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Through an official website related to income tax, we can file income tax in the same way as we can take advantage of various opportunities there. However, many people may not know what income tax is or who will have to pay income tax, so we will discuss it here today. This post of ours is going to be rich in information and if you want to get detailed information about income tax then you can pay income tax by visiting the above mentioned official website besides knowing them based on this information here.

To run a country, the government needs to earn income from various sources or collect money from various sources. And so income tax is a special source and through it the government earns billions of rupees every year. So we will present here the detailed concept of income tax so that you don’t have any kind of confusion about it. If you have any questions related to income tax, feel free to write in the comment box of our website and we will provide the answer.

First we will discuss what income tax is. Income tax is a type of tax or a type of system that depends on your income and the government has to pay you money based on that income. Generally poor or lower middle class people do not have to pay income tax. Just as the lower middle class people live in a country, there are also a lot of rich people living there. So if you have a certain amount of income or if you can earn a certain amount every month then you must pay income tax compulsorily as per government rules.

So the money you pay to the government will be treated as income tax. Depending on your income, income tax is charged to certain amounts or various penalties, interest recoverable amounts. Now we will try to find out which person will be considered eligible to pay income tax. As per the rules of Finance Act 2015 we have come to know that if a person earns a certain amount of money then he must pay income tax. In this case, if a Hindu joint family or partnership firm or an artificial person created by law earns an income of Rs.2.5 lakhs in each specified period, then that person must be considered eligible to pay income tax.

In addition, if the income is Rs.3 lakhs for women and above 65 years of age and if Rs.3 lakhs and Rs.75 as a disabled tax payer I will have to pay income tax. And if he is a gazetted freedom fighter then if his limit exceeds Tk 4 lakh 25 thousand then he also has to pay income tax. In this case, a person’s income may be less and may be more and if it is more, the income tax will increase. And when the income tax increases, he must pay this amount at a fixed rate depending on his income according to the correct rules, so income tax is always called progressive tax.

Income tax is determined from different sources of income. At present, we have come to know this rule that only if you have a teen certificate, you have to pay 2000 taka every month or at regular intervals. All these rules have been introduced by the government to manage every financial system properly so that the public sector accumulates a large amount of money and can use that money for the development of the country. So if you want to know the income sectors then you can know very easily as we have come to know these things according to the 1984 Ordinance.

If a person earns a large amount of salary through employment and receives salary as per the specified amount then he has to pay income tax. Income tax will also have to be paid on those who get interest every year according to the amount of money accumulated in the bank for future security.

Also if you have house property and if it exceeds a certain amount then you have to pay income tax besides paying income tax for higher income in agriculture. If you are involved in business or any related profession, you will have to pay income tax and in this case, if you can collect any kind of capital profit, you have to pay income tax and do the work according to the government rules.

Even if you have income from other sources, you will have to submit it and if you have established any kind of firm, it will be considered as part of income tax. At present there are two types of income tax system in our country and these two systems include personal income tax and corporate income tax. But it doesn’t always work out that way that you have to pay more income tax.

There is a minimum income tax system for paying income tax and it varies from region to region. For example, even if the income of a person at the city corporation level is the same, his income tax will be higher, similarly, the income tax of a person at the upazila level will be lower.

As per the Income Tax Ordinance 1984 we have come to know that every person is called upon to register for Income Tax. So if you want to file income tax then you must prepare tin certificate. This certificate has to be generated online and you don’t have to pay money just to generate the

certificate. That is, if you have this certificate, you can take other special benefits starting from bank loans. That is, by having the certificate, the validity of your money and the money that you have earned yourself will be mentioned. In this case there will be no burden of income tax or no rate on your house.

Presently you have to apply for tax identification number online and along with application you can download it online in pdf file size. If you want to take a loan from a bank for an urgent need or if you want to show the source of your money in the case of land registration, it must be done according to the correct rules. When the bank can see your source of income, it will not disqualify you from giving you a loan. So it will be very good for you if you can keep this certificate and you can use it for special needs. With this 12-digit number, you can reveal your personal identity.

Also you have to follow some rules to generate this teen certificate and we will give you guidelines depending on your income to generate it. So in your daily life you can do your income tax related tasks and those who were not understanding about income tax till now hopefully got a lot of information through this question. So to manage the progress of a country properly, if we citizens do not step forward, many times it will not be possible. If everyone plays a conscious role from everyone’s place then the progress of the country will be very fast and we will also get a developed country.