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muktopaath is an online education platform from where one can take various timely courses and by doing such courses completely free of cost a teacher can develop himself as a teacher of the present time. Because there are many teachers of the past who want to know about these things in order to adapt themselves according to the current new curriculum and to advise and teach the students properly.

Muktopaath in Brief

  • The website muktopaath.gov.bd is an online learning platform developed by the government of Bangladesh.
  • The platform offers a wide range of courses, learning resources, and materials for students, teachers, and professionals.
  • Users can access both online and offline courses on various topics, including academic subjects, vocational training, language learning, and more.
  • The platform provides a range of interactive learning resources, such as videos, animations, simulations, and quizzes.
  • Users can create personal profiles on the platform to track their progress and receive personalized recommendations for courses and learning resources.
  • The platform offers a variety of certification programs and assessments for learners to evaluate their skills and knowledge.
  • Users can access the platform in both English and Bangla languages.
  • The platform offers a mobile app for users to access courses and resources on their mobile devices.
  • The website provides a platform for educators and institutions to create and publish their own courses and learning resources.
  • The platform provides a community forum for users to connect with each other, share resources, and discuss topics related to learning and education.

Therefore, under the initiative of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, every teacher can use these online courses and can develop himself as a useful teacher by taking these courses completely free and at low cost. Recently, a notice has been published by the Department of Madrasa Education regarding participation in online training on various subjects at the student level and you can complete the course according to the notice by completing the login through online. Apart from this level of education, we also provide you with proper advice from time to time and anyone visiting this website as a student can log in correctly and complete various courses completely free of cost.


As per the new notification published in the month of February, we have come to know that a new online course is being launched to properly inform about the syllabus of National Curriculum 2021. When you want to follow the correct rules to complete this course, we will inform you about the registration rules correctly as well as how to download the certificate or more detailed information. So from the academic year 2023 when we will participate in the primary education level class system across the country, we must take new training according to the curriculum of 2023 and different types of online training have been introduced in this regard so that we can take proper advice based on using this platform through online. will be

muktopaath.gov.bd Certificate Download

muktopaath.gov.bd/ course-details

Besides Madrasa Education Directorate, all the General Education Directorates or Boards of Education are providing timely and necessary teaching so that the teachers become experienced in the subject. So to do these courses through online you have to go through several rules and informing about the rules is our main job. You can know the correct rules according to the different types of notifications published from here, as well as every notification update on our website.

www.muktopaath.gov.bd Certificate Download

If you visit the official website of Muktapath, then first of all you will see the login or registration option. As there are opportunities to do different types of courses in English version as well as Bengali version, new students are constantly joining here and increasing their experience and skills by doing different courses. Currently there are 18 lakh 54 thousand students on this website and there are currently 268 courses running. But even though all the courses are here, currently 156 courses are being conducted very seriously and 54 partners are sharing these courses with us through various channels and we are getting every information from them.

Moreover, if you visit the official website of muktopaath, there is a notice that online training course has been launched in the primary level of National Curriculum 2021 which we have discussed for you above. All those who want to do Madrasa level courses must complete the courses correctly from the 2023 curriculum and you will understand that every information is presented in Bengali version on the website and you can complete the registration here. Also, if you go to the menu option of this website, you will get the search bar to find different types of courses and from there you can find your favorite courses and the most popular courses will be presented to you.

The database of the website is very well presented so that you can find the popular courses from here as well as the latest updated courses or ongoing courses which are currently running are shown. Moreover, if you want to do a course according to the category, then starting from information technology, the course has been launched here to increase the information about education or different types of performance skills. Moreover, if you want to take a course on self-employment or if you want to get promotion or promotion by providing your skills in the corporate world through personal development, then you can use this information here or you can take different types of courses completely free.

muktopaath login

So for the purpose of increasing your internal skills as a teacher or personally by taking any kind of course, you will first login from here and to login you will have to complete the registration first. So when you visit the official website of Muktapath, if we present or inform you about all the information required for logging in, then it will be very convenient for you to log in accordingly.

Usually when you want to login by visiting the official website of Muktapath, you must provide the email you registered with and the password you used to create an account. So please help us with the correct information to login here and complete the login by clicking on the login option. If there is no account then the option named Register is launched there and if you go to Register option you will be given an opportunity to complete the registration by providing certain information. Those who have forgotten the password or are unable to complete the login due to the lack of password or are unable to complete the course, they can certainly recover it by providing the phone number and other information by clicking on the forgotten password option here.

Once you complete the login you will be able to see various information there and all the information you opened the profile with will be displayed there in the form of images. Moreover, you will be shown which courses are currently running or how many percent of those courses you have taken classes as well as participated in exams. By logging in your course related information will be presented here as all the courses you have completed will be shown and if you want to download the certificate after completing the course then you have to download your certificate in PDF file form by logging in.

muktopaath registration

It is very important to register by visiting Muktapath official and if you register with correct information your certificate will be generated using the exact same information. To register, first of all, you visit the website and click on the registration option, and if you do not understand any information, then click on the tutorial option, each information will be shown to you through a video. But when you go for registration, you have to mention your full name in Bengali and you have the option to select the profession you are involved in.

Next you need to select your gender and provide your email or phone number which is always active or the email address you always have access to login. Then there you need to set a unique password of eight digits and confirm the password by providing it once more so that your account is fully created there. After that when you click on the register button, a verification code will be sent to you through your email and if you have provided a mobile number, then the verification code will be sent to the mobile number. In this way, you can easily complete the login by providing the verification code there or register from here. If you can, you can take advantage of the login later.

In this way, by registering an account completely, there is a login option and by clicking on the login option, you must provide the email address or phone number and provide the password. You must follow all the steps that will be shown to you upon login so that there are no problems with your account later or any kind of fraud in completing a course. By logging in you will have the courses you have taken or your profile starting from certificates and other detailed information related to the profession mentioned there.

muktopaath certificate

If you have completed any course from Muktapath then surely you will be given the certificate for that course and you can print it out as this certificate will be provided in PDF area to download. Generally, it makes no sense to spend a large amount of budget by arranging big meetings in the Board of Education to give proper advice on the kind of courses which are very important to us in our daily life or which we are not able to accommodate due to the preparation of new curricula. no As people are able to receive more or less every service at home through online, such courses are being provided through video tutorials.

By watching video tutorials we can understand each and every topic and also if one gives guidance then we can work accordingly from there or sometimes through zoom meeting apps we can all connect together and share our problems. So when you complete different types of courses, you must visit the website to collect the certificate that will be given to you based on that course or to use that certificate in different places. After visiting the website you have to login as you have completed the course and login option has email id and password to login.

After completing the login with the correct information, you can see which courses you have completed and which course certificates have been prepared from the profile you have there. In this case, if you go to the certificate part in the menu option on the left side, what certificate you have will be shown in the form of a PDF file and if you click and hold on the certificate, it will go to the download option and the download will start. Therefore, apart from acquiring skills through online courses, when a certificate is issued in recognition of your work, it can undoubtedly be said to be a good initiative.

www. muktopaath. bd.com

Since the establishment of Muktapath’s official website, many people have overcome their unemployment and improved their skills or focused on what they want to focus on. In the era of information and communication technology, we are providing our own employment by doing a lot of internet related work at home and from here we get the basic idea about what steps to take to stay ahead in information technology.

Moreover, the services that we can avail from here as a result of launching various courses related to education undoubtedly play a very beneficial role. This special arrangement has been made to ensure that each text book with the new curriculum is properly understood by the teachers and taught in the classroom.

Also there are more popular categories in education and if you want to acquire any kind of skills then there are special arrangements for that. If you can do any work with attention or if you like to do any work, then you can definitely do these courses through the internet nowadays to gain skills in that work. Everything from digital financial literacy to interpersonal communication skills or mental health of teachers and students will help you here.

Moreover how effective teaching works in our life or from here we can learn how to complete video production training course. It is very good for us that we can take these benefits because there are various platforms like Ten Minute School and we can also get a proper idea in the current type of BD jobs that give circulars or open an account there. Moreover, in personal life, those who want to adapt themselves in different social hostile environment or the things that we learn and help in self-improvement as well as in providing employment are certainly commendable.

muktopaath online course

So you can visit this website and work according to your interest. After completing a course properly you can use yourself properly. Currently, in the era of information and communication technology, the People’s Republic of China has taken a special initiative to prevent the creation of various types of obstacles or so that people can use the right time in their busy lives or improve their skills by using their free time. Different professionals can apply this experience in their personal life and video tutorials are giving us that education.

These free reading courses are highly used because they are educational or important in educational matters and put us far ahead in personal information communication. If we can do every course or our required course keeping this slogan Digital Bangladesh in front of us, then it will be seen that at some point the skills will come in us and we will not be considered incompetent in any work.

So, according to the rules shown above, you can easily visit the official website of Muktapath and select the course of your choice, complete the registration and login. Best wishes to all, if you have any query related to this website, please write it in the comment box and we will try to give you the correct answer.