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Through this official website of the Directorate of Fire Service and Civil Defense managed by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, you can collect the numbers of every fire service station starting from the important ones in daily life. Since a place or assets worth crores of rupees are destroyed in an instant when there is a fire, we are able to keep ourselves safe as the fire service is providing all these security within the country.

I will discuss what activities can be conducted through this official website related to the fire service run by the government or what method you will adopt in receiving various official notices at the departmental level from here. It will be as a citizen of the Republic of Bangladesh government and if we can have an idea about it then it will be seen that it is possible to play an indirect role and a direct role to improve the country in addition to ensuring security within this Bangladesh.

Whenever you visit the official website related to fire service using the title above, you can have a look at the topics that will be mentioned or presented in front of you. By visiting this official website, you will find various types of daily life notice boards. In addition to collecting notices, any information updates at the local level will be communicated. Usually if you go to the notice board then you can get notices related to various orders and prohibitions of the officials who are working for Bangladesh Fire Service.

In these notices we can keep ourselves updated on various issues in our daily life or if there is any kind of official order somewhere and if it is necessary for the general public to follow it, then they will definitely stand as a very important issue. By going to the bottom of the notice board, you can easily contact the fire service hotline number in case of emergency and get help from the fire service officials according to your location. This official website related to fire service provides us with various facilities and protection in our daily life so we can live comfortably and take their help in any danger.

After visiting this official website related to fire service, when you read each option step by step below, first of all, a list of emergency telephone numbers will appear in front of you. From there you will get the number of the director general of the department and the number of various important officials as well as the number of all fire stations across the country. At the local level we can collect the fire service numbers of all the places and maybe we need the numbers of other places. In that case, if we try to collect the numbers through the official website without asking anyone else, then we can collect them very quickly.

There you will get the number of fire and safety cell. If you want to collect control room numbers of all departments then here is the special arrangement. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has opened all kinds of facilities in the field of information transmission through which we can keep ourselves updated and achieve development within the country by taking various facilities. If you collect emergency telephone numbers from here and share them with different groups then it would be great for general public to collect them and keep themselves aware.

As there are various officers employed by Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense Directorate or various officers have been performing various duties, the information related to each officer is recorded here. Various orders and restrictions have been placed on each officer to perform their duties properly. Here you can find information related to various official orders or minutes of various meetings that will be held or have been held. Moreover, if any of the officers have received a transfer order or have received an attachment order with the transfer order, then in that case the authorities will update here.

If you want to know different types of office orders from here then you can know. Moreover, various types of information related to rectification techniques are mentioned through all types of government official websites, so you can also know about the rectification techniques from there if you want. So from here you have to take a look at the issues mentioned regarding service commitment besides mastering the national cleaning techniques. In addition to knowing the promises, there is a special opportunity to be aware of various circulars or notifications when they are published. In other words, there is no alternative to this official website for you to be updated on every matter through the Directorate of Bangladesh Fire Service and Civil Defense.

For all types of fire service officers various types of right to information or any application or appeal form to be filled by responsible officer and appellate authority can be collected from here. For your convenience, information related to NOC and fire prevention of multi-storied buildings can be found in the topics we are discussing here. Fire safety training can be done through the important options here regarding fire and safety cell and if one thinks to conduct surveys in the field of fire risk assessment and manage various types of data as statistics then that can be done.

Moreover, various safety tips are provided here for the general public so that a person can keep themselves safe in case of various natural calamities or man-made calamities. If any kind of fire accident happens suddenly somewhere or there is a fire in different places due to electrical accident, then in that case, as a common citizen, without panic, following some procedures to get out from there are mentioned. If ever there is a landslide and boiler accident, then you can know from here what procedures to follow to take necessary measures in that case through safety tips.

Here we discuss what to do during lightning, so even in the case of natural disasters, we will try to take proper decisions and take necessary measures on an urgent basis. Safety tips will play a very important role in knowing how to protect yourself from a high-rise building or how to increase your health awareness from a specific place in case of a sudden earthquake. Apart from this, the significant events that happened in recent times are mentioned here and also how the statistics are made officially every year from the amount of damage or how much is being spent can be known. thank you