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As a government employee if you want to get pefixation then you must use the above mentioned link and fix the salary from there. Currently, as it is a completely new system, you will get all kinds of benefits starting from increments on the basis of filling or updating your information online.

So those who are newly joining government jobs or those who have not yet logged into the Integrated Budget and Accounting System must log in. There you have to attach the account number and many other important information starting from presenting what position you are joining or what is your job grade. As we are going to explain this online payroll program for you, many of you may be able to understand things depending on the information here.

At present if you want to do Pay Fixation then you must first visit the website using the above mentioned link. After the visit you have to collect the documents in advance as per the instructions given there. We are all aware that this pay structure is ongoing till date as per National Pay Scale 2015. So your pay will be determined according to the grade you have joined or appointed in the particular pay structure. In this way, it will be good for you if you can easily get things done by visiting there.

Also you can conduct various activities in online salary determination there. If you get a new appointment then in that case you have to provide the same information as salary fixed online and also if you want to transfer you have to follow the same rules. And if you want to follow the time scale or selection grade or higher grade or want to re-fix the pay then you have to do your work as per the management here. Since this information will go to the accounting office, you will not get much benefit if you are not able to ensure that every information is correct. So you are guided to do each task correctly and you will do the things that we present to you correctly.

If you visit the website, you should first see that a special caution has been presented to you. In this case, you are asked to fill the form slowly and if you do it incorrectly, it will be too late to correct it. So every work has to be done carefully and it is a website used for government employees and general public can never use it. No such system has been put in place for any bank or autonomous organization to input information here.

So if you want to follow all the options that have been introduced in online salary determination then you need to prepare beforehand. That is to say, one has to apply accordingly keeping several documents in hand and asked to collect the documents in advance. Here, if we talk about documents, you will need your national identity card first. Mobile phone number has to be provided and office order regarding salary determination will serve as very important document here. In this case, if you want to do other ancillary work, then you will need documents or orders related to time scale or selection grade or transfer related work for which you will use it.

Also all educational qualification certificates and joining letter will be mandatory for new recruitment. You will need a soft copy of your medical test report and you must scan all these documents and save them in PDF or JPEG format. Then you collect the verification number which is newly provided for salary determination other than ongoing and new recruitment from there and start inputting the information. When you can fill out a form completely by inputting information or when the form is available for download, you must have a print option.

It will be great if you can go to the next page as an urgent instruction and from there you will remember to be careful in filling the required information. Many people want to use it experimentally without doing government job or even after doing government job and want to see how to do it well through the tutorial. In this case, you are asked not to use the options there and if you want, you can watch such important and informative tutorials from YouTube. However, if you enter any unnecessary information here, it will cause complications to remove the entered information later.

Many times many people have important problems with the birth registration certificate number, so the 17-digit birth registration certificate number must be confirmed in advance. If someone does not have a 17-digit birth registration certificate, then you must contact the local government department and discuss this matter and they will complete the 17-digit birth certificate. In this way, if you can read the important warning messages well, it will look very good and through this, you will go to the next page and select the necessary options according to the instructions that will be given regarding online salary determination.

In this case, when you go to the next page, you will be informed that you have to select the following subject to fill the form and if you need to fill the form in more than one subject, then you have to follow certain rules. That is, you should fill the form which is more important for you to fill in advance and submit the form after selecting and completing it correctly. For salary determination on 1st July 2015 you have to select ongoing salary determination and fill the information accordingly.

If you visit here, besides using the ongoing option, the options are also available in the case of new recruitment, as well as in the salary version of the new recruitment. If one wants to do promotion work then get the options here and hope that all the topics discussed are very necessary in your daily life. However,

you should not use any option unnecessarily or enter any information according to the guidance provided by the website. By going to each option you can fill the salary details online by selecting the category through which you have joined the job and inputting the required information. In this way, you can do the online salary determination at home or from the online service shop by using the above link.