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After applying to Controller and Auditor General’s office, if you want to collect the applicant copy by logging in from there, there are several steps to collect it. It is a very important document as it usually provides detailed idea of how to complete the payment using the user ID in the applicant copy. If the application is not downloaded for any reason after submission and payment is not completed through it then the application form will not be accepted. So we ask you to collect the applicant copy to follow each step in proper time.


Generally after submitting any kind of online application you are provided PDF file to download applicant copy. Maybe you have checked the rules there and completed the payment using the user ID without downloading the applicant copy. But if you need this applicant copy later, many people may not know the procedure to follow to download it. And that is why we are trying to present this information here.

Now if you want to understand the importance of applicant coffee then let me say that you don’t have to show it at the exam center. But it’s much better for you if you have it. Because many exams are completed after a long time after receiving applications from various departments or government jobs. If the test is completed after a long time, the user ID and password information on the phone may be deleted. But if you have an applicant pool, you can leave it in a file or store it on the device, so it is less likely to be lost.

Although it is not required by the test center or displayed anywhere, it will be of some use if you can keep it in the collection. Try to keep all the documents you are applying for government jobs in a specific folder as these documents will be given to you in PDF file as a proof of your application. When the exam date is announced, you can easily download the admit card from those folders using the user ID and password.

So based on the discussion here I think you have understood it and to download applicant copy you need to use user id and password. It is very good if you can store the information of user ID and password in advance where there is a confirmation SMS on the phone. So if you can do the necessary tasks according to the rules and if you can write down the user ID and password in a specific diary, then it will be seen that you will definitely be useful in the future.

Many times, even though the authorities have announced the exam date, you may not be able to download the admit card due to the fact that no SMS regarding user ID and password is received on the phone. But you can collect them on the basis of providing the necessary information due to the option called Recover User ID and Recover Password on the website. So, based on the discussion here, I think it will be convenient for many as you can understand it.

How to follow every step from applying for any type of government job is presented to you. So we inform you that you can follow each step from here on your own responsibility and we try to inform you correctly as you ask different times. Above all, if there is any problem related to user ID and password or any problem related to admit card, please let us know.