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Service NID Gov BD is a service website of Bangladesh Election Commission from where we can easily do all the applications related to voter ID card. Generally if you are over 18 years of age then you must register your information to become an eligible person and collect your voter ID card from Bangladesh Election Commission.

Due to digital Bangladesh and the proper spread of information and communication technology, we are being provided with such facilities through the official website so that we can perform such tasks at home. In this case we are able to save a lot of money by being saved from the hands of middle class people and also we are able to complete every task starting from downloading the voter ID card in a very short time by following the right method.

So as a conscious citizen and in proper use of information and communication technology, you can visit the official website of Service NID Govt BD and perform all the tasks related to your voter ID card. From data correction to data registration and download of voter ID card PDF by visiting the official website of the card. So when you want to do these tasks of voter id card then we will definitely help you with correct information about each information.

Info of

  • is the official website of the National Identity Wing (NIDW) under the Election Commission Secretariat in Bangladesh.
  • The website provides various services related to the issuance of national identity cards in Bangladesh, including new card applications, correction of information, and card replacements.
  • The website allows citizens to apply for a new national identity card online and track the status of their application.
  • The website provides a facility to check the validity of national identity cards and verify the information on them.
  • The website provides a service to report lost or stolen national identity cards and request replacements.
  • The website also provides information on the procedures for changing information on national identity cards, such as name, address, and photograph.
  • The website offers a range of other services related to national identity cards, such as requesting a certified copy of the card, requesting a duplicate card, and requesting a correction of information.
  • The website provides a FAQ section to help citizens with common queries related to national identity cards.
  • The website has an easy-to-use interface and is available in both English and Bengali.
  • The services provided by have made the process of obtaining and maintaining national identity cards in Bangladesh more convenient and efficient for citizens.

https services nidw gov bd

NID BD related tasks are being done very smoothly through online and most used to download NID card pdf file. If you have visited this official website then you can register an account very easily and you have to use voter id card number or voter form number for registration. So when we want to take all these facilities through online, it will be best to visit the official website given in the above title and officially we will get the opportunity to input every job here in Bengali so we can understand and do it ourselves.

If you want to do any work related to login here by visiting the official website of NID Surface, then first of all you need to have an account. You can log in to your account by providing the user ID and password that you have used for the account. But I will tell you in detail how you can do these things by opening an account or what are the steps involved in opening an account. When you can register an account, you will be able to login with this information by setting a user ID and password, as well as login with a voter ID card number and password.

services nidw gov bd qr code

If we inform the people who have come here about the NID card download with the right information and the right things, then you can download it. Because many people have registered the information several years ago and did not get the online copy or hard copy of voter ID card. Although they are supposed to be delivered to you within a certain time, we often miss many important official tasks while waiting because it takes a lot of time to register everyone’s information and create smart ID cards. So if you have voter form number or voter id card number then you can download it anytime by creating an account here.

Currently you need to enter the above mentioned title to download NID card. On the first page of the home page you will see an option like register if you don’t have an account. Clicking on the register option will take you to the next page where you will be given proper instructions to enter your voter ID card number or voter form number. If there is a number from the voter form then provide it as you can proceed to login or create an account, similarly many people can do this by using the voter ID card number.

However, any one of the two above-mentioned information should be provided and below, the date of birth information should be provided step-by-step. Understand the captcha code of the first page well and fill the form given on the front and click on the next option to go to the next page. After going there, you will be asked for the address and you will select all the information from your department to the local ward number through step by step options. After providing the information on each page, you will always click on the next option.

Now you have used a mobile number for registering the information you have registered and the website is showing that mobile number so you must click on send message option if you have used that number. But there are many people who do not use that mobile number due to various problems or because this mobile number is not active, you may be thinking what to do. You can set a new number by clicking on this number change option and a six digit otp code will be sent to your phone from 105. After viewing this code and entering it on the website you will be asked to go to the next page and once there you will be given several instructions.

Just as the instructions will be given to download a software called NID Wallet from Play Store, it will ask to leave the QR code provided on the website with a screenshot. So after taking that QR code screenshot, you should crop only the QR code part and download the software called NID Wallet from Play Store. Thus, by showing how to crop the code software, the face of the person who is going to download the ID card should be turned from left to right and a demo of it will be shown to you.

By correctly identifying that person’s face, you can easily complete the work there and if you return to the website, a new page will open. On that page you will set a user ID using English letters and digits and you must ensure that it is unique. Then after setting the password you will be able to complete the task there and see that you have created a profile with the photo that was taken while registering the information. Even though there are various options in own profile, you click on download option and online copy or pdf copy or paper laminating version of your voter id card will be downloaded in pdf file form.

Bangladesh National ID Card Check Online

Generally, the website you have to visit to check Bangladesh National ID card online is Service NID Govt BD. This official website allows us to do everything from NID card check to new information registration application and information correction to transfer application. Since sitting at home, we are getting the benefits of Bangladesh National ID card from certain websites through the internet, so we can do these things in a very short time and we can protect ourselves from broker class people.

When you go to register a specific account or open a profile for NID card, you will be asked to go to a page and provide a screenshot of the QR code to open this profile. Moreover, if you have already downloaded the software called NID Wallet, then it will work even if it does not give you a screenshot. There are other systems like going to NID wallet and face recognition using that QR code when someone else comes up with the code based on the information you provide from the NID card official website. At least if you download NID wallet after exiting the website then it would be best to keep this QR code screenshot.

If you want to find your NID card information or want to check the status of Smart ID card, you need to visit the official website of Service NID and go to voter information option below. You may need to use your ID card number to find the voter ID card or the number you provided on the form while registering the information. Moreover, you click on the submit button using the date of birth and specific captcha provided by the website in a specific front or format. Only then will the ID card owner’s name and the information about the polling area he belongs to be known.

services nidw gov bd Fees

If a person has provided his voter ID card information through photocopy from outside area and you want to verify it properly as per official rules then you have to follow this rule. So when you check the voter ID card, you can understand the name of the owner of this ID card only by filling in the voter ID card number and date of birth and captcha code. Moreover, even if you check with the voter form number, you can collect the correct digital number of the voter ID card from there. In this way, by checking the voter ID card very easily, we can know the exact details of the polling area information and when it can be received in the case of smart ID card.

NID Card Correction Application

If anyone has any informational mistake about NID card then I would say that it cannot be mistaken in any way as it is a very important identity card in life. From your birth registration certificate and secondary examination certificate to all certificates from educational institutions, its information must be registered in such a way that it matches. In this case, if there is a discrepancy with your birth registration certificate and certificate, then first of all, register an account there to correct the NID without further delay.

By entering your account, when you go to the specific information room, you will get the edit option at the top. By clicking on the edit option, you will be given the opportunity to correct the informational mistake and for this the application fee shown to you should be deposited to the specified NID card number on the website. Later, if you can deposit this money, you will have to upload the necessary documents on the website to prove that your application is considered acceptable. The authorities will then work to correct the information in this ID card and subsequently you will be issued the revised ID card.

If one wants to apply for NID card or forgot to register information then must go to application option to register new information. By going there you can apply for NID card and first of all you have to give your name and date of birth followed by the birth registration certificate and give your mobile number. Then you will be given an SMS and you can create an incomplete profile by entering the OTP code received through the SMS on the website. Now you can register new information in the profile by recording each information as per your parent’s ID card information and as per your certificate and birth registration certificate.

Many times due to various carelessness our Voter ID card gets lost or Voter ID card information is no longer with us. If somehow you have an account open there then you can apply for re-issuance by accessing the account. If the ID card information is not in the collection then you must collect the information based on other information or take the ID card of other family members to the local election commission office and apply accordingly. Usually you will get reissue application option from the account you open and through that you can complete the application and withdraw the ID card.

Nid Card Migration

Many times different people migrate from one place to another for various reasons. In this case, you can apply for migration of your NID card and you have to go there and apply for the address related options. You have to go inside the options that will be shown to you by registering a profile or creating an account and click on your address information option. Thus, if you apply for this issue, you have to pay a few rupees as an application fee and later you can collect this ID card by showing specific reasons.

Nid Card Software

To those of you who want to get NID card software, I will tell you that the software called NID Wallek is an official software of Bangladesh Election Commission in terms of facial recognition. However, if you want to do all the work related to NID card download or NID card application through software, then it can be done only through website or portal. So public can apply any kind of application and enjoy any kind of benefits by entering the official website link of NID card which we have used in the title. I hope you have understood many things related to NID card through this post and if you have any questions about it, let me know in the comment box. thank you