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If you want to know any information through Bangladesh Disaster Management Directorate then you must visit DDM official website. If you can visit this official website run by the government, you can know all kinds of results from there and if you have participated in any kind of recruitment exam, then you can stay updated from there. As we inform you about various things in daily life, you are able to keep yourself updated as well as aware about them and participate in every activity properly.

So by visiting this post, when you want to know about all the activities of the Directorate of Disaster Management or want to keep yourself updated by knowing the information from the notice board, it can be done very easily. So for you below we have presented all the activities of the official website of the Directorate of Disaster Management in a simple way. Also, if you want to see any result, then it is informed that you have to follow some rules to see this result.

We can never deal with the natural environment or natural conditions. However, if the people of our country plant more trees instead of cutting the trees that are being freely cut down, then it will be possible to deal with the disaster from all aspects to some extent. But different kinds of natural calamities are occurring because people are killing trees indiscriminately. And when a natural calamity occurs, it damages many things around and causes various problems. So as a conscious citizen if we can follow every rule of Disaster Management Department then it will be seen that our environment will become beautiful and we can also live comfortably.

If you want to know about the history of Directorate of Disaster Management then after entering this official website there is an option to know about them. The Directorate was established in November 2012 along with the establishment of the Disaster Management Act and since then the Directorate has been managed by the Ministry of Relief. At present it is running all kinds of activities smoothly. Therefore, with the remarkable program that the Directorate of Disaster Management has taken up, people will be able to protect themselves and protect themselves from the loss of life and property in addition to following all the rules in the field of disaster management.

If you want to know about the philosophy of this Disaster Management Directorate, the activities undertaken by the organization in 2012 is that their main objective is to reduce risk by adopting all kinds of programs in the field of disaster management. Moreover, as the large population of this country does not know how to deal with all situations in the field of disaster management,

this authority will work to highlight the negative effects of disasters as well as reduce the risk of underprivileged people. Moreover, the authorities will work to increase knowledge on all these issues as well as research on all issues and capacity building of each part of the disaster management cycle.

At present, the main objective of the Directorate of Disaster Management is to reduce the risk of disasters and implement programs according to various measures. Moreover, if any kind of disaster suddenly occurs in any area, then in addition to providing direct response, providing comprehensive assistance to all on the basis of coordination between various related organizations. Therefore, if the general public comes forward in this direction along with the authorities, it will be seen that we ourselves can go a long way along with the authorities in all kinds of disaster management.

Therefore, since the Department of Disaster Management is a significant department of our country, it would be very good if we follow the various guidelines given by them to protect ourselves from all kinds of natural disasters. After visiting this official website, if you go to the disaster response section, you will find that various reports are presented and every statistic is mentioned when and how the disaster was dealt with.

You can directly go here to know various types of information and it will be beneficial for all of us to know what kind of things are mentioned here in the field of humanitarian assistance. In the field of humanitarian assistance, from the beginning to the present time, the allocations and their implementation are clearly mentioned here.

Also, if you visit the official website of Disaster Management, it will be helpful for us to understand that there are various issues related to legal plans and policies. If one goes to the various section, then as there are various types of recruitment notifications published there, you can immediately download the notification in PDF file form from the notice board. Because when any kind of recruitment circular is published through the Directorate of Disaster Management or if there is a need to recruit manpower somewhere, the authority publishes it through a notice and all the rules and regulations of the application are mentioned there.

Through this Directorate of Disaster Management, various types of public welfare works have been presented to you from notification of awards and photo gallery from different parts. Also, as the information related to the allocation of various subjects is given there, we can know the food in exchange for work as well as the information related to VGF or EGPP. Moreover, if there are less educated people in an area and the aware people of that area want to receive training on disaster, then they can know what to do in a disaster.

That is, if there is a fire in any place, then you can download the detailed rules and regulations in the form of PDF file and follow the precautions and actions to prevent it. Also, as a message to reduce the damage caused by earthquakes, there are important things highlighted there and how we deal with many other types of natural disasters or how we follow each and every thing in all kinds of work. That is, the important issues related to disasters have been given to us here, so we will know them in our daily life and as conscious people, if we understand any kind of glimpse, we can adopt awareness in all cases.

Through this official portal, you can constantly know the special weather bulletin ahead of the disaster forecast section. In other words, in addition to knowing a lot of weather related information from here, it will be mentioned how to follow the warning in case of river conditions or heavy rains at different times. At present, what kind of projects have been undertaken in the construction of bridges or culverts in different places or sudden floods in some places.

What arrangements can be made for his shelter are highlighted here. As disasters cause a lot of damage to the country and people’s lives become endangered, all the methods for dealing with disasters and pre- and post-disaster situations by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh are discussed here.