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Through the official website of the secondary education boards of the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, we can know about any kind of board-based activities. If you are a student of Sylhet education board and studying through Directorate of Secondary Higher Education then you can stay updated about every information from your respective education board. Today we will discuss for you what kind of services we can get through the official website of Sylhet Education Board used in the above title or ho

w we will know when different types of notices are published. So for those of you who want to know information related to Sylhet Education Board or want to be updated on every aspect of Sylhet Education Board, we have discussed these issues. However, if anyone has any difficulty in understanding any kind of information, then if you write in the comment box, we will surely answer your reasonable questions.

Presently Professor Dr. Rama Vijay Sarkar is serving as the Chairman of Sylhet Education Board. Professor Mohammad Kabir Ahmad is also serving as the secretary of this education board. Also, if you visit the official website of the Sylhet Education Board, then there is a notice board with various types of emergency information coming in front of us. And we are presenting these important information to you at different times or you can also stay informed about every matter through notices from here, accordingly the students of Sylhet education board or official activities can keep themselves ahead in every matter.

If you visit the Sylhet Education Board office website, then first you will see an option called Service Commitment. In this case if you enter that option then there is an option called citizen corner and as a common citizen you will get various types of information there. In this official website, there is a list of who is responsible for the audit committee and we get a lot of information based on the annual report prepared there. Besides, if any kind of meeting is held officially, then its minutes and if any kind of training is given in this regard, those things are presented here.

Many educational institutions are managed under the Board of Education and in this case, if any kind of law is made or any guidelines are given to follow, then they must be followed by every educational institution according to the Board of Education. Also if you go to the second option then from there you will get an option called Complaint Redressal Management. And since there are various options for you, you can apply to the apple official after logging in, file a complaint online and give your opinion on the methods that should be adopted in improving the quality of education of the students.

In the third option we will get the annual performance contract by following the instructions on the website. That means by using this option you will get APAMS software link along with all other facilities. By using this link you can avail many facilities of this education board or know about the topics that this education board is going to present to you. You are also given the right to information option and you can provide any self-disclosed information you wish to provide here.

National Cleanliness Strategy and various innovative activities are mentioned here. Moreover, the panel which is prepared regarding the educational institutions is here and through that panel can play a very important role in managing the educational institutions. Also, web analytics option has been introduced on the website now so that a student or a teacher can see and take advantage of various opportunities. If you follow each step step by step, then various options will open up in front of you and you can use each thing according to that advantage.

Here the facility of checking the board exam results has been introduced for you and if you have participated in any kind of board exam then as soon as the result is published you will get a chance to check it with the roll number and registration number. Moreover, the number of marks you have passed in any subject will be mentioned in detail here.

An option called student management has been introduced here to follow the various steps of the students and the admission related issues of the students have been nicely presented here. Under the Sylhet Education Board, you have to follow the necessary steps by going to the Student Admission option to properly manage the activities of the educational institutions in which students are given admission through admission.

That is, you have to get admission here based on the admission matters which are conducted through lottery at present and the result can be known from here when the admission process is over through lottery. Also, the educational institutes which accept payment through bank for admission or the student panel related issues are presented here. That is, in digital Bangladesh, a student or a teacher can see every subject online or collect and work accordingly, those subjects are being managed through the website.

If any kind of examination is held then you can visit the website and use the center management option to check which center a student has to appear for the examination or if there is any update regarding the center change. Also, by looking at the attendance seat of a student’s daily life, it will be mentioned how many educational institutions he is able to attend or how many educational institutions are present. Officially there are different types of forms here as well as manually you can download these forms and submit the required application to the head teacher. Also various topics from online application to transfer certificate are mentioned here.

In other words, Sylhet Education Board is currently an advanced education board and through this education board millions of students are studying as well as participating in board exams. So, as a student of Sylhet education board, you can stay updated on various topics in daily life by visiting here, as well as many teachers can manage the teaching system of students properly by knowing every subject from here. Now in the digital era, everyone has an Android handset in their hand, so we can know every thing through the website as well as collect every notice at home and keep ourselves updated every thing.