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Currently, those who want to travel by railways have to follow the online ticket booking system. Although every ticket counter has the opportunity to sell tickets, people prefer to follow this rule through online as they are now domesticated. If you want to book intercity train tickets online and travel through it then you have to follow several rules.

That is, here you have to register your account in advance and the account can be registered based on filling the information with the NID card number. Therefore, according to the rules of the Bangladesh Railway Ministry, if you want to register an account by visiting the official website of this ticket, then register it. And once you can register the information, you will be given that opportunity every time you buy a ticket.

Traveling by railways is very convenient as compared to other modes of transportation. However, if you want to travel anywhere by the intercity train system that is running within the country, you have to confirm the ticket in advance. Because people are always interested in traveling by train within the country and for this the tickets get sold out very quickly. And later if you buy a standing ticket then you will suffer due to not getting the original even though the cost is the same. So, as a conscious citizen, if you can register in the official ticket booking website in advance, then you can secure your seat by booking tickets in an emergency.

Therefore, in the case of buying tickets, account registration must be done first, so you will do the registration related tasks after visiting the official website used in the above mentioned title. In this case, provide the information according to the information of the NID card that you have. That is, you have to use the name given on your NID card and you have to ensure that all the other information asked matches with the NID card. After following all these rules for ticketing, when you go to the next step. You will be asked to provide the NID card number starting from the mobile number.

As NID card number and mobile number are very important, an active mobile number should be used. Also, you have to provide the email address there. After providing the information like this, when you were able to register the account, go to the email address you provided and check if any email has arrived. Because if your registration is done successfully then Bangladesh Railway Authority will inform you by email. As you have registered your account now you will be able to purchase tickets subject to availability of seats. So keep reading the information below to know details about how to buy tickets and from where to buy tickets.

The title you see above is the official website for ticketing and was given a form to fill in for registration due to non-registration earlier. But later when the registration is done, several rules will be displayed in front of you in English. So, without reading the details of those rules, click on the permission option below and proceed to the next step. That is, the actual step of buying the ticket is going to start from here and try to confirm the ticket by providing every information correctly.

When you want to confirm the ticket, the date of travel is very important. Because there is a lot of pressure in Bangladesh Railways to buy tickets, you have to take at least five-six days to try to buy tickets. Many times you have to consider due to server issues and if we don’t consider these issues in advance then it will be seen that not much results are available.

If you want to buy tickets on the immediate day of taking time, it will never be possible. So try to understand all the things that we are going to present you about ticketing. First of all you have to enter the name of the place through option there or type the name of the place. That is, you have to specify the date on which you want to travel.

But first of all from which station you want to start the journey is a significant thing. If you provide a local station name, many times it will not be found and you will have to search with a larger station name. After typing few letters that station name will appear in the suggestion list and from there you have to select the station name. Then mention where your destination can be from your place of journey in the next space. That is, from which station you want to get down from which station you have to mention there.

After filling these details you will go down and mention the date of travel. Click on the date you want to travel as your dates will be displayed in calendar form. Then scroll down and select which seat you want to travel. Select your used seat from there and go to the next step, which trains are running on the specified day will be displayed.

Also, you will be shown how many seats are available in which compartment of the train. Also, you will be shown how many tickets are available through online and how many tickets can still be cut from the counter through offline. So after selecting your train you select the compartment you want to travel in.

Then come in front of you and within that seat which are sold or which are vacant will be known through different colors. And that’s why if you get vacant seats then you have to select those seats and go to the next step and do the payment related tasks. But when you go to the next page, you will be shown how many seats you have booked and how much money is added as bank charges for the total payment.

Once your payment is completed, this ticket will be fully prepared and inspected in front of you for downloading in PDF file format. Download the ticket on time and print it out and show the printed ticket while traveling on the specified day without any problem.

If you want to travel on Bangladesh Railways, you can travel by booking a ticket at a specific time and you will definitely find this journey comfortable. If there is any confusion regarding ticket purchase or if anyone is in trouble related to email, then you can write about the problem in the comment box.