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Now a days every work under Ministry of Lands is being conducted through online so general public can be informed about many things. Moreover, various types of applications and various types of payments can be done online so you don’t have to waste time going to the bank. So if anyone wants to pay the land rent and wants to know where to go to pay this rent,

here is the information for them that land development tax can be paid online at present. So if someone wants to pay land development tax then we will discuss for you the rules to follow and where to go. If you really want to pay Land Development Tax then you have to follow certain rules so that the money paid reaches the right place.

Land rent has to be paid periodically. But due to a kind of laziness working in us, many times we don’t want to pay it and the rent is left year after year. And in this case, when you want to sell the land or want to dispose of the land or get any other benefit, then you run to the tehsil office to pay the land rent. In this case, if you are interested in paying this fee on an expedited basis, we know that it can be paid online at present. So try to give every year the land that you have rights over or that you own or live on.

If you pay annual land development tax every year then there is no balance. Therefore, as conscious citizens, we must give these things correctly. Currently, as the land development tax management system has been launched through online, we can pay them at home and be at ease without paying our own land related works. If you think that not going to work is a boring task, then I will say that it is being given through online, in this case both your time and effort will be saved.

So at present the official website related to land development is provided in the above title so you don’t have to have much trouble to pay the rent there. After you go there select citizen corner option and go there and follow the system shown to pay your fare. At present, the system of showing various types of khatians has been introduced online,

so if we want to buy any land, we can find out the real information of the owner of the land by using the khatian number. Moreover, the Ministry of Land is helping us in knowing how much land a certain person has within a certain area or whether the land of the last named person has been correctly recorded on the website.

At present there are many land related problems in our country and if we can use these online systems to get rid of these problems then we don’t have to go through old documents. Moreover, you can complete the registration of the name within a few days by applying for online registration within a very short period of time and you can check the name of the last person who has registered the land through the website. By launching these online systems we can get to know about many things. If we can use these features in our daily life, we will get rid of many problems.

When you do Land Development Tax Parishad online, we will ask you to go to Play Store and search there by typing “Bhoomi Undyan Tax”. Then an app will open in front of you and you will download and install it. If you want to do it with mobile phone then do it through apps and if you want to do it with computer or desktop version then it can be done through website. If you pay online then you will have to visit the Land Development Office to file it or collect the payment receipt.

If you want to go to the trouble of it, we will directly ask you to use Citizen Corner. Because by going there you can follow every process through online through citizen registration. When you make this payment either through the website or through apps, you will first select the citizen corner option and then go to the citizen registration option.

Then go there and provide your mobile number and national identity card number. In this case, the national identity card number and date of birth of the land owner or in whose name the land has been registered must be provided. You have to go to the next step.

You will be shown information there based on the information you provided and the National Identity Card number you provided. And if the information is correct, then in the next step, an OTP SMS will be sent to the mobile number that you have provided. You will check the received OTP code by putting it in the right place.

After that you have to set a new password and in setting this password you must give a strong password. Enter the password again to confirm and save it there. Now when you go to the next page you will be shown that the profile you created is incomplete and the percentage is complete.

Bhai to complete your profile click on the Khatian option you will get on the left side and attach the new Khatian number. In this case, you will mention the certificate of which department and which holding number you will attach and the certificate or document must be uploaded there within the specific resolution. Then the ownership type has to be selected. After that you will go to the next step by setting the khatian number and you will login as a citizen as your profile is completely created. In case of citizen login, login with mobile number and password.

In this way, after completing the login, you will get a detailed profile from your owner name and mobile number to Khatian number and Dag number. And if approved status is written there you will be considered eligible to pay rent or land development tax. Shows the year of your last tax payment and how many years are due. Then you pay through all the steps available to pay the money or online payment.

When you complete or your payment is fully completed you will be provided with an online document that you can download. Then according to the rules mentioned above, you have got a detailed idea about the rules for logging into the official website of Land Development Tax and the rules for paying rent.