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Those of you who are working in Pran Company must follow the rules below if you want to know all the information about the various benefits and benefits of this company starting from salary. Pran group companies do these calculations for every employee through their official website and complete the tasks from salary head to other tasks among everyone.

So you can visit this official website to know the details of your salary and other accounts that are being paid to you or to know about the type of commission that will be paid to you on sales. Basically, when you visit this website and ask for your information, you will be informed about the information you need to login.

What is

  • is a web-based Human Resource Information System (HRIS) used by the Pran-RFL Group, a leading Bangladeshi conglomerate.
  • The HRIS is a software application that helps the organization manage and organize employee data and information, such as personal details, job profiles, attendance records, and performance evaluations.
  • The website provides employees of the Pran-RFL Group with a secure login to access their HRIS profile, where they can view and update their personal and employment information, apply for leave and vacation time, and view their salary and benefits information.
  • The HRIS platform offers various features such as customizable workflows for approvals and notifications, real-time data tracking and reporting, and integration with other HR systems and applications.
  • The website also offers resources and support for employees to troubleshoot technical issues with the HRIS and to learn how to use the platform effectively.
  • Additionally, the website provides contact information for the HR department of the Pran-RFL Group, as well as links to other relevant resources and information for employees, such as company policies and procedures, training and development programs, and job opportunities.

Currently, Pran Company is an important and progressive company in Bangladesh. Their products have spread very fast in the market and at present the way their products are occupying the market can’t make much profit even if other products come. In terms of these companies produce and market products in a way that is within a person’s purchasing power. Moreover, many people work in Pran companies because the company calculates the employees and determines the salary depending on other factors.

So for the convenience of working in Pran Company when you visit the official website of HRIS and from there you want to know about your salary allowances and sales commission then we will try to inform you about these things. As an employee, since you are working all month and ensuring the maximum sales of the company, if we can inform you about them, then you can do your own calculations and collect your money from the company accountant at the end of the month.

So we can know that such facilities have been introduced through online and through this an employee can calculate his income very easily. For the sake of the company, since you are trying to make profit of the company by considering your talent and hard work as trivial, if you check the facilities that the company will provide you, no accountant will be able to make this mistake in your account and you will be able to withdraw certain amount at the end of the month. . So for those who have visited this post, by logging in to the HRIS login system of Pran Company, you will know the information and based on knowing that information, you will easily know the correct information about your monthly account or your working day or your attendance.

Pranhris Portal

Do you want to use the HRIS portal of Pran Company? By using this portal you will be informed about all other matters starting from paying your salary allowance and here you will definitely be able to collect correct information as your own profile will be identified through Job ID. Generally if you want to know the correct information by visiting the official website of Pran HRIS then you have to first visit the official website link provided in the title of our website. After visiting there you have to provide various information and your user id and password are very important in providing information.

Usually you are given a Job ID in the profile you open by visiting HRIF’s portal or you can use it as a username later as this ID is given by the company. Then on the basis of your user ID and password provided by the company, you must visit there as an employee and from there you have to select the HRIS portal from all the options that appear in front of you on the basis of login.

After logging into your own profile, you will be informed about how long you have joined the job and what position you are working in, as well as how long your working day has been in a particular month and how long you have joined the job. Moreover, from travel allowance to mobile bills and depending on your sales performance, you will be shown a detailed calculation of commission amount. After deducting 10% from your total account, that which will come will be considered as your salary for the current month. Also you must use the portal of HRIS to get detailed information.

Pran web do

If you want to do Pran Company Web DO then you must follow the right rules and search the official website by typing this information provided in the above title to visit the website. You can do these things as a sales representative of the company or as a dealership, in which case you will be required to enter your username and password when you first visit the website. Once you can log in, you will be asked to save this information through the Google Chrome browser, and if you can save it, the information will be automatically uploaded when you log in later, and you do not have to log in by inputting the information separately.

However you will fill Pran Web DO by following the above rules and know how to do DO after visiting the website. When you can enter the profile by providing the username and password, the first option that will appear there is the name of balance. Then if you click on the balance option, you can know the name of the dealer and there you will be shown detailed information starting from the balance, here you can know a lot of information and use that information.

After that, if you have gone to the trade program option from your own portal or by logging in, then it will be shown which code is used for which product. So in ordering the product, you will know the code number from the specific trade program and you can order the product by providing the correct code number. But more important than all these discussions is to go to the order option and when you go there to order different types of products, first of all you have to memorize the code number of the product you want to order or you have to use the code number correctly. If you input the code number correctly, that product will be in front of you or you can follow the next step in ordering that product.

Then if you want to order how much of the product you used the product code, then you have to give that information in the quantity room. Below if you want to write any code about that full then you can provide information about different types of notes so that company can know about it. However, from here you will go to the save option and once you go to the save option, you will be presented with a summary of the product and how much you might be billed for. That is, in this way you can easily do Pran DO or you can place an order and in this case, the price of what you have ordered and how many pieces you have ordered will be shown there.


When you want to know the admin information of Pran HRIS, it will be very good for you if we can inform you about the tasks of this admin and you can understand what the admin does and how to do it by knowing them on your own responsibility. If you want to know about admin work by visiting the website then you have to login and as an admin you can do official work and field level work.

As we are informing you about this, you can do the web DO of the Pran company as well as you can know the information related to the salary of an employee by visiting the official website of the company and logging in. So by sharing this information through this post, you can share it with other employees and know how they can know about their salary allowance and other benefits.

Hrispran Group com 8686 login

If you want to complete login in HRIS Group at Prana Company then we have discussed above what you need to do to login. First of all, collect the different usernames and passwords provided by the company for your own convenience. Because if you lose it, it will be difficult later and you won’t be able to get an idea of how much money is owed or how much you can get, from your balance and allowances to other benefits.

You understand that we are trying to inform you about these matters of Pran Company and as an employee you are able to complete them properly so that you can stay updated on every issue in your daily life. If you do not have attendance after working at field level then you must record the attendance so that it can be deducted from your salary.

My HRIS portal

When you want to find your profile by visiting Pran company’s HRIS portal, you will first need your password and username. That is, if you can record them on the website, then the portal that will appear in front of you will find you based on the information provided in the title, and on clicking there, your detailed profile will be shown there.

That is, you can keep every update to yourself as how many products you have sold in the last month and how much money you will get as product commission and how much money will be deducted from your total salary as provident fund. So, as we are explaining about Pran company’s webdo on our website, you can easily get information about salary allowance and other things by using the portal.


If you want to calculate salary of Pran company by HRIS then I would say that you have come to know these based on correct information and not able to know correct information by visiting our website. To calculate this salary of Pran Company, when you can directly login to the official website through username and password, then you have to select the allowance and deduction option based on that login.

Once you go there, you will be shown an account of how many days you have attended in the current month and how many days you have worked. Moreover, the detailed calculation of how much money you will get for the current month for marketing your product and the travel allowance paid to you as per the official instructions will be shown there. Moreover, the details of the sales commission earned by you based on the basic salary calculated from your basic salary and depending on the product distortion will be shown there. In this way you can calculate the salary and the salary calculation will be distributed among you through the website following the same rules for each post.

Hris password

You must remember the password to visit the HRIS portal and do not neglect or lose it as this password is very important. Usually when you login through Google Chrome browser you will be prompted to save it. If the device you are holding is in your storage and if you are using it for personal initiative, then you don’t have to provide the username and password separately every time you log in by clicking on the save option.

That is, if you simply click on this username and password option, your automatic information will be shown there and if you select that option to login, you can login and enter your profile. Through the official website of Prana HRIS, you can keep yourself updated knowing that we are distributing the information you feel or want to know about in your daily life and know about every benefit and salary as per the company policy. .

Pran Hris 8686

Pran Company is an established company in Bangladesh and thousands of workers are working under this company and are marketing their products through advertisement in every market in the country. We can easily get quality products at the right price from a particular company and their popularity is high as this company has kept its services intact since its inception.

Moreover, the employees get various benefits by working here, as they have the opportunity to build a career here, many join and are able to benefit their product market company by developing their own daughters. Therefore, as an employee, you must comply with the information presented to you by Pran Company.