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The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been providing various types of allowances divided into different categories to provide financial assistance to the poor people of the country. Moreover, those who will be selected to receive various allowances are being sent a certain amount of money through mobile phones every three months.


Therefore, to distribute this initiative of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh government fairly among all, some people should be selected who are really suitable to receive these various types of allowances. Therefore, at present, online applications are being accepted for receiving various types of allowance related services and if you complete this application within the specified time, you are selected to receive the allowance.

  • bhata.gov.bd is the official website of the Muktijoddha Kalyan Trust, which was established by the Government of Bangladesh in 1972 to support the freedom fighters who fought for the independence of Bangladesh in 1971.
  • The website provides information about the “Freedom Fighter Family Allowance” or “Muktijoddha Bata”, which is a monthly allowance given to the family members of freedom fighters.
  • Through the website, applicants can register for the allowance, track their application status, and receive updates on the allowance disbursement process.
  • The online application system for the allowance is known as “Mukti MIS”, which stands for “Muktijoddha Kalyan Trust Management Information System”. It is a web-based application designed to manage and maintain the information of freedom fighter family members and their allowances.
  • The website provides detailed information about the eligibility criteria, required documents, and other details related to the allowance.
  • The website also provides information about the various activities and programs undertaken by the Muktijoddha Kalyan Trust to support the welfare of freedom fighters and their families.
  • The website is maintained by the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs of the Government of Bangladesh.
  • The bhata.gov.bd website has a user-friendly interface and is available in both Bengali and English languages, making it accessible

So, as a citizen of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh government, you can properly apply for this allowance to those people around you who are really poor and unable to make any kind of change in their financial condition. As those who are eligible for the allowance do not know anything about this application process, if you can help them by being an educated person, it will be beneficial for you and him in every way. So today we are giving you the official website link provided in the title of our website through which you can easily receive various services related to allowance.

Mis.bhata.gov.BD Notice

Generally, people within our country’s population are becoming physically or financially disabled in various ways. A woman must get some kind of financial support if her husband dies suddenly or if the woman is separated from her husband or gets a divorce. So when you arrange this People’s Republic of Bangladesh Government Allowance, it will be seen that every three months the person will be able to change his financial condition at least with the money he will get. Moreover, when elderly people are unable to work themselves or have various problems in managing their day and life, providing this allowance can help them a lot.

So you must visit the above given website link to get detailed notice about which time of the year the allowance will be paid and how to apply for the allowance. Because there are different types of allowance notices for you and according to that notice if you can apply for the security program of Social Services Department then it will be seen that your application has been selected for payment of allowance after verification and selection. So you must visit the official website from time to time to know the important information about the allowance and from there you can check the information to get important help regarding the application.

Check bhata.gov.bd

Under the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, about a million people are getting these allowances from disability allowance, widow allowance and elderly allowance to the types of allowances related to smaller ethnic groups. So when you apply online for the allowance you must check the important information related to this application if necessary. We can complete these very easily as the current allowance is checked online or the important information regarding your application is checked.

Since the application process has been launched through online, you can know the exact information about the status of the application or whether it has been received by the head office of the Social Services Department. So on the basis of the application form when you visit the official website of MIS Gov BD and check the allowance very easily then there is a chance of draying.

While chatting, you must provide your application ID and also register your birth registration certificate or voter ID card number on the website. By inputting the correct information correctly when you search the information, it will be seen that important updates about your allowance are showing there and after applying you can follow this rule to know the correct information about whether it has been accepted and how far it is.


You can avail this service from the comfort of your home by going to the official website called MIS Bhata Gov BD which is currently launched for you. Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Hon’ble Sheikh Hasina, has taken this initiative so that every elderly person can be nominated to receive the allowance after a certain period, even if the application is not important by filling the application form by hand. Therefore, if you have not received the allowance through your application, then the process of taking measures to ensure that you will get the allowance later has started.

So even if you register the information through the official website, at least your information is being saved in the database and there is no need to apply again on the basis of applying or applying. Because even if you are not selected for the allowance the first time based on your one application, you will be given the chance later on that you will be easily selected for the allowance. However, the website is currently closed as no applications are currently being accepted. When the application is accepted then based on that application you will be selected for the allowance very easily and you can withdraw this money after specified time by providing mobile banking account.

মুক্তিযোদ্ধা mis তালিকা

To those who have visited our website for MIS online application, I would like to tell you that you have to visit this official website to apply online to get the allowance. In particular, those who wish to apply for disability allowance must obtain a certificate from a medical officer that the person is indeed disabled. If you fail to provide accurate and correct information, you will not be selected for the allowance and your application will be rejected.

Therefore, in order to receive the allowance, the birth registration certificate or national identity card must be produced in such a way that the information matches the national identity card of his parents. Moreover, if we can provide all the information that will be left from you while inputting the information correctly, then it will be seen that there is no problem later. So by visiting the official website in case of old age allowance also age must be counted according to the age of their national identity card and accordingly you will be asked to follow the next steps to get the allowance. So to apply online within the specified time visit the official website and fill the application based on the information there and download the application form.

mis.bhata.gov.bd Online Application Copy Download

For those who applied online and did not download the application form, you were given a Tracking ID or Application ID on the mobile number you provided while applying. Generally those who apply for allowances do these things through online computer service to avoid data errors. So when you apply online for the allowance, the computer operator must download this application form and give it to you. Therefore, you will ensure that every information is received correctly in the application so that there is no mistake.

Even then if somehow this application gets corrupted then you can download the application form later by visiting the official website of MIS Gov BD. The person’s information must be provided for downloading and the application form can be re-downloaded by providing the tracking ID along with the National Identity Card or Birth Registration Certificate number. Hope that by visiting the official website through this post you understand how to download the application that you have made to get the allowance later. So it is a very good initiative of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Government to solve the financial problems of every people through this groundbreaking initiative.

mis.bhata.gov.bd Application

Above we have given you the correct information about how to apply by visiting the official website of Bhata. Even in the case of applying at home, all the credentials you upload on the website for this application must be uploaded within the specified resolution. It is becoming possible to easily upload all those proofs or documents by taking pictures and cutting certain resolutions through mobile phones. So if you can apply for a person’s allowance through mobile phone sitting at home then you can do it completely free.

Mis.bhata.gov.bd List

All those who have applied for the allowance through online can easily check at home whether they have been selected for this allowance. You can do these tasks or view this information by entering the official website of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh called Information Batayan or the official website called Bangladesh Gov BD. So through today’s post we have given you allowance govt bd list or told you to follow all the rules to view this list.

You first need to go there by directly visiting the official website and select your eight categories. By following the rules you have to select the district and provide the details of the local division starting from the upazila or the area where you live. According to the list, various services will appear in front of you and if you click on the option of providing allowance through Social Services Department, you will be shown how many people in that ward are getting allowance or newly nominated for allowance.

Bidhoba Vata Apply

Those who are widowed at a young age or divorced by their husbands must provide a fixed income. Moreover, widow allowance should be applied for those who are financially very weak and who cannot afford to support themselves financially. In this case, if the husband is an abandoned woman, then you must complete this application by registering the divorce papers and if the husband is dead, his death certificate is recorded on the website. Moreover, you must show the necessary justification that the steps taken by you to support the family are not possible to get that widow’s allowance and you want to do them to feed the mouths of your family members.

But at present there is a lot of competition and sometimes delays in getting the widow’s allowance due to less number of cards. As the old age allowance is paid to as many people as possible, the widow’s allowance is paid comparatively less. In this case, if you can go to the Social Services Directorate and establish this argument in your favor by applying online, then it will be seen that your application has been accepted and you are being paid widow allowance every three months.

Bidhoba Vata Online Check

Whether it is Widow Allowance or any other allowance through online, the same rules have to be followed for checking the application form. Mainly through the address that we have given you in the title of our website, starting from the application to checking the application form or checking through online rules, you are asked to enter there and complete each task.

Even if you are a widow, you need to search for these details by providing your National Identity Card details and Application Tracking ID. So through today’s post we have asked those who have come to check widow allowance online to follow these rules to know about the current progress of your application.

Protibondhi Bhata Online Application

Those who want to apply online for disability allowance must show the necessary reasons for making the application on the website and also show the necessary documents to the Department of Social Services. Because if for some reason you consider it as a disability and apply for this allowance accordingly then the Department of Social Services of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh will not nominate you for this allowance.

So if you really want to get the allowance then go to your local medical officer or a registered doctor to see if the person is really disabled and issue a certificate through him. On the basis of providing other information about that certificate you can easily apply on the website and will be nominated for disability allowance if indeed the person is disabled.

Boyosko Vata Apply Online

To apply Senior Allowance online you must apply according to NID card age. The present assumption of average life expectancy for women and men necessarily prescribes different ages for receiving old-age allowance. You can apply only if you reach a certain age and in this case you can complete the application for age bar on the basis of Janmshal provided in your NID card instead of the estimated age.

So through today’s post, those who have come to know about old age allowance application must be of specified age as per NID card and by providing all the information correctly, they will get old age allowance very easily. If you want to know important information about any type of allowance, then you can comment in the comment box.