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You can see above the link of the official website of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board as the official website of each education board is currently being managed by the initiative of the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. As many students study under Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board and achieve good results every year with merit, an official website has been launched to manage all the activities of this education board smoothly.

In other words, you can visit this official website and collect every information from the notice board to get all the information of the Madrasa Education Board online with the help of Bangladesh National Information Service. It is better to visit the official website and find out what guidance the authorities are giving rather than collecting all the information you need using any other wrong means. So, by visiting the official website of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, we try to know what we can benefit from in our daily life.

There are nine education boards in our country and madrasa and technical education boards. Every information will be different through Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, just as information can be obtained by visiting the official website of Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education, you can also get a lot of information by visiting the official website of BMEB separately. As Madrasa Education Board is a very big education board as many employees working and responsible here are updated on important issues. So you can use the link provided by others to visit the official website of Madrasa Education Board and from there you can know every information in Bengali.

The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has established the websites here in Bengali and English versions for the convenience of every teacher. Here you can see every information in Bengali as well as if you can get the English version, it will be convenient to see that information. First of all, if you visit the official website of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, then you will see the notice board there. Through the notice board we will be able to know a lot of information and here we will know the things that are mentioned for the official work as well as many things related to Dakhil exam or Alim exam will be mentioned.

Also if due to any reason the exam is postponed or if there is any kind of notice about the start of the exam then we can collect it by visiting the website by following very simple rules. Normally if any information is updated then we can contact the education board without calling the office. If you visit the official website then you can believe that every notice is being given here authentically and act accordingly. So notice board is very important thing and all educational institutions all over Bangladesh which are running under madrasa education board can keep every work related to examination by following notice board.

Moreover, if the education system has been changed for any reason or if the curriculum has been changed and updated, then we can try to know them by visiting the official website of the Madrasa Education Board. So in the age of information and communication technology if we want to keep ourselves updated then we have to visit various official websites to keep pace with technology and government official websites play a very important role in our daily life. Since we are growing up under a People’s Republic of Bangladesh government or we are living here, we need to know what guidelines the authorities are giving us or issuing notices to comply with.

You can visit the official website of Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board to know about their activities. A history is mentioned here based on the history or currently the Madrasa Education Board is established in Bangladesh and is conducting its activities accordingly. Therefore, depending on the history of the past, Madrasa education system has been expanded in the present time and through Madrasa educational institutions in different parts of the country, students are getting the opportunity to study Arabic as well as Bengali and English. The Madrasa Education Board of Bangladesh was reorganized with the promulgation of the Madrasa Education Ordinance of 1978 and has been functioning accordingly till date.

And at present the madrasa education board has adopted all the plans or with all the objectives that have been managing the education system of the students, it will definitely be possible for the students to achieve success. Madrasa Education Board is currently conducting its activities by taking the form of an autonomous institution and many students studying under it are achieving good results every year. However, the current responsibility of the authority is to provide various types of reports regarding the activities being conducted under the Board of Madrasa Education.

That is, as many educational institutions as are managed under the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, reports are being presented every year to see if the activities of all the educational institutions are being managed properly or if they are ahead in terms of results. And efforts are being made to get every educational institution under MPO by submitting reports and conducting education programs properly. Because every educational institution continues to establish various measures for joining MP and various trainings are being provided to the teachers in order to improve the education system to bring these matters under the proper supervision of the authorities. So by presenting the report regularly, a statistic is being made about the results of the annual examination or the result of the board examination.

Currently, in the era of information and communication technology, various activities are being conducted through the Bangladesh Madrasa Education Board, so we can easily join the e-filing program from here. Also, efforts are being made to play a conscious role by carrying out campaigns on militancy prevention or remedial issues by undertaking various activities. If you support child marriage here because you study in madrasa or as a student in madrasa village, the authorities are conducting activities to prevent child marriage on the official website so that no life is lost through child marriage.

Moreover, with all the plans that are being adopted now, changes are being made in every education system through the innovation action plan and changes are being made in the official various types of work, making it possible to understand everything properly. Moreover, students need to purchase different types of educational equipment to conduct each activity properly and in this case, by adopting annual purchase plan, these are purchased and distributed among the students based on the passage of each budget. Also, by managing the Sustainable Development Goals, the knowledge is imparted to the students of this madrasa and the students are also able to develop their own infrastructure by being aware of it. thank you