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If you have applied as per the recruitment circular from National Skill Development Authority and if you need to download the applicant copy after application then copy the above mentioned link from here. Then you can easily go to the download page of the applicant copy by pasting it through the Google Chrome browser. From there you will get the pdf file of applicant copy based on login with user id and password. Therefore, as we present the important information for you in daily life, you can know many things and can complete the necessary tasks accordingly.


At present, the number of unemployed people in our country is increasing day by day due to the number of unemployed people who are waiting for jobs. Hence, training is being provided to provide various skills to the unemployed youth so that they do not have to sit down or move towards work-oriented education. Nowadays there are many who are getting involved in freelancing to keep themselves in step with the times. Just as per the rule that you have to work from 8 am to 5 pm, if you want to ignore all the rules, you can do something else.

Current government initiatives are providing various types of training so that the youth can involve themselves in various activities starting from business. Because if the youth of this country are only looking for jobs, then it will be seen that there will not be so many jobs and frustration will increase day by day. So if one can start a small business on one’s own initiative then it will be seen that from there one’s business is slowly improving and one’s own employment is being arranged.

So besides providing various types of important training for setting up a business, freelancing training is being provided to those of you who like to do various types of work on computers. Internet companies are taking various measures so that people in the remote areas of the country can get internet facilities so that they can earn dollars by doing freelancing work at home. That is, if all the initiatives that have been taken at present to create employment can be implemented and if everyone comes forward from their respective places, then this problem will be solved to a large extent.

You can also apply to participate in official activities through the recruitment circulars published by the National Skill Development Authority. We have told you all the rules for applying in the previous post. There you have followed the application rules correctly and if no one downloads the applicant copy in any way then you cannot collect the user id from there.

And when you can’t collect user id then your payment will not be completed. We have to follow every action as per the orders of the authorities considering all aspects. We will provide the necessary information to download the user ID. So you can go to the user ID and password recovery option and collect your applicant by using the information there.

Moreover, the user ID and password play a very important role in downloading the admit card. So, if you can collect the user ID and password on your own initiative in making any kind of application, then you can appear in the examination center through the admit card starting from looking at the exam results.