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Every teacher recruitment news can be found through the official website of Teachers Govt bd run by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. There are thousands of primary and secondary educational institutions and colleges across the country. Important notices are published in daily life through this official website to bring together the teachers of every educational institution or to provide all kinds of guidance together.

So if you are a teacher then this website is directed to you instead of students. From distribution of tabs to students by visiting the website to bank account card information or many other important topics are discussed here. Moreover, teachers are able to keep themselves updated and convey that information to the students as various topics are being discussed here in keeping with the daily life issues.

So when we go to the menu option by visiting the official website of Teacher Batayan, the first option that will come in front of us is the content option. By visiting this option we will get various options through which we will have many benefits in the education system in our daily life. As soon as you go to give the content option, the blog will open in front of you and you can learn a lot from there. You can find out the issues related to the first social assessment guidelines of the new national curriculum for class 7 from here through Block. Moreover, many topics that are needed in daily life are written here and assistant teachers to head teachers present these topics.

That is, when you can go to the blog option from the menu option, you will have the opportunity to read various blogs published by teachers in your daily life and have the opportunity to give ratings. That is, by writing your valuable opinion here, there is an opportunity to express many things in daily life through which your writing personality will be revealed. Also you will get text related pictures or images from here which will help you to understand any information or play a very useful role in understanding. Because there are many things that cannot be understood only through written information and if there are pictures to explain the information then it will be easier for many people to understand.

Then you can see the important points related to the presentation there. That is, by giving presentations on various topics to teachers, other teachers can be aware of these topics. Again, through this presentation, when a teacher presents each topic in a simple way, other teachers can take training from there and clarify their ideas.

Various types of video content are being prepared here to facilitate the understanding of the students so that a teacher can understand it and deliver it to the students. Moreover, various types of informative documentaries are published here as well as various publishing systems have been introduced so that a teacher can express his views.

Here you will find various types of magazines as well as various innovation stories. That is, if a teacher wants to, he can convey his message to all the teachers of Bangladesh who are connected here by publishing here the contributions he has made in his real life. Also I believe this website will play a very important role for a teacher in knowing the story of leadership or global issues properly. So by visiting here you can know about the progress in education or various issues related to Mujib Centenary.

Also, by accessing the general education option that is enabled for you, the topics that a teacher discusses in the essentials will be noted or recorded. Also, by visiting there, you can see many topic-based or department-wise discussions. As the official website of Teacher Batayan is playing a very important role for teachers and students, students of science department will be able to collect a lot of information from here as well as students of humanities and business education department will benefit.

Next if we discuss madrasa education then the science and humanities education will be discussed from the compulsory subjects like general education. Similarly you will get compulsory education and optional education in technical education from here. Moreover, when you login or register here as a teacher, you have to login by providing several information. You have the opportunity to register here by using your email id or user id or by using password. Also try to fill other information besides mentioning your name and email in English to register as a teacher.

Especially when you visit this official website you have to mention the title in which you are working for registration and what level your educational institution is considered to be. In this way you will choose your gender by mentioning the type of organization and your date of birth. After that the address information should be provided starting from the department up to the upazila.

Then there is the matter of mentioning what category of organization you want to write for or what type of writing you like to write. Provide your mobile number and minimum six character password must be provided while setting the password. The password you are referring to should be written again and informed that it is a personal password that you use only.

And in this way you will get a user ID or mobile number and through the email address, you can login here and mention various things as a teacher. Moreover, there are various topics discussed in a text book as well as many topics that are needed in daily life. So, if you can write a trending article here as a popular article, it will be watched by everyone and everyone will be able to like it. In other words, you can bring and change the writing in accordance with the era or by presenting things that will be liked by everyone.

Through this official website of Teacher Batayan we are getting various benefits in our daily life. As a teacher you can keep yourself updated on every topic here as well as inspire others through your writing. Moreover, if you can convey these to other teachers based on the simple and strategic presentation of many topics in the text book,

then they will also be able to spread this knowledge among the students properly. Hope this official website of teacher recruitment will play a very important role for every teacher. But if teachers want to write, they must register and login to write. And if you want to read the articles here as a student, then you will get the opportunity to read the favorite articles starting from the discussed articles without any kind of login. thank you