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When the general public wants to enjoy all the activities of Bangladesh Election Commission, they have to visit the official website called Service NID and take this facility. After registration of voter ID card information, a specific website is currently being followed to download PDF file of that voter ID card, correction of voter information, registration of new voter information, application for transfer of voter information, re-issuance of voter ID card and more detailed facilities.


  • is the official website of the National Identity Wing (NIDW) under the Election Commission Secretariat in Bangladesh.
  • The website provides information on the process of obtaining a national identity card in Bangladesh, as well as the requirements for obtaining a voter ID card.
  • The website allows citizens to check the status of their national identity card and voter ID card applications.
  • The website provides a facility to download and print various forms related to national identity cards and voter ID cards, such as the new card application form, correction form, and lost card form.
  • The website offers a range of other services related to national identity cards and voter ID cards, such as requesting a certified copy of the card and requesting a correction of information.
  • The website provides a FAQ section to help citizens with common queries related to national identity cards and voter ID cards.
  • The website has an easy-to-use interface and is available in both English and Bengali.
  • The services provided by have made the process of obtaining and maintaining national identity cards and voter ID cards in Bangladesh more convenient and efficient for citizens.
  • The website also provides information on the role of the Election Commission in Bangladesh and the electoral process in the country.
  • is an important tool for ensuring transparency and accountability in the electoral process in Bangladesh.

So if you are above 18 years of age or if you want to know about all the activities of Service NID website then we can help you with this information. If you follow this post on our website to know detailed information about Voter ID Card, it can provide you a lot of information about Voter ID Card in your daily life.

As a personal identity card, this national identity card issued by the Bangladesh Election Commission plays a very important role. You must register your voter information as soon as you turn 18 when you are granted the right to vote to establish yourself as a citizen of a state. Through the Election Commission of Bangladesh, you will be able to not only accept this right to vote, but also to show your personal identity in various institutional fields, and also to receive opportunities. The following rules are discussed in detail for you as all the tasks related to voter ID card in our daily life which we go to the upazila or thana election office can be done at home.

Online NID BD

There are many opportunities we can take at home these days to facilitate the proper spread of information and communication technology. So when you visit our website to get NID BD facility online, we can help you with proper information about it. Any kind of helpful information or query related to NID card, if you ask in the comment box, we can provide the information accordingly and help you with correct information. Currently, after this official website is ready, thousands of people are constantly entering here and downloading NID card with voter slip number. login

If you want to visit the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission then you can enter from there using the link provided above and complete all the tasks. If you go to the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission, you will be provided with the link of the official website of Service NID and by using the link provided in the title of our website, you can enter there and receive various facilities. Therefore, as the various contents provided in the introduction have been discussed through this post of our website, you can learn from this post how to use that opportunity or how to follow the rules.

NID Card Download

Those who want to know about NID card download should visit the official website of Service NID and click on “Register” option. Then you have to follow the next step and in this case you have to provide voter id card number or voter slip number and other information. Apart from selecting the right option to receive messages on the mobile number that will be displayed there, there is also an opportunity to receive SMS by changing the number.


So you will visit the official website of Service NID and after taking the QR code screenshot, download the software called NID Wallet. Apart from correctly identifying the face of the person whose NID card you want to download, you can return to the website and set the username and password to download the ID card. But one important point here is that if you want to download the ID card then you must use the sli provided regarding voter id card number or voter form number. If you fail to provide any information within the two details, then you will not be able to proceed to the next step and your ID card will not be able to be downloaded. Follow these rules to download PDF file or paper laminating version of NID card. bd/nid-pub qr code

Visit the official website of Service NID and there is a page where you have to collect the QR code or copy it with a screenshot. For those who have usually registered information and are not getting their NID card after a long time, a proper system has been launched to download its PDF file on the official website of Service NID. So when you download the NID card, one of the rules for downloading it is that you have to take a screenshot of the QR code page.

In this case, when you go to account registration and after registering three to four pages of information, go to the next page, you will be asked to keep this QR code screenshot. You copy it and after cropping it when you download the NID wallet software, you will be instructed to display the person’s face by showing the QR code there. So since QR code is a very important topic you must consider it seriously and you will not have any problem in downloading NID card as you are given proper idea about how to complete the work of QR code.

Bangladesh National ID Card Check Online

If you want to check the Bangladesh National ID card online, then if I can tell you the correct rules to check it, then I think it will play a very important role for you. If you want to check the National ID card online or check the status of smart ID card according to the current rules, then I will tell you to follow the following rules. If you visit the official website provided in the title, you will get an option called Voter Information or you will get an option called Smart ID Card Status Check. After clicking on this option, you will go to the next page and what information you have to provide is given below.

Bangladesh Voter ID Card Search

If you want to search for Bangladesh voter ID card, you have to go to the official website of Service NID and find voter information or if you want to check smart ID card status, you have to click there. Then the information that you need to provide there is the voter ID card number or the voter slip number that was provided while registering the information. There are many people who do not collect voter slips seriously and it causes a lot of trouble later.

Voter ID Card Check

If you cannot provide the ID card number or the voter slip number based on the information that I have provided above for checking the voter ID card, then you will not be able to check the ID card or you will not be able to find it by searching. So according to the rules mentioned above, if you somehow lose the number of the voter slip, then if you can know who registered the information before or after you, then you can find it by collecting the number from him and increasing or decreasing it by one digit.

Then according to the rules, after correctly understanding the date of birth information and captcha code provided by the website and placing it in the blank box, click on the submit option. Then detailed information regarding your voter information will be shown there.

NID Card Correction

If anyone wants to correct the National ID card then I will say that you must correct it as it is a very important document in life. Because it will cause a lot of trouble when your National ID card does not match your birth registration or other documents to enter the workplace or get various institutional benefits. So to do National ID card correction you need to register an account first by entering the website. If you have already registered the account then you must click on the edit option or go to your profile by logging in and click on the edit option.

By clicking on the edit option you will be taken to the next page and after verifying the fix, select the information you want to correct. By deleting the previous information and writing the correct information, you must deposit the specified amount of money according to the information provided in your account. Moreover, you have to upload the necessary documents on the website so that the NID service works properly on the basis of those documents as proof and correcting your ID card. So you must follow this rule in case of correction of ID card.

Nid Card Application

If someone fails to register the information for any reason or does not understand it, then they can definitely apply for NID card online. As a system for NID card application through online, you have to go to the home of the website and go there and click on the option called New Information Registration. Then first you have to provide name in English and date of birth as per birth registration certificate and secondary examination certificate. Then fill the captcha code and go to the next page and provide the mobile number so that when a code SMS is received on the phone, it can be recorded on the website.

In this way, go to the edit option of your incomplete profile and provide the information in each cell marked with a red star. In this way, your application will be completed step by step and after completing the application you will submit your application by depositing money on the website. After downloading the application form and submitting it to the upazila or thana level server station, you will be called for photographing and signature on the specified day. On that day you will come with all the information and later follow the above rules to download the PDF file of ID card or to give original ID card you will be informed every information through SMS.

Nid Card Reissue

If someone wants to reissue NID card then they have to issue NID card through website. Usually, when you can open your profile as per the NID card number there, you will be given the opportunity to amend the information, apply for re-issuance and download the voter ID card by logging into your profile. So if your ID card is lost or damaged or cannot be found for any reason, then you must upload the copy of GD on the website if you want to reissue it with the excuse of loss. But if you say it is damaged or show any other reason then you must apply there own rules.

230 Taka as application fee for issue of voter ID card. So by entering the website first of all you have to record the ID card information and open your profile. If the profile has already been opened then you can apply based on providing all the necessary information by clicking on the reissue option only. You do not need to visit the Election Commission office separately as the application will be submitted online and once your ID card is ready you will be given the opportunity to download it.

Nid Card Migration

A person who provided information of one area while registering voter information and for any reason has moved to another area due to land or residence related matters. In this case, if you have lived in that area for a certain period of time and want to be a voter of that area, there is an opportunity to apply for transfer of information by following the rules of the website. For NID card migration you have to open your profile on the website and all the work has to be done by opening the profile so it is best to follow the correct rules in this case. So visit the official website of NID card and open the profile and record the detailed information of which place you want to go from.

That is, as the current location is recorded on the website, you have to provide the information from the department to the ward council where you want to go. In this case, proper reasoning should be given so that it is convenient to transfer your voter information and you will not have any problem as you will provide every information thoughtfully. Later you can collect this voter ID card from the area of your transfer or visit the website if the information is updated. There will be an opportunity to download the Labyrinth version of the paper.

Nid Card Software

To those of you who have come to know about NID card software, I will tell you that every work is done through the portal of NID service. So by visiting the official website of Service NID you can complete the tasks in daily life as there is no official software through which you can do other tasks. However, the website provides a link to download a software called NID Wallet from the Play Store for the purpose of facial recognition for creating a profile, so you can download it separately. We are ready for any kind of query related to Service NID and if you have reasonable queries we can certainly help you with information.