bd applicant index php 2023

If you have applied for a job in the Department of Agriculture then you can collect your applicant copy by logging in based on that application. The main reason for collecting the applicant copy is that it contains the user ID and password. If for some reason it is not downloaded or if it gets deleted after downloading, then you can do these tasks again using ID and password. Because if you can use these documents then it will be very good for you and later it will be convenient to download the admit card.

There are many who have applied according to the circular published by the Department of Agriculture and are waiting for the exam date to be announced. Usually you can get the updated information regarding the required examination by going to the official website of that department from the official website where you have applied. But when you specifically need the applicant copy, you can definitely download it using the user ID and password.

Since the applicant has come to download the copy, you have to collect your user id and password in advance to download it. But if you are asking where to get this user ID and password, then I will say that the user ID and password are mentioned in the SMS that came to your phone regarding the payment. So check the SMS at your own risk and retrieve the user ID and password from there.

On the basis of collecting that user ID and password, go there using the link mentioned above and provide appropriate information in the login option. Then, when the applicant copy appears in front of you, download it and perform your necessary tasks. Although the applicant copy is not much required or it is not required to be displayed anywhere but if you want to download it then using the link mentioned above will hopefully do the job.

However, if you cannot collect the user ID and password in any way and the SMS received on the phone is deleted, then there is another method to collect it. Recover User ID and Recover Password option is enabled on the website to collect your User ID and Password. So first you can provide all the information that will be used to collect the user ID at your own risk. If you are a genuine applicant then please remember that you have applied with any information.

And when you can retrieve the user ID on the basis of inputting the information correctly, then this user ID will be useful in recovering the password. Apart from downloading your applicant copy through the website, you can also check the status of the payment you have made. That is, you can do any work very easily as various services related to the application have been opened there for you. Hope based on above discussion you have understood how to collect applicant copy.

Being a major agricultural country, the Department of Agriculture is always taking various groundbreaking steps for the development of the country’s agriculture sector. And in this case, this department is trying to develop the agricultural sector by completing their necessary steps or necessary issues in various regional offices. So as a common man, if you want to apply according to the recruitment circular in the Department of Agriculture, then apply. When the authorities announce the exam date, you must download the admit card using the user ID and password. thank you