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Today we will discuss in detail about the birth registration certificate that has been arranged for you by the local government department and the birth registration certificate that you can collect based on providing correct information. At present, by entering the official website of birth registration certificate, you can understand what steps to follow or how to apply, only by visiting the official website.

Learn Something About lgd.gov.bd

  • LGD stands for Local Government Division, Bangladesh.
  • It is a government division responsible for overseeing and supporting local government bodies in Bangladesh.
  • The LGD was established in 1982 and is headquartered in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.
  • The division is headed by a Secretary who is appointed by the Government of Bangladesh.
  • The LGD has several departments including the Department of Local Government, the Department of Rural Development and Cooperative, and the Department of Urban Development.
  • Its responsibilities include providing technical assistance and financial support to local government bodies, promoting decentralization and participatory governance, and implementing various development programs and projects at the local level.
  • The LGD also works to ensure transparency and accountability in local government operations and improve service delivery to citizens.
  • The division collaborates with various national and international organizations to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • The LGD website (www.lgd.gov.bd) provides information on its programs, services, policies, and initiatives.


As we are doing these things for you, through today’s post we will discuss the detailed information related to birth registration certificate. As a general public, know how to do the work related to birth registration certificate online at home. The official website of birth registration certificate provides you with such facilities and there is no possibility of any kind of mistake as you can fill your information yourself while recording the information.

Birth registration is a very important thing for every human being and as we are born in this country by birth we will be issued this identity card with the signature of the chairman from the local government department. Birth registration certificate can be used to get admission in educational institutions and create national identity card, create passport or perform important tasks.

Many applications are constantly being read by using this official website or because these applications are ongoing at the country level, many applications are constantly being submitted to certain websites. So, in today’s post, we have presented to you the rules to be followed according to the topic. We estimate that around 80 thousand visitors visit this website every day and register new information ranging from correction of birth certificate information.

BRIS Check BD Online Birth Certificate

Those who want to check the birth registration certificate and if they have produced the birth registration certificate as a citizen of Bangladesh then need to know the rules to check it. If we can tell you all the rules for checking the birth registration certificate, then you can easily follow the correct rules. So when you visit the official website and want to check the information, I will say that many people want to check this information and through it many people want to download the online copy of birth registration certificate.

As in the language of the website it is called information search or information verification so if you visit the website and click on the option called information search then you will be taken to the next page and there you will be directed to provide three informations. In the first column, you must provide your birth registration number. Then we will ask you to provide your date of birth and if done through mobile phone go to option and set your year of birth correctly. Then after solving the maths problem which is created below and clicking on the search option, the birth registration certificate will be checked.

If you want to know more information about the rules of checking birth certificate online, we will discuss above in detail. Basically based on using the 17 digital personal identification number you have and using date of birth para you can enter this website and check if birth registration information website is available. After visiting this website you will provide the birth registration certificate information correctly and in this case personal contact number must be input accurately.

Many people make mistakes in providing 17 digital numbers and later do not know what to do due to not searching for the information or not finding the information. So after extracting each digit correctly, select your date of birth information through the calendar or go to the edit option and write the date of birth information. Then you have to solve the math problems given on the website and in this case most of the additions are given, if you put the addition answers correctly then go to the search option. Then you will be taken to the next page and there you will find all the information of the birth registration certificate along with the original documents. You can see exactly.

bdris.gov.bd Application

If you want to know the details of the rules for registering the information of the birth registration certificate through online, then here we can give you detailed information about it. If a child is born in the family, then this birth registration is first of all useful for enrolling him in educational institutions. Moreover, when it is necessary to create a passport for traveling abroad with family members, you cannot create this passport without the information of the birth registration certificate. When you want to register new information or create a birth register through the birth registration certificate, I will tell you to follow the following rules.

When you visit the website by collecting the link of the official website from the above title, you will get an option called application for registration of new birth certificate information. By clicking there you will select the address based on which you want to create it and in this case it will be best to provide permanent address. Then next page will ask you to provide first part and last part of name. After specifying the date of birth you specify the number of children in the family.

Also what is your nationality and what is your blood group, what is your gender all information should be provided. After providing all the information properly, the first page should be completed and here is an important point that you must provide the information of all the rooms which are marked with red star while registering the information. Now you will move to the next page and there you have to provide the address information. In this case, starting from the department, you have to provide the information whether you live in the Union Parishad or the municipality and the ward number you live in.

After providing these details correctly you have to go to the next page and there you have to provide your parents information. In particular, their names and NID card numbers should be provided and if each information is provided following their NID card, no information in your birth registration certificate will need to be changed. Now go to the next page and go there and provide your details in place of applicant details and provide your mobile number in place of mobile number. Because mobile number will get an application ID and using that application ID you will get the opportunity to download the application status or re-download the application form. .

Birth Registration Online Bangladesh

Also in case of generating birth registration certificate through online you have to upload on the website the land clearance receipt for the permanent address where you live. If the birth registrant is a child then his/her Tika card certificate should be uploaded on the website. And if he is an adult then he has to apply for birth registration on the basis of providing secondary school certificate or other information. Then go to the fee collection option and go there and select the other option instead of invoice. Then you can go to the next page and see a summary of all the information you have provided so far in your application form.

After providing all these information on the web site if your application form is correct and every information is correct then submit the application form and your application form will be prepared in PDF file form. Then you will download the application form and after downloading the application form, print it out and submit it to the local government department along with the necessary documents. In particular, after registering the information, you have to print out this information application form or submit it within 15 days of applying. If you fail to submit within the specified time, your application will be rejected.

So after registering the details of the birth registration certificate, submit it to the local government department along with the application fee. You will receive this birth registration certificate within two to four days depending on the presence of the chairman. However, if the information and necessary documents are correct with the National Identity Card of the parents, then you will get the right time or in some cases there may be a delay. Especially at the beginning of the year, there is a pressure to admit students in educational institutions, so many parents apply for the birth registration certificate. So I think it will take some time to get the birth registration certificate because that time is a little stressful.

Online Bris Birth Certificate

So after downloading your application form when this website is done you will directly go to local government department and you have to work offline to get birth registration certificate. In some cases, if the application form is lost, there is an option to download it and an application ID will be sent to the mobile number given by the applicant in place of the applicant’s details while applying. Using that application ID number, you can easily do the work related to the birth registration light and can check the current status of the application as well as get the opportunity to download the application form again.

bdris.gov.bd Search

Since the process of registering the information of birth registration certificate or verifying the information by visiting the official website has been informed for you, you may want to know the rules to search this information once more. In fact, there is a facility to download the PDF file of the National Identity Card by visiting the official website of the National Identity Card, but the websites related to the birth registration certificate have not provided this. Because it would be useful to use it through the head of the local government department, the website is not uploaded with that signature and only the information can be found as the information is recorded.

So when you want to search the information of your birth registration certificate you must go to the information search option. Then you go there and register the information very easily to find the information of the birth registration certificate or continue to search by providing all the information that will happen, then a list of detailed information regarding your birth registration certificate will appear on the next page.

bdris.gov.bd Application Status

It is not the case that you just apply and wait for days and the local government department will turn you around in this case. The website will provide you with the opportunity to know the current status of the birth registration certificate or the current status of the application that you have applied to collect the birth registration certificate. That is, all the people who have applied will get the number of days to collect the birth registration certificate or whether the application has been accepted. Visit the official website of birth registration certificate and follow the below rules to know the application status.

After going to application status option you will go there and mention your application type. Because different types of applications are submitted by visiting this official website, you can easily mention the name of the application and provide the application ID there. Then by entering the date of birth or providing the date of birth information and clicking on the search option, you can check the detailed status whether your application has been accepted or whether the application is in progress or whether it has been printed out.

Jonmo Nibondhon Online Check

As we have informed you above regarding Online Check of Birth Registration, you may follow the above information without providing this information here. If you check the birth registration certificate information website then you can use that information very easily and later if you want to reprint your birth registration certificate then that application can be made. But if you can’t find all the people who have produced the previous birth registration certificate then go and inform the local government department and they will help you in this regard.

So in context I would like to say that to clear the doubts in your mind or out of interest to know whether birth registration certificate information is available online, you should learn the rules to check it and follow it.

Online Bris Download

To those who use the official website of birth registration certificate, but many times want to do the work through software, I will say that there is no official software developed from which you can do the work of birth registration certificate. However, visiting the Play Store will suggest various private birth certificate apps and in some cases they will help you provide the information as they are managed by AdSense.

But in most cases, you can avoid it because it will disturb your work through ads and it will be best to do these things by visiting the website. So, as a conscious citizen, by entering the link that I have provided you with the birth registration certificate, you can feel free to follow the simple rules for any kind of application or the current status of the application or to search for information. Comment box is open for any kind of query related to birth registration certificate and write your unknown questions there. thank you