married then the marital status should be given and every information should be given in such a way that it does not cause any trouble. By clicking on the child details option, provide the details of the child and mention their birth registration number. In this way, after completing this page, go to the next page.

On the next page you have to provide the details of the presser and you have to mention the name of the current post in addition to the name of the current workplace. Now you have to mention the reference information and type of appointment in the attached place. Mention the name of the post first joined and the name of the organization first joined and also mention the name of the previous post if any. Even after providing the salary details and date of first joining and salary scaling after first joining correctly you have to go to the next step again.

Then there is the task of providing some more information and in the educational qualification details all the educational qualifications of the teacher have to be filled step by step. In this case, besides giving the name of the education board or university, the branch or subject should be mentioned and the class passed should be mentioned. Apart from mentioning the age of the side, you will attach the picture below mentioning the details of all the training on the job or on the job. In this way you can help the Primary Education Department by updating the details of any teacher after joining primary and every update and facility related to your salary and other allowances will be provided to that person.


Those of you who are going to get the PDF file of Primary Education Management Information System which is managed under the Directorate of Primary Education and collect the information of the teachers, I would like to tell you that first of all you need to login there to download it. After login you can go to the next page and from there you can download the PDF file of the form you have filled to provide the teacher and teacher information.