pims police gov bd 2023 Police Clearance Certificate পিএমআইএস পুলিশ

Since Bangladesh Police is doing various service work for the welfare of the people of the country starting from providing the overall security of our country, every work is being done properly through their official website and they are being provided with various facilities.

As many people are employed in Bangladesh Police Department and they are providing services to people in various posts, you can log in to the official website of Bangladesh Police and take advantage of various facilities as well as know about the Personal Information Management System. So if you want to know more about this official website of Bangladesh Police and if you want to know the right information about it and do the right things then surely we can help you in this regard.

Some Key point about Police.gov.bd

  • The website police.gov.bd is the official website of the Bangladesh Police.
  • The Bangladesh Police is a government law enforcement agency responsible for maintaining law and order, preventing crime, and ensuring public safety in Bangladesh.
  • The website provides information about the organization and structure of the Bangladesh Police, including its mission and vision, history, and organizational hierarchy.
  • Users can access news and updates related to the Bangladesh Police and its activities through the website.
  • The website offers a range of online services, such as reporting of crimes, missing persons, and stolen property.
  • Users can access information about different types of crimes and their prevention, as well as safety tips for citizens.
  • The website provides a platform for users to submit complaints, feedback, and suggestions related to the Bangladesh Police and its services.
  • Users can access a directory of police stations and officers, as well as contact information for different police units and departments.
  • The website offers a range of forms and documents related to police procedures, such as filing of complaints and applications for police clearance certificates.
  • The website provides links to other relevant government agencies and departments related to law enforcement and public safety in Bangladesh.


Since Bangladesh Police is providing us these services, every information of them will be recorded in the government records in such a way that the information about each person starting from age of service to salary allowance and other facilities will be updated on the website. So only they can use this information through the official website of Bangladesh Police. So every information is now being stored in the database of the website as we can save them very easily as well as know what information has been updated by logging in here.

Members of Bangladesh Police to login here, you must first fill the form and you can easily login based on the ID number given to you by the Bangladesh Police and input the detailed information. That is, following the rules of the past, every information is now being recorded on the website instead of being recorded in the register so that everyone gets the opportunity to search the information based on inputting some information. You understand them as we are providing you correct information about this and as it is being managed under the official website of Bangladesh Police, you must keep your information updated with correct information.

PIMS login

Do you want to complete the login to the Personal Information Management System i.e. the official website of the members of the Bangladesh Police? In order to complete this login correctly, you need to provide some information and before providing the information, you need to create a profile there. In this case, to create a profile, starting from your personal information, according to the certificate, your address and other things must be mentioned here, and you must mention the number of days in which position you have been employed. In creating your own profile you must provide the number provided by Bangladesh Police i.e. BP ID and type the password.

Since these are unknown to many people, if you search by typing Personal Information Management System Police Gov bd, the official website will come up or you will get the official website if you write the link used on our website. The various facilities of the present time are being provided to us through online and we are able to record various types of information at home.

If anyone has any kind of problem in data entry, then you can go to the bottom of this official website and call the help desk phone number provided there to get the necessary information solution. In daily life we have informed you about the various information and ideas that are provided about various websites so you have come to know them and accordingly you can stay updated on every topic in daily life. So I will tell those who asked about the login to provide the user ID and password and those who have forgotten it must contact the authority or call the help desk to retrieve it.

PIMS online

When the personal information of each police member is stored in a specific portal through the Personal Information Management System, it will be good for everyone and it will be convenient to find each police member in a specific way and provide various opportunities. In today’s era of information and communication technology, if we can arrange each information in layers, then it will be very convenient for us to find that information and within a few seconds, it will be possible to download each information from a specific database and provide various facilities accordingly. . So for you we have given correct information about this through this post.

Bangladesh Police has been providing us with various facilities and with the presence of Bangladesh Police the criminal activities in every area are being controlled very easily and we are able to live in peace. For the welfare of Bangladesh Police, every issue is done beautifully through different types of service activities or social service work at different places. In addition to the employment of many unemployed youths in this country through the annual recruitment of Bangladesh Police, many are leaving their jobs due to the expiry of their working age. The opportunities you will get depending on your information after certain period of time will be provided to develop your labor and talent in Bangladesh Police throughout your life.

The various upcoming criminal activities of this society are being controlled a lot by the facilities or security provided by the Bangladesh Police. Moreover, the number of police stations is currently being increased and a certain number of policemen are being deployed in each police station as compared to the police station system that was operated earlier to accommodate the population growth. By properly policing every area, bringing everyone under the law and ensuring that the law is equal for everyone, criminal activities have been greatly reduced. All these roles of Bangladesh Police play a very important role in our daily life and through this we can live happily and peacefully.

I will tell those of you who want to know the information of Bangladesh Police through Personal Information Management System that only the general public can use this information without a police member or can not go there and login. You can login there with the ID number provided to you by Bangladesh Police or you will be allowed to open profile there. If you can login to your ID, if you need to update any information, you must update it and in this case, the authorities will provide you with all the instructions from time to time.

Bangladesh Police BP number check

As a regular member or working person of Bangladesh Police, when you want to check BP number, your login will be completed only if you input the correct information in the context of logging in through this official website. If in any way you understand that you are not able to login or have various problems to login then your BP number is wrong and through this you can check this number and input the correct number. In this case, you can save the information from the information that we have stored with the authorities or at the district level.

So you can easily follow these rules to check BP number and as a policeman it is your responsibility to keep this BP number safe. Because if you need to visit the official website to input the necessary information or update the information, you will need this VP number to login. Moreover, you can perform the required tasks using the password. And if you forget this BP number or there is an informational problem, then you can get the information from there by contacting the above.

pims police.gov.bd 2023

In 2023, this official website is updating various types of information by accepting new applications, so you must update the information there. Usually by visiting this official website you will see a scrolling line indicating that the database and application have been updated. If anyone has any problem related to data entry then they must contact the help desk. Therefore, you must provide correct information on each and every subject so that there is no mistake and if you can input each and every information correctly, then you can receive the specific service within the specified time.

As this official website informs us of various types of updated information, we can organize the personal information in a specific system by logging in from here, so an option called self-service has been launched here. You can receive these services from here, moreover, if someone wants to receive logistics services, then they have to go to each information room and import the correct information. This official website managed by Bangladesh Police is very important for every policemen as it gives us updates of various information and we can avail various services from here.

PIMS Logistics

If you want to go to logistics by visiting the official website of Personal Information Management System then you must collect BP number in advance. You can login here based on the number and after logging in based on this number you have to provide one more information. That information is to provide your date of birth and properly input the information on the website as shown in the specified format. Then you can get your required services by using this system of logistics of Bangladesh Police and you can get them very easily as all these services are being provided to you very easily at home.

As these information of Bangladesh Police are currently under control through the website, we are able to know them and use them properly. So, as a conscious policeman, you should try to fill every information officially and if you do not understand the information, ask the officers who have done it before you and input the correct information based on experience.

Moreover, if you save every information correctly, then there will be no problem in inputting the information and you must save the number that Bangladesh Police has correctly. If anyone wants to know any information in this regard, then write in the comment box and we can give you that information.

PIMS Account

As a police member of Bangladesh you must open an account by visiting the official website of PIMS and in opening this account you will get the opportunity to open the account by visiting the official website of Police Gov BD. Since there is only login option here, you can login and start from receiving cell service to receive logistics service. So if someone wants to use the Personal Information Management System, then you have to go to the official website of Bangladesh Police and provide information and open an account.

Regarding account opening, you can understand them as we provide different information from time to time and in this case you have to open account based on your certificate and NID card and Bangladesh Police ID number. That is, where every information is reasonably requested and as a policeman it is your responsibility to input these information correctly. If you make any mistake in opening an account then you must correct the information later through the application and as a conscious citizen it is your duty to input every information correctly. an important task.

PIMS software download

If someone wants to do the work of personal information management system through software, then I will say that the official website of Bangladesh Police has not developed any such software so far that it will be provided to you officially. If you go to play store you will find many such software but as they are not official software they will not work and in this case it will cause you suffering. So use the official portal without using the software and use this official website of police gov bd as a member of Bangladesh police and PIMS police gov bd official website.

Hopefully, apart from the software, by using the official portal, you will be able to upgrade various types of information in your daily life as well as know various types of information. Every information should be updated on the website starting from the salary allowance, the kind of service you are being provided or if you can move up through the ranking.

Officially updating all the information will add new opportunities and benefits to you in terms of salaries and every person must complete these tasks by playing a conscious role. Moreover, as a member of the police, everyone will perform their respective duties very well so that peace and order and security are well maintained in the country. Ending this post here with best wishes for everyone and love from the bottom of my heart.