www jessoreboard.gov.bd 2023 Student Profile

jessoreboard.gov.bd is very important for the students studying under the Jessore Education Board, it is currently being asked to create a student profile from each student. Therefore, every student from class VI to class XII managed by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has always been informed about this information by visiting a specific website for each student to have a student profile.

Jessore Board Information

  • Jessore Board is one of the nine educational boards in Bangladesh.
  • It was established in 1963 under the East Pakistan Intermediate and Secondary Education Ordinance.
  • The board is responsible for administering the secondary and higher secondary education system in Jessore Division and the Khulna Division of Bangladesh.
  • The main office of the board is located in the city of Jessore.
  • The board conducts examinations for secondary school certificate (SSC) and higher secondary certificate (HSC) every year.
  • Apart from these, the board also conducts various other examinations, including diploma in business studies (DIBS), diploma in commerce (DIC), and primary education completion (PEC).
  • The board provides various facilities to students, such as scholarship programs, textbooks, and exam results.
  • The board is committed to providing quality education to the students and improving their academic performance.
  • It works in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and other educational institutions to ensure the best possible education for the students.
  • The Jessore Board has a website where students can find information about exam schedules, results, and other important announcements.
  • Established: 1963
  • Divisions covered: Jessore Division and Khulna Division
  • Number of districts under the board: 7
  • Number of educational institutions under the board: More than 2,000
  • Number of students who appeared for the SSC exam in 2020: Over 100,000
  • Number of students who appeared for the HSC exam in 2020: Over 60,000
  • Number of scholarships awarded by the board in 2020: Over 4,000
  • Number of teachers employed by the board: More than 10,000
  • Number of staff employed by the board: More than 300
  • Number of exam centers set up for the SSC exam in 2020: Over 400
  • Number of exam centers set up for the HSC exam in 2020: Over 200.

So where to go to create a student profile as a student of Jessore Education Board or I will tell you what are the responsibilities of the head of the educational institution. Below you will be informed about each step in creating a student profile of Jessore Education Board students, as well as detailed information on how to update students’ profiles and correct name and age. Also, as we will discuss other information, you will be able to know about many things as a student of Jessore Education Board.

Jessore education board students can collect every information of their education board from the official website as every official work is now conducted through the official website. Keeping this slogan Digital Bangladesh in front of us, we are getting various types of domestic services very easily, in the same way, in order to find the information of each person, they are now being stored in the database management system by opening profiles on various websites. So when you want to know about the management system as a student of Jessore Education Board or as a head of an institution when you take sufficient steps to ensure that every information of the students is cherished then it is important for you to know these facts.

www.jessoreboard.gov.bd Notice Board

As a student of Jessore Education Board or teachers who are employed in various positions in various educational institutions can visit the notice board to know the updates of every information related to this board. Since every time updates notices come from students to manage the activities of educational institutions through notices, collecting these notices may be a very important thing for you now. So you have to enter the official website of Jessore Education Board and go to the notice board where you can know about every notification.


As each notice carries information about the updates of various official activities, you can check the correctness and feasibility of each information from this notice board. Moreover, after knowing whether any information is provided officially and to verify the correctness of the flight news, we will ask you to extract the correct information from the notice board using the official website of Arab Time. So, as a student of Jessore Education Board, every activity can be found by visiting the official website of your Education Board, you go there and check every information by going to the notice board to get updates of all these information.

Institute Jessore Board gov bd

A link named Institute Jessore Board Govt is provided above for you to save the information of all the students of Jessore Education Board in the database. Because in using this link, you can go to the next step and understand what steps are there in the educational institution. That is, every educational institution such as Jessore Education Board is under the Jessore Education Board, so that all the educational institutions perform their duties properly and record every information, you have to login here as an educational institution and provide the necessary information. As a head of an educational institution and as a conscious teacher, you have to ensure that the information of every student in your institution is recorded on the website.

So as a member of an educational institution when you visit the official website of Jessore Education Board you will find an option called Institute Panel. Once you visit there, go to the left side menu from the Jessore Education Board office where the website is located and click on the institute panel option. After that you will be asked to login in the next step of institute panel and in this case you have to provide the EIIN number of the educational institution and the password of the educational institution to login. Now know what next steps to follow after you complete this login.

In this case, when you can go to the profile by logging in, from there you will find an option from a left side menu card called Student Profile. If you go to the President’s profile, you will find a list of all the students of the educational institution. Then there is another important task and this important task is to enter the 11 digit mobile number of the student or the guardian of the student on the right side of the list that is being provided. After entering this number you have to save it and when you finish saving then click on Send SMS button.

After clicking on the send button, a specific SMS will go to your phone and from there you will be able to collect the password serially through the SMS and then you will have to follow the next steps to login to the students profile. In this case, the student must remember the student ID and by using that student ID and password, you will understand how to update the profile of the student or do other steps after logging in. So just as the head of the educational institution has an important responsibility in creating the profile of the students under the Jessore Education Board, you as a teacher also have to follow various steps in creating or updating this profile.

E Office Management System Jessore Board

In the case of this office management system, first of all you have to go to Jessore Education Board’s official website portal by using the above mentioned system. If you go there, you will be asked to follow the next step and if the head or authority of each educational institution can fulfill the proper responsibility in following these steps, then the systems here will be known. Therefore, in the case of management system, since the educational institution has to do and the students have to do, it will be the work of a conscious person to follow each step.

If you go to the menu options on the left side of the official website of Jessore Education Board, you will get the option called e-office management. All you have to follow after going to that management system is to select whether you want to apply here for college or school. Then after providing one more information you will be asked to provide the EIIN number of that educational institution. In this way, you will provide the EIIN number of that educational institution to apply and if you follow all the steps of this management system, I think you will be able to complete this task.

www.jessoreboard.gov.bd Student Profile Update

If you want to follow what students have to do in Jessore education board student profile update, then this post will provide you with a lot of important information. In order to go to the options for students, you must delete Jessore Education Board’s official website and after entering there, select the option called Student Profile from the left menu option and click on it. You will login to the student profile with the student ID and pin number received through SMS.

After login every student has to generate a new password and can update every information of the student profile by using that password again after logging in for the first time with this password. So when you can go to profile by using student id and pin number then a detailed profile with student photo will be shown there and add all the information you want to add in this profile as per the rules given below. Go to the profile to correct the information or update the information, you will get an option called personal information below the picture that is shown to you.

Name and Age Correction Jessore Board

We always ask you to follow these rules for changing name and age and will provide you with an opportunity to change name and age when you can go to Personal Information as per the rules above. Since there is edit option here you can edit your details without any delay and it will be best to provide information based on your birth registration certificate and other details instead of providing information as per your wish. If you go to the option called Student Personal Information, you will see that some information is pre-fixed i.e. pre-loaded.

Instead of giving the information which is already extracted from the education board, you have to go to the empty room on your own or next to provide the correct information. In this case, the student’s gender should be selected in the same way as the student’s name should be given in Bengali. Besides, religion and blood group of the student should be mentioned. Also, in addition to filling all the information provided by the father, you must also provide his eleven digit mobile number. Father’s NID card number and email address should be provided. Also you have to provide his mother’s information if you go down.

In this case, you will mention the mother’s occupation and provide her NID card number and mobile number. However, try to fill all the information that is asked to be filled in the most accurate way and the student should be correct in selecting the student of a particular Shikshapur institution in a particular area. Then by going down, you can select the information that we want from the student’s current address to the permanent address according to the category, and you can update the student’s profile by correctly filling all the information that will be at the local level.

Jessore Board Student id Registration

The rules or procedures followed by Jessore Board students for ID registration have been discussed above for you, so you can understand them and complete your registration accordingly. The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education is making this information available in their management system or database by adopting this special system so that the information of students of each class can be found very easily. Therefore, in this era of online, it is easiest to find every information on the basis of searching the web site rather than finding it from the registration book, you should register the ID by following the above rules.

Jessore Board Student Management

You will get this management system through the official website of the education board of the country and if you enter there and select the type of work related to your management, you can complete the work accordingly. In this case, many times these tasks have to be done through the application, so you will do it through the application and if there is an option to edit the information by inputting the information on the website, then edit it. You can visit the website any time to know the information about the management system or the procedure followed for creating the profile of students and teachers of the education board.

Jessore Board Password

When Jessore education board students need password then we will tell you how to check this password. But when you go to create a student profile, first of all you have to go to institute panel option and there you have to provide eiin number and password of the educational institution. In this case, you will collect this password from the head of the educational institution and after logging in with that password, when you update the information of the students, then if you click on the send password option through the mobile number, the password will be gone. Then you can perform your important tasks from that password.

HSC Registration Card Jessore Board

The rules of the Education Board shall be considered as the final rule for any kind of registration related to the examination of the students who are studying or intending to appear at the HSC level. As a student of the Board of Education, you must register the details of the HSC candidates in order to follow the management system rules by visiting the website. However, if you want to fill up or register the form to participate in the HSC examination, then you can complete them by following the rules of your educational institution and depending on how much money has been determined by the education board.

Jessore Board Student Result

We have come to know that the results of Jessore Education Board students are going to be better than before. However, all the students who have participated from Jessore Education Board must visit the official website of Education Board Result as the result of HSC exam will be published soon. There, starting from roll number of the students, registration number and the year of participation in the examination, you will be shown the detailed results with the name of the student and other information. Hope that through this post you will understand which website to check more results and which rules to follow to check Jessore Education Board Results. I ended this post today by wishing everyone good luck.