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Although the Board of Secondary Higher Education has an official website, each education board has its own official website from where board-wise information is known. So if you are a student of Rajshahi education board or living under this education board then you can visit the official website to know what kind of information is being provided to us from that education board.

So today I will discuss the details of Rajshahi Education Board in front of you and present the information that this official website is helping us in our daily life. This information of Rajshahi Education Board will be very useful for us and we can know all the official instructions from the examination of the students.

There are 9 Education Boards across Bangladesh and Madrasa and Technical Education Boards all have separate informative official websites. We all know that Rajshahi is an educational city and in this educational city every year students can pass the secondary and higher secondary examination with good results.

It will be very good for us if we search each education board separately in order to know the information of the education board. It will be very good for us if we can know about these issues of Bangladesh national information by visiting the official website of Rajshahi education board. Moreover, we will try to know it by visiting the official website instead of listening to people’s information to get notices from taking the exam to postpone the exam and all other matters.

When you go to the official website of Rajshahi Education Board, the first menu will appear in front of you. If you go to the education board, then first of all there will be various information related to the board. That is, in which year the Wall Education Board was established and its various brief history will be presented before you. Moreover, various guidelines are provided and the forms required to be filled by the Board of Education are mentioned there.

Moreover, by visiting the official website of Rajshahi Education Board, you will get a clear picture of how many educational institutions are there under this education board and how many students are studying. If anyone wants to contact Rajshahi Education Board online or collect the contact number, then here Starting from the contact number, you can collect the information of each person. In particular, the name and position of all the persons who are chairman or holding other posts of this education board can be obtained. If anyone wants to visit the official website of Rajshahi Education Board through the website and later want to connect to Facebook, then they can also be active on the Facebook page as it has been arranged here.

Just visit Rajshahi Education Board Notice Board you will get detailed notice here and there will be no delay to know about every information as it is updated every time. Every teacher will read the information from this notice board and fulfill their respective responsibilities in the matters mentioned here regarding taking SSC exam in 2023. Moreover, if we can learn to visit the notice board, then we can go to the notice board of the website to check the accuracy of any quick instructions.

In particular, it has been decided to take up the exams that were postponed due to the cyclone a few days ago. Therefore, apart from notifying you of any sudden decision taken by the authorities, if something is closed, it will also be notified. Moreover, if you go to the second part of the website, you will get various notices related to the examination or various matters related to the examination will be mentioned here. Since the Rajshahi Education Board is managed by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, here you will find all the notices published by the JSC regarding the HSC examination.

Also, if someone is studying at the SSC level or is a student of 9th and 10th class, then what kind of teaching system will be conducted in the class of the students will also be informed through the notice board. So when you want to know each subject through the notice board, you have to select it according to your study category and if you select it, every notice given by the authority is given the opportunity to download it in the form of PDF file. You can follow this method to know various information related to JSC to SSC and HSC exam. And if anyone thinks to know various information related to the exam then try to know the information officially without hearing any information from people as there is an opportunity to know that information.


As various information is provided for the students, many topics are presented here for the teachers and/or the examiners. If you can go to the official website of Rajshahi Education Board, you can go there to know the information connection issues and get a list of who is conducting the exam. Moreover, those who are performing the duty as an exam will update the information related to the honorarium required to be paid for this duty and whether the payment has been made or not. And in every case, every information will be given through the publication of the notification regarding taking the exam or evaluating the answer sheet of the exam.

To check the result of Rajshahi Education Board exam you can visit here site and from here you can follow the rules to check the result through the website. Especially when you see the result from here, you will get the option called JSC Exam Result. Moreover, there is an opportunity to check SSC and HSC exam results from here. That is, to check the results of the exam that they have recently completed or the results of which they are interested, students should use the roll number and registration number of the exam and mention the year of the exam.

Apart from presenting the result of every board exam of Rajshahi Education Board in this way, if you want to know the exam result of a particular institution or which student has passed GPA 5 then you can know it by using the institutional code. Here is an opportunity to know that the scholarship exam result will be announced to the students who have cleared the exam and achieved good results. So you can know all kinds of notices or all kinds of exam results from here. Moreover, by using all the other features on the website, you can know many important information related to education or organization.