In the education system that is being managed by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, there are many times the work of recruiting people in different places is going on. Because all the people who are responsible for various positions in the ministry work, besides fulfilling their duties, they have to leave their jobs at the end of a certain period or many of them leave their jobs of their own accord. Therefore,

when the authorities publish the recruitment circular, many unemployed youths apply according to the vacancy. So if you see any circular published by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education and if you want to apply there, then you can see the link provided above to apply for that circular. Although the detailed rules of applying are discussed there, when you want to apply by using the link, you may get confused about some things. For that, the issues related to the application process of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education are presented on our website

Currently, the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education is providing quality primary and lifelong education for all. Because quality primary and lifelong education plays a very important role in the life of every human being. So when quality primary education is ensured for all, that person will no longer be illiterate.

As a result, the person will be able to read any document on his own initiative or no one will be able to take the opportunity of cheating with him. Therefore, the primary objective of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education at present is to expand quality primary education opportunities for all. Also they are trying to ensure skill based lifelong learning for all.

If you want to visit the official website of the Department of Primary and Mass Education then you will find that you can know about every subject very easily. Moreover, if we try to look carefully at the issues presented here regarding the notice board, then we can easily know the update of each notification. So if you want to visit the official website of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education as a common citizen or as an applicant candidate, then you will get its official website by typing MOPME Gov BD and searching.

And if you can visit the official website, the first notice board will appear in front of you. From there, apart from knowing important notices related to circulars or exams, if you go down, you can see what has been achieved in recent times. Also, different types of information and services have been discussed chapter wise here, so you can see different types of notifications when you go there.

Also, there is an opportunity to see all the rules and regulations that govern this institution. Therefore, these issues are introduced here through special management so that every information in all cases can be known by the general public in the age of information and communication technology.If anyone wants to apply based on the circular published by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, then we will first ask you to copy the above link or type it in Google Chrome browser.

Then from there that application page will come for you and from that page you can follow the application process. You can follow all the procedures to apply in advance as we always provide you with proper guidance in applying. So based on the information here I would say to those who have come to know about the application process that if the published circular is in collection then first of all read it carefully.

Now we will ask you to go to the official website using the link mentioned above because once you go there you will get the application options or application form. By going there, you can go to the next step by clicking on the application form and from there the option of which position to apply for is enabled. Select the post for which you want to apply and click on the next option at the bottom right. Then a complete application form will appear in front of you. If you have filled the government job application form earlier then you will notice that the same format as other government job application form is provided here.

In case of applying, we will tell you first of all that according to the published circular, in which format it is said to upload the images, check them first. Then you can resize the image and signature in advance and keep it ready within the specified resolution. Then filling the application form will not be too difficult. But if you suddenly come back and start resizing the picture while filling the application form, it will appear that the information you have provided will be lost. Then you need to fill the application form again.

So if you can do these things according to the above mentioned guidelines then it will take approximately 10 minutes to fill the application form. In addition to mentioning their own names, parents’ names should be provided in capital English letters. Then what you have to do as per rules is to fill every information as per NID card and your educational qualification certificate. In this case, we will ask you to sit directly with the information of the certificate so that there is no mistake. Then you start filling each information step by step by following the required instructions from there.

After completing your personal information, we will ask you to provide address information and guardian name information. Where there is a care of option, the name of the father must be provided if alive and the name of the mother if deceased.

If both are deceased then you must provide the information of elder brother or elder sister in the family. Then you have to provide your address information first the current one and then the permanent address. If the current address and the permanent address are the same, then you can automatically fill the information there by ticking the permanent address box.

Mention the qualifications required for the post you are applying for. That is, in terms of educational qualification, mention all the information starting from SSC and HSC exam results. Don’t make mistake to provide information from graduation to master’s degree if done. If the above information is correct then you will enter the declaration mark below and proceed to the next page.

Upload your photo and signature there and submit it if there are no mistakes in the application form. Then download the application form and pay the specified amount of application fee through Teletalk SIM recharge to the user ID being provided. And in this way you can apply for any post according to the circular published by the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education.