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You can use the title link given above to know that Bangladesh Election Commission is currently working on their voter ID card through the official website in the era of information and communication technology. By using this link, you will get all the updates about what kind of steps Bangladesh Election Commission has taken in 2023 or what information is being collected for making new voter ID card.

This official website will provide you with important information while registering voter ID card information as a citizen and various helpful information about voter id card. Moreover, through this website we can find important links, so we can benefit ourselves in many ways and help others.


By visiting this official website of Bangladesh Election Commission you can get NID service online from there as well as check smart card status. Also through this official website we can know the distribution information of Smart National Identity Card as well as how to pay NID fee through Dutch-Bangla Bank. But if we go to the homepage of this official website, we can only get the voter list updating news there. Moreover, in registering the voter information, we can know about it due to the fact that there is a detailed description of what information a person has to apply.

If you have visited the homepage of the website itself, then you have to show the SSC exam or equivalent exam certificate and birth registration certificate to register the voter list information. Apart from this, if you have a passport or driving license then you have to provide the same along with the holding tax receipt. You can avail these opportunities by visiting the official website of Service NID as you are also given the opportunity to apply by submitting the photocopy of citizenship certificate and voter ID card of parents or spouse.


Moreover, through the official website mentioned above, we can know all the steps involved in issuing different types of duplicate NID. If one needs to correct the information in NID card then there is an option to apply for transfer of constituency information as per the rules prescribed there. If a person dies, there is an option to delete the voter ID card information through the website.

Moreover, those who have not received the voter ID card information so far or could not collect the smart copy of the voter ID card have been asked to collect it from the nearest upazila or thana election commission office. However, as general public, we have to be busy in our daily life about downloading voter ID card, correcting voter ID card information, registering new information, logging in after opening an account, so I will inform you in detail.

NID Card Download

At present many people are facing the problem of not getting NID card even after registering the information and due to getting NID card they are not able to get passport as well as various institutional benefits. However, if you have the number from the voter form or the number from the voter slip at the time of registration, you can download the NID card by using the number. Service NID is providing an opportunity to every person to download the paper laminating version of this voter ID card with smart number through the official website, so many people are able to download it and do important work.

So, even if the smart ID card is printed and not distributed among you, if you can easily visit the website and use the paper laminating version of it in any work, then it will be possible to complete your work to a large extent. So instead of waiting for the Smart ID card information, you should download the Smart ID card number from the paper laminating version website by following the specified rules. Through this post we will provide the detailed information on how to download voter ID card so you can know all the information by reading this post till the end.

NID Online Copy Download Mobile

Now through this post we start discussing the rules that you have to follow to download National NID Card on mobile or any other device. To download NID online copy through mobile phone and other devices you have to access the website using the link provided in the above title. If you visit the website, you will see the desktop version in front of you, so zoom in a little. Then go to the top left side you will find an option called NID Online Service and click on it.

Then you will be taken to the official website of Service NID and we can take many facilities for free to open that official website for public. Since you want to download National NID Card PDF file online through mobile then first of all you need to visit the website and click on “Register” option. Then you will be taken to the next page where you will be asked to provide your voter ID card number or voter form number. There you will provide any of these two information and if you have failed to provide that information for any reason then you will never be able to download NID Card PDF file online.

After providing the above mentioned information you will be asked to go to the next step and enter your date of birth information followed by date of birth, month of birth and year of birth. After understanding the captcha code provided on the first page, you have to click on the next option after placing it in the specified blank space on the front. You will now have to provide the permanent address which you provided while registering the details of voter ID card from the division to the local level.

After providing these details you have to go to the next page where you will be shown the first 3 digits and the last 3 digits of a mobile number. The mobile number which was accepted for communication at the time of information registration should be sent to that number as the mobile number is shown there and a code will be sent from 105 number through SMS. If the number is no longer in use or if it is not possible to collect the code, then if you change the number and receive an SMS, it will remain updated on the website.

Now you have to go to the next page and follow the instructions on the website to copy a code and visit the official apps of NID Wallet. Then go there and show the face of the person whose ID card you are downloading from left to right so that the authorities can identify the real person downloading it. After that you must go back to the website when your work is done and set the user ID and password there. In providing user ID, you have to set a unique user ID accordingly by putting some digits in English letters and numbers. In this way you can create a profile after confirming the password and every information including your picture will be displayed in that profile following the instructions of the website.

services.nidw.gov bd/nid-pub qr code

You don’t need to enter the official website called Service NID as there is no QR code function. But if you want to open the profile, then you must copy and crop the code that will be shown on the website before entering the software called NID Wallet. Then when you enter the apps from the website, just display the cropped QR code and the software will start working by following the instructions on the website. So if you follow the correct rules to download NID card according to the rules mentioned above, you will be able to download it in the form of PDF file.

NID BD Login

Actually when you can open the profile by visiting the website then you can download the NID card from that profile as well as download the NID card as well as open the profile to do all the work of correcting and issuing the information. That is, you will not be given the opportunity to make any application until you open the profile using the NID card number or voter form number.

So you must follow the correct rules to open the profile and remember the NID card number and the password you set to complete all the tasks by entering the profile. Then you can log in every time with NID card number and password and complete every job or every application.

Bangladesh National ID Card Check Online

If anyone needs to check National NID Card of Bangladesh online then they can check it. In this case, there is a separate option called voter information on the website and if you click on it, you will be asked to provide ID card number or voter form number first to check the voter information. Then after filling date of birth and captcha court as per rules when you click on submit option then name of voter id card owner and voter member of constituency will be shown.

Voter ID Card Check

In the case of checking the voter ID card by visiting the website, the option called voter information has been introduced earlier, but currently the option to check the status of the smart ID card has been introduced. That is, to check the status of the smart ID card or to get an idea of when you can get the ID card, you must go to the smart ID card status check option due to the operation of this system on the website. To check this information, you provide the above mentioned information and click on the confirm option, you will be informed about the current status of the ID card and other information very easily.

NID Card Registration

The website will provide an opportunity to register the National ID card information to those who were not present at home during the registration of information or were unable to register the ID card information due to any reason. So by entering the official website which is provided for the general public called Service NID, you will click on the application option to register the new information. If you enter there, first of all you have to write the name correctly in English according to the birth registration certificate and secondary examination certificate and give the date of birth and go to the next step and give the mobile number.

By giving the mobile number, an SMS will be sent to the phone and after providing the code received through the SMS on the website, an incomplete profile will be presented to you. Now you have to enter that profile and you will provide the personal information, address information and other information that will be asked from you. After entering the information correctly, you have to submit the application form by depositing Tk 230 through Dutch Bangla Bank mobile banking on the website. Once the application form is submitted, your phone will be informed by SMS on which date you have to go to the upazila or thana level office of the election commission to take the photo.

Nid Card Correction

If one’s NID card information remains incorrect then one should not wait as the need to correct this information is high. To download voter ID card, first of all you have to create a profile according to the rules mentioned above and you can edit the ID card information by entering your profile. Your ID card information will be corrected if you are able to display or submit what information is required to be displayed by entering the website link provided in the title to correct ID card information. In this case, see another post on our website to know the correct rules for correcting ID card information.

Nid Card Reissue

As the National ID Card is very important, if it is lost or damaged for any reason, you have to apply for re-issuance by visiting the website. In this case, on presenting the information that the ID card is lost, the copy of GD must be provided and on showing any other reason, the opportunity to apply correctly without any other documents will be provided. In this case also complete your application by depositing Tk 230 through Dutch-Bangla Bank Mobile Banking and providing all the information you will be required to provide on the website.

Nid Card Migration

If a person from a constituency has moved to another area for a long period of time and is thinking of permanent residence there, he can apply for transfer for any important and reasonable reason. For transfer of voter ID card details you have to open profile here and apply for change of address by going to address details room and it will be done in the context of application for transfer.

So if you can provide all the information that will be asked from you while applying correctly, then by paying the specified amount of application fee, your transfer will be completed and your voter ID card will be generated at the new address. I am ending this post today by thanking everyone.