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In 2023 those of you who wish to apply for primary student scholarships by visiting the official website of PESP will have to do so by visiting the new portal for supply products. By visiting this official website run by the Department of Primary Education, you can apply for the scholarship for primary students and in this case the head of the institution will do these tasks.

So by visiting the official website of PESP, you can understand where and how to complete any work and all the steps of a student’s scholarship application as we discuss them on our website and act accordingly. Therefore, through this post, the answers to all the questions that arise in your mind regarding this supplement in daily life have appeared today.

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  • is the official website of the Project for Establishment of Secretariat Complex of the Government of Bangladesh.
  • The website provides information about the ongoing project, including its objectives, progress updates, and budget.
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  • The website offers a contact form for users to submit their queries, suggestions, or complaints related to the project.
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  • Users can also access a photo gallery and a virtual tour of the project site through the website.
  • The website is designed to promote transparency and accountability in the implementation of the project.

Although the government has given an increase to the students who are studying in the primary level by participating in the final examination of the fifth class, the online application process is currently going on for the students of other classes. Teachers can apply information for students by visiting the official website if they want to help in getting your scholarship by accepting it. Therefore, the important information related to the application and all the steps to be followed starting from the login to the website are currently being done through this official website.

When you visit the official website of PESP, you will see that it says to provide username and password only for login. Therefore, apart from providing the password and user name, you can change this password according to the facility of your educational institution and later, you can do the tasks of adding information and updating information from the old application to the new student by logging in. I applaud the groundbreaking steps taken by the Department of Elementary Education to enhance the educational progress of a student by taking the facilities provided by the Directorate of Elementary Education for the benefit of the students. Moreover, by visiting this official website, we will tell you all the other steps through this post.

In addition to providing you with the important or ideas related to the preliminary scholarship work, the new system introduced by this official website for application, you must first search by typing the address of the office website of PESP Gov BD, it will be shown to you first. A list of how many educational institutions across the country have applied under this facility managed by the Directorate of Primary Education and how many students are being accepted and given the stipend after applying can be found here.

But to enter this portal, first of all you have to login with username and password. Here, as you can set the username as you wish, in most cases the head teacher’s mobile number is used as the username, so you can definitely use it to give the password of others. Usually you can log in first with the password provided by the department and you are told to login by providing this password, similarly you can change the password by visiting the website later and confirm it.

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So when you enter its official website following the rules mentioned above, you must complete your login with username and password, first of all you will get a description of what facilities are available through this website. After visiting this official website and completing the login, you will be shown that it includes a total of 65 thousand 566 educational institutions across the country. Moreover, there are 28772 institutions with registered applicants. 2066 organizations with registered beneficiaries. At present, the number of applications submitted on this website as a preliminary list of total applicants is 2478771. However, the total number of beneficiaries are 2 lakh 20 thousand 140 people who have benefited so far by applying.

As such it is seen that the amount of inactive here is zero and in this case 1 lakh 2741 male students and 1 lakh 17366 female students are receiving primary stipend at present. In this way, you can view this information by visiting the website of the office and also you can know about the current status of your application by going to the primary selection option. Also, I will inform you about the new application rules as well as you will get the correct information about the teachers’ portal from here, so please follow all the information.

PESP Portal User Manual For Head Teacher

The portal address for primary students scholarship is PESP Govt Bd. In addition to providing this title above, I will tell you the role of the head teacher in providing the user ID. First of all you will get all the other instructions on this official website only when you can complete the login properly. On login and as a head teacher of an educational institution you need to be well aware of every information about the digital education system and the spread of information and communication technology. By regularly visiting the official website of the Department of Primary Education in this regard, if we know what guidelines they are providing, then students can be informed about other things besides providing those facilities.

Since a completely new portal has to be used for getting primary education and training students, there is an opportunity to login with the teacher’s mobile number, so you use the mobile number as the user ID. Although there is a rule of using the same mobile number in the case of using the user ID, the password has to be changed. You can do so that you can save the information of each student of the institution correctly. That is, this information will not be seen by anyone other than the Directorate of Primary Education and the scholarship awarding committee, you have to change the password.

PESP student portal

Mainly given above title this official website is an official website related to getting scholarship for students. Instead of submitting an application from the educational institution to the district education officer, these data are stored digitally on the website at present so that a statistic of each student is recorded on the website. So students have to apply completely new and we will give you detailed idea about how to apply in this application through this post itself. Mainly every information should be provided correctly in the application like father’s source of income and other matters so that a student can be nominated for this scholarship.

Through the Directorate of Primary Education, you have been informed how to login above in case you visit the official website of PESP. After completing the login properly, you have to go to the dashboard on the official website and click on the option you find to apply from there. Therefore, we will tell you in detail through this post which rules to follow in applying and each step correctly. If you provide the information, you can set the account number specifically there. So let’s go down and try to know how to apply for primary education scholarship in detail.

PESP Finance gov bd PESP applicant new

When you want to make a new application by visiting this official website or want to continue your work based on applying for a stipend, then if you submit the application to the head of the institution, they will record every information of the application on the website. In this case, after completing your login following the above rules, when the compressor comes up, you have to click on the JMSI of PESP’s stipend and click on the primary selection option under the dashboard. After clicking on the initial selection option, several options will appear in front of you and from here you have to follow certain rules.

When you come to initial selection economy there will be displayed four options namely New Student Entry, Update Student Information, Initial List of Students and Submit List to Cluster. As you want to know the information related to the application, you fresh students can click on the entry option and follow the application process. This will bring up a blank space to fill in a new form and from there you have to start registering your information. First provide the student’s birth certificate number and go to the page and fill in your date of birth information.

But first of all, we would like to inform you that it is mandatory to provide the information of all the cells which are marked with a red star. Then you should mention the student’s name in Bengali and English and the number of siblings in the family. After selecting the gender of the student, he has to select his religion and from there he has the option to select which tribe he belongs to. Then the student’s mother’s NID card number and head’s date of birth should be mentioned. Go down and mention the name of the student’s mother in Bengali and English.

Similarly, students have to go to the next step and enter the student’s NID card number and father’s date of birth. Then go down and mention the father’s name in Bengali and English and mention the father’s mobile number. The mobile number of the head must be provided at the right place. However, if you provide the NID card number of the father and mother, their names will be filled automatically from the server. Then you have to follow the steps below to provide the address details. Here the current address and permanent address of the student should be provided and if the current address and permanent address are the same then go to the end of that line and tick the blank box.

In place of providing address information, student’s category should be mentioned and post code should be provided. Then the district should be provided and along with mentioning the student’s address or village name, they should also provide the upazila or thana name. In this way, if the student correctly selects the leader of the upazila or union parishad or city corporation member, the ward number will be assigned.

Now you have to go to the next step and provide the information in the option called current education information. In this case the branch of the student should be selected along with the address information of the student and if the branch is not available then the option not applicable should be selected.

Then the roll number of the student should be provided so that the student can be easily identified by that class teacher. Also the student has to mention which industry is the student and after giving all the information that will be there, the parent’s information has to go to this option. In particular, the guardian’s information is sought here. You have to provide the correct information whether the guardian will play the role of mother or father. Now after providing these details go to payment details option and there you have to link mobile banking account.

If you are paying in mobile banking account, you must select cash. Then the routing number will appear there and the account-wise NID card number will be automatically uploaded there as well as the information will be uploaded in the place of the mobile number room. Thus after filling this application form if you want to add any new student information then you have to follow the same rules and scroll down to see the information you have entered so far you will be shown a list of registered student information. . Apart from that, if you click on the given eye icon, the detailed information of that student will be presented to you.

Pesp mynagad com bd login

Those of you who want to set up My Cash account on the official website of pesp must be given the opportunity to set the option in the payment option of the account. In most cases, there are different types of payment systems, but it will be best if you set up a cash account, and since it is a government-run mobile banking account, money will be paid to the student’s parent’s account through this account.


If you would like to view this application you will not be able to view the application as a student. But if you want to see as a teacher of the institution, then you have to collect that mobile number from the head of the institution and if you want to know the password from the head teacher, they will inform you and then you can enter that account and see the application details very easily.

Pesp mis Software

For those of you who want to get the correct software for checking or applying for MIS of PESP, we have provided this official website address first in the above title. By using this new portal managed by the government to enter the information of each student, it will be seen that each student will be nominated for the scholarship. So if you have any query regarding this then comment in the comment box we will try to provide solution to that information and till then you all will be fine.