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Subject to vacancies in Directorate of Information, all those who have completed application and have not downloaded applicant copy after applying, download applicant copy by following the rules below. Moreover, if you do not have all the information needed to download the applicant copy, then you can find out from here which rules to collect it. You may get a lot of work done as we present various information rich topics in daily life for public awareness.

According to the recruitment circular published for you by the Bangladesh Information Directorate, those who have completed the application can download the applicant copy even after applying. There are some rules for downloading the applicant copy or two information you need to provide there. But many don’t know where to find that information or don’t understand how to collect it because it’s lost. However, it is convenient for many to understand that we are informing about how to download the admit card or applicant copy after applying to various departments.

Almost the same rules are followed in applying for government jobs and collecting applicants. So all those who have applied should download it while submitting their application to easily collect your applicant copy. If you apply from the online service store, you will definitely be given the applicant. And if you apply for the first time at home with your own device, you may not remember to download the application and copy.

And if you need the application later for any reason, you have to follow the following rules to download it. Although the applicant copy is not very necessary or you will not be allowed to appear in the examination through it, you can keep it in your collection if you want to keep it as a proof of your application. As the applicant copy is very important we all take it seriously and it will not hurt us to keep our own collection.

When you want to download the applicant copy using the link mentioned above, you will be asked for user ID and password to login there. If you want, you can collect it from the confirmation given by sending the user ID and password to your phone while making the payment. But if for some reason that SMS gets deleted or if you can’t find that information then you can follow other methods.

That is, to collect your applicant copy, you can easily visit the website and go there to get the desired information, you have to collect that information first. That is, by using the options called Recover User ID and Recover Password on the website, you can collect your information very easily. And when you get the user ID and password by visiting the website, you will go to the room to download the applicant copy and fill it.

And based on that information, if you login very easily, the applicant copy will be displayed in the form of PDF file. Moreover, if you want to use this user ID and password, you can also download the admit card after the release of the admit card. I think you have understood a lot based on the above mentioned discussion. Still, if you have difficulty in downloading this applicant copy or if you find any problem, then you can definitely let us know.