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land gov bd The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been running a website under the Ministry of Land in keeping with the commitment of Digital Bangladesh to provide various services related to land. So when you as a general public want to get various types of land services then you must visit the official website of the title provided by our website.


You can easily get these services online at home without having to run to the land office day after day to get the services you need in your daily life. Moreover, where the power of brokers is increasing, a common man can easily get the land related services by paying fees online or by paying fixed fees.

Nowadays, every professional person is faced with different types of land related problems and due to land related problems, many times serious incidents happen. Therefore, the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has now launched an official website called Land Gov BD for the purpose of providing various services related to land and so that you can receive these services very quickly at home. The number of visitors to this website is constantly increasing for the purpose of receiving services and people are getting important information about Khatian or Namjari or such important things online.

Moreover, another system is currently being launched through online and we are expecting that documents can be downloaded online from March. In other words, these procedures are being followed to complete all the work of Digital Bangladesh digitally and it is the job of this official website to provide constant service. As an ordinary citizen, when you are unable to complete the registration or collect the stage after visiting the land office day after day or if someone has demanded extra money to get the Mauza map, then this official website of the Ministry of Land is in front of you. Working to complete.

Digital land gov bd

For those of you who want to collect information by visiting the official website of digital land, we will help you with this information through today’s post. These tasks are being done in Digital Bangladesh to manage various government office activities smoothly and to complete the tasks within the specified working days without suffering any kind of suffering.

Moreover, on the basis of applying directly to the head office through the Internet, the activities are being quickly settled and serviced depending on the applicant’s information and other factors. So for those of you who want to visit the official website of Digital Land Gov BD, we have given this official website address in the title of our website.

The number of visitors to this website is increasing every second and you can see a specific statistic of how many visitors have visited this official website till date by going to the bottom of the website. So far 35 lakh 2182 people have availed the service by visiting this website. Moreover, since this official website has been providing census services from the time of its establishment to the present time, people are able to take the service according to the working day every day. By visiting the website you will be able to see a specific statistic and based on this statistic you will know how many service takers have availed the service today based on the specific statistics.

land.gov.bd login

Actually those of you who want to login by visiting the official website of Bhumi Seva I will tell you that to login here you have to select service first. According to the specific account that is created here, you can apply for the type of application you want by inputting specific information without opening any such system. That is, it is a website open to the public and as different people need to receive different types of services, you can apply on the basis of providing information without creating an account here.

So without knowing the login information, you can know the important information about the registration system or Khatian through this post of our website. Apart from this, if we present to you what kind of services this official website is constantly providing, then you can benefit a lot from it. Those who don’t understand the important information about land or don’t know how to solve various problems related to land then many times you may be cheated and won by the other party. So in daily life you should be updated on every issue and these documents related to land must be well prepared. So that no one can grab your land or deprive you of your fixed assets.

E-porcha land gov bd

When the land survey of an area is done by the government, different types of khatian are prepared according to that survey. According to the information of the past, various types of khatians have been updated up to the present time and due to the fact that the khatians of some areas are not updated, these khatians are being used as before. Through information about khatian we can find out the land mark or mouza mark of different places. We can find detailed information there, starting from the identification of a particular land and the amount of land according to land marks or mouza marks.

We need this certificate when we make separate parcels from the land information or collect other information according to the ownership of the land. But if we want to get this khatian from the official survey separately or if we want to collect this khatian and share the land correctly then we have to apply. So if you have applied for this khatian officially then you will be issued a copy. As this paper can be collected through online, it is called e-paper. So if you want to get this certificate officially then you can collect it by post on depositing a very small application fee.

rsk land gov bd

At present we can easily access the citizen corner by visiting this website under Ministry of Lands. The land related services required by the citizens in their daily life are listed separately. By clicking on the services we need, we can go to the next step and follow each and every thing and apply accordingly. So when you apply through e-Porcha website you will be provided with the latest updated khatiya of this land officially surveyed.

In the past we used to visit the land ministry office or local land office day after day to collect this khatian or phase and apply to get it. As the ownership of land is increasing nowadays, this service is being provided very quickly in order to properly establish each ownership and to explain each ownership properly without causing any kind of trouble.

You can apply for this paper to ensure that all matters related to land purchase, land ownership, distribution of land or other matters are done properly. Once you apply, it will be provided to you within the specified working days and you can get the land parcel very nicely in the presence of the Government Amin.

drr land gov bd

The information you will get about Mauza by applying online is called Khatian. But when you are provided with this official land survey information or specific Mauza map, it is called Percha. Therefore, even though the system of checking vouchers through online is not running, the system of checking Khatian is running. So by checking the khatian you will provide the specific khatian number and on the basis of providing the address the land ownership, type of land and other information will be shown there. Below are the rules for checking Khatian.

By entering the official website called Bhumi Seva we can easily avail land related services in our daily life so that the system of online khatian checking has been introduced. Khatian can be checked very easily based on the last published information or on the basis of previous information recorded on the web site. If I can inform you about the system of checking this Khatian through online, then you can check them at your own risk. In this case, you will enter the official website of Land Gov BD or the official website called e-portcha and click on the citizen corner option.

www.land.gov.bd Apps Download

Moreover, you can click on the Bengali option called Khatian search. Here we tell you the first information that you need to provide after entering there. To check khatian through online first select your category and select district. You have to select the Khatian dependent information for updating Khatian in your area. Especially now RS Khatian is more verified as you can verify it here as well as other Khatian options are given there.

So you have to select the specific khatian following the latest land survey of your area. After that the Upazila should be provided and the name of the Mauza should be provided. Since you have come to search for khatian, you can check khatian with land mark number. This information can also be searched by land ownership or owner’s father or husband’s name.

You have to fill the captcha code following the rules of the website and after placing the captcha code nicely click on the search option. Then you will be taken to the next page and you will be shown the details related to the verification. In this case, from the type of land and land registration number to the name of the owner and the amount of land, you can collect other information from there.

Land gov bd RS Khatian

When you want to check RS Khatian from Land Gov BD official website then you just need to follow the above rules. Currently, RS Khatian is being checked more and more through online and thousands of people are visiting the website to check this khatian every day. However, in some areas, the survey of Khatian has not been completed completely or the update of Khatian has not come, so BS Khatian or CS Khatian is searched for. However, in the case of RS Khatian, as I have informed you above, you should verify the Khatian and check the important information related to the ownership of the land.

If you want to login by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Lands which we know as e-portcha, then you can log in there to know the important information related to the portcha or you can apply for it. However, if you want to know the login information, you have to provide your mobile number and set the password. In this way you can create a specific account and apply for the area you want to collect vouchers and pay through e-challan.

Eporcha gov bd map

This is a very important issue as we can collect the Mouza map through e-portha and consider each individual’s ownership separately based on the Mouza map. Since everyone is serious about land and no one is willing to give up their share, you must act according to this Mauza map by establishing the ownership of each. It would be best to do it in the presence of government officials and in the presence of unbiased people in dividing the land.

As Mauza map contains khatian number and dag number and the layout of each plot is mentioned, it would be better to divide the land through it. So to get Mauza map visit the official website of Ministry of Lands and click on Search Mauza option and take help or service.

eporcha land gov bd

When you work according to the ownership of a certain land or want to establish your own ownership, you must visit the land office and pay the land rent. In this case, rent council has to be done according to the type of land, so you can definitely pay this rent directly online or by going to the land office at present. After purchasing any land, you must complete the registration to bring the land owner there and always keep your land up-to-date with rent.

We have provided this address first to those of you who want to get official website of Land Gov BD under Ministry of Land. Based on this address, you can visit the official website and receive various services related to land. From applying for Namjari or missing cases to applying for rectification of Khatian information, there are options. That is, if a general public enters the citizen’s corner to resolve land-related problems, they can complete these tasks officially through the official website.

Let me tell those who want to work through Land Gov BD its apps that no such app has been developed till now. In this case, for any work, take the service through the official website established by the government. Every day, thousands of people come and receive this service, you can also visit the official website to confirm your service or to solve various problems, apply according to the specific information or check the information.