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My Govt BD is an official website for government services. Through this official website we can take various facilities in our daily life and know about their official website very easily due to the fact that various offices or ministries are connected to this official website. So through today’s post, we will discuss the information in detail about this official website of the government for you.

Mygov.bd Details at a Glance

  • myGov Bangladesh is a digital platform that serves as a one-stop solution for accessing various government services and information.
  • The platform was launched in 2016 by the Government of Bangladesh to improve the delivery of public services and increase transparency and accountability.
  • It provides access to more than 300 services from different ministries and departments of the government.
  • Users can register on the platform using their mobile number and national ID card information.
  • The platform offers services such as online payment of utility bills, tax payment, passport and visa services, birth and death registration, land registration, and many more.
  • It also provides a platform for citizens to submit complaints and suggestions to the government, as well as participate in online surveys and polls.
  • The platform has a mobile application that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and provides services in both Bengali and English languages.
  • The platform is aimed at making government services more accessible and user-friendly for the citizens of Bangladesh.

https://www.mygov.bd/ 2023

You will benefit a lot if we tell you important information about how to complete the registration by visiting the official website to receive various services or what facilities are available related to the registration. Along with this, I will discuss the popular services information in detail for you about the services that are accepted in the maximum amount through this website or the services that people visit for them.

In the past, in order to receive any kind of government service, one had to contact the upazila level or the city corporation. Moreover, when we used to rush from one office to another office to receive various institutional information or for various information, it wasted our valuable time and many times we might not find it. But nowadays in this era of internet technology, we can easily search for these facilities based on website or office based and we can search them and work accordingly. So I will visit to get various services as a citizen of the Government of People’s Republic of Bangladesh through the official website provided by my government.

My government official website is opened for people like you who go around office based office court to do various tasks in daily life. In the era of information and communication technology, these methods have been adopted to bring mobility to people’s lives and to make documents easily accessible. Therefore, keeping Digital Bangladesh in front and fulfilling the dream of Digital Bangladesh, we will accept all these services and will inform you in detail what services can be provided on this official website.

My gov bd notice

Officially, when we visit this official website, various types of notices may be provided here. There are many tasks here as well as when you have to complete the registration by selecting the type of service you want to receive and entering it. We can also make various ministry-based applications or fill up the National Consumer Rights Complaint Form. Every website has been connected to the official website of my government very easily so that we do not have to read in all these ironies that we can take advantage of any website of any ministry or any website.

Generally, although every service is launched at every time of the year, when you want to receive a specific notice in this regard, visit the official website of the department from which you need to receive the service instead of collecting the notice through this website. To get the official website address or link, if you select your service related information from this website, you will be taken there and from there you can collect that address. Because if the notice is given through this website then all the ministries and departments will be involved here, one notice will enter another notice and in this case it will be very difficult to find any information.

www.mygov.bd 2023

The link of the official website of my government is provided here and by using this link you can visit this official website once you want. Through this official website we can avail various services of daily life. As we are citizens of Bangladesh and we have the right to vote, we will enter here and try to know about the important issues of our daily life. There are total 26 Ministries and 166 Departments on this official website. We will also provide you with some information about this website.

This website has expanded its range of operations from its inception to the present time and has taken special measures to make it easy for people to access these services online. Officially, the number of these applications has exceeded 26 lakh as they are constantly submitting applications based on various subjects. Based on the application, various ministries or departments are working on these applications and so far about 23 lakh applications have been settled. That is to say, work is being done here to ensure public service and even though many people do not accept the service, many people complete the registration here with various information and Later you can complete your work by logging in.

The slogan of my government official website is “Government Service at One Address”. That is, to get government services, you do not have to visit different websites or if you know different websites, you can visit them and receive this service. Besides, this official website combines all the websites and provides information according to your convenience. To get the necessary services by visiting this website, you can get your services by clicking on the service sector based option, as well as there are different options to get services based on the ministry or department. So for the required services you will complete the registration by visiting this official website and we will provide you the right direction here to complete the registration.

As we are citizens of Bangladesh, we need to connect with various government institutions for some reason or get any benefits by contacting them. So you can enter this website and complete the registration by providing your mobile number in English and if you want to provide email optionally, then you can complete the registration. In this case you have to set the password and by setting the password you can login later with the mobile number and password. Even though many people have not accepted the various services, so far about 3.7 million people have visited this website and completed the registration.

my gov bd Scholarship

Once you visit the official website of My Government, you will understand how many services are available for us. Above we have provided the information about how many people are visiting this website regularly or how many people have applied or how many people have completed the registration. So now we will discuss some information about various services in detail so that you can easily know about various types of services by visiting this website. First of all, in our daily life we need various types of registration or license creation.

Generally, we have to register our information to create voter ID card or birth registration certificate, so we can use the direct link from here because we do not know the address of their official website or official website related to these services. As government websites do not have any kind of adsense and they always help the general public by giving correct information if we visit the official website through this website then our time will be saved a lot. So you can apply for different types of licenses by visiting its official website and from trade license to car license and links to important BRTA related websites can be found here.

As Bangladesh is an agriculture based country as a craft country all the official websites or any kind of guidance official website services can be found here. We need finance and banking services constantly and because we are directly involved in various financial matters in our daily life, officially there are eight services related to finance and banking. Moreover, various services are prepared here for those who are working as government officials and employees, and if you visit the official website, you can enter and work on the official websites of government jobs according to that type of ministry. Even the Ministry based official website address regarding application can be found from here.

When we take official permission for personal activities in daily life or when we need to give or receive permission, we need to apply for permission by visiting the official website of the government. For example, if someone is doing the business of stamp vendor, then he has to apply here for his license and the website you have to visit to apply is also given here. You can tap into your inner self through the official website called Muktapath and from there you can improve your CV and gain experience by taking various guided and practical courses.

We need different types of certificates and we have to go through certain rules when we issue certificates or get permits in different institutional areas. So the important information along with all these subjects is available by visiting the official website of my government. If one wants to receive grants from the government or if one is eligible to receive allowances through the Department of Social Services, there is also the application process for various types of government loans. So you can easily keep yourself updated by visiting its official website.

As our country is progressing in the field of education and various important guidelines are being adopted in the field of education, we must know the information related to education through this official website. Since students and teachers are directly involved in education and other officials are involved, all the ministries or departments related to education can visit their official websites to get updates about it. Moreover, important guidelines related to education or important matters related to recruitment in educational institutions can be found through this official website.

www.mygov.bd Registration

Above, we have explained to you in detail what kind of facilities the official website of Amar Sarkar provides to you. If we mention about this official website then there are so many services that you can use in your daily life and get official benefits. We have said before and we are still saying that through this official website the link to the official website of each ministry and department is available, so you can collect the official website from here if you want. Moreover, due to the search option of the website, it will be convenient for you to find any type of service written in Bengali. So, you should take the services by visiting the official website and in case of taking the services, you must know the registration related information from below.

When you visit this official website and want to avail any of the services, you need to complete the registration and become a registered member. So if you want to get any kind of service by visiting this website of my government, you must enter the website and click on the above registration option. If you click there, first of all you will be asked to provide your mobile number and email address. According to New, you will provide that information and set a password there to login to your account or receive services.

Later you can login as many times as you want by completing the registration and by logging in you can complete various applications. However, you do not need to provide the information you register with while completing the registration separately for the second time in any application. However, in receiving the service, only the authorized person can receive the service according to the conditions of receiving the service.

Moreover, when you want to take advantage of various opportunities from the profile, you can certainly save the necessary information and documents in the profile. As a result, based on that information, you will be able to know the information about the application made to various departments and the latest updates through your own profile.

That is, by completing the registration, you will be able to know every update of the application in all the departments or ministries that you have applied to from your own profile. There is no need to visit the official website of these ministries or departments, you will receive information from the citizen profile and you will find yourself in every work in your daily life. Keep updated. Since various types of applications can be made from here, many people want to know whether the application fee can be paid by following a specific category through the official website called Amar Sarkar. In order to pay the application fee, you have to pay according to the specific rules of the ministry or the category you are applying for.

If you are not getting any kind of service, then you can file a complaint or call the helpline number to receive the service. At present many services are being taken by visiting this official website and National Consumer Rights Complaint Form is being filled more and more in them. General applications are being submitted to the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and BTRC applications are currently receiving a large number of applications.

Moreover, as various elderly people of the country are constantly applying for old age allowance through the Department of Social Services, similarly, applications related to the scholarship program are being accepted here through the Hindu Religious Welfare Trust. Although there is more information regarding this, we have given you this information here through today’s post.