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If any of you want to get an idea about the official website of Narcotics Control Directorate or if you want to know anything about it then you can visit the official website of DNC Gov BD. In daily life, we can learn many things through various official websites managed by the government, and through that official website, we may be aware of various government restrictions.

So when you need to know about all these matters or when you express interest to know about all these matters, you can keep yourself updated on every matter through these official websites run by the government. So when we try to know about the official activities of the Narcotics Control Directorate through this official website managed by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, we must follow the correct procedure to know it.

Currently, every work of the government-run departments or ministries is published online through the Internet. That is, taking into account the overall situation of the country and depending on the importance of various types of requirements, when something is being provided, they are moving through the Directorate to each local office across the country.

But in all these cases, if a person depends on other things, then sometimes wrong information may come out or the information may be delayed. However, in the era of information and communication technology, anyone who wants the benefit of the internet can visit the official website to view the required information and follow various steps according to the required information.

Whenever you visit the official website of Narcotics Control Department, you will get a hotline number there. Well, that hot line number is very important in urgent need and in giving any kind of information for drug control, you can use that hot line number if you want to call and inform the authorities about every issue. Since the youth of our country is the future of the future and the success of this country depends on the youth, the Narcotics Control Directorate is working to prevent the youth from getting wasted.

Therefore, if you find any drug or if it disturbs your environment, you can help by calling the hotline number and providing information on the basis of keeping your identity confidential. When you use the hot line number of the Narcotics Control Department to give the correct location or help them with any information related to drugs, your identity will be kept secret and later they will take various measures officially. Since their slogan is to build a drug-free country, the Narcotics Control Directorate is doing every work to keep the slogan in front and trying to keep everything under control by taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of drugs freely within the country.

Moreover, you can go to the notice board that you are getting through this official website and know all the necessary information and topics. As many people have been given employment opportunities through the department or many are performing duties here, you are asked to follow the notice board to know what information is being updated through the director general. You can do these things through the notice board so do not ask anyone for any information directly. By visiting the official website and going to the notice board we can gather what kind of information they have actually published.

In the official activities of the Narcotics Control Department, notice boards are used to disseminate various types of transfer orders or official actions to all working people. Therefore, when the authorities inform any kind of update or the measures they will take in conducting various public awareness activities, they will be published through the notice board. And we as common people come in this digital age and can visit website any time we want without asking any information and can do our necessary tasks. In this way we can keep ourselves informed and updated with every activity through the official website of Narcotics Control Directorate.

You will also get the facilities or options that are available on all official websites operated by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh through the Directorate of Narcotics Control. A brief history of the Narcotics Control Directorate can be found here if you enter. The production of opium that started in this country from the British rule period can be known from here, how it is following all kinds of policies in all areas or it is prohibited in some cases. Moreover, if we want to get a detailed understanding of the policies that have been laid down on drugs at present, then that can also be learned from here.

You can also get to know about their organizational structure through this official website and get the list of other officials along with the name of the Director General. Moreover, in an official way, they have to perform any duties or by performing any duties, it can be known that this department is dealing with the overall situation in the country. So this official website of Narcotics Control Department is very important and if drugs are found in various cases the authorities try their best to settle them by taking various activities.

You will find operations and intelligence as an important section of this website. If we visit there according to the instructions of the website, then we can know the various types of activities or the statistics of the activities of Adhi Chaka from here. Moreover, after the discovery of drugs, it will come up that who is being prosecuted or what kind of information is being presented here as chemical test statistics. That is, this official website is a repository of great knowledge and from here you can increase self-awareness by knowing about various drug-related campaigns and sharing them with the general public.

Moreover, in the field of treatment and rehabilitation, we can clearly see how they are performing their duties and how their activities are being conducted. Here you will get a list of where there are treatment centers across the country. If someone is addicted to drugs. Or if someone gets addicted here, they can be admitted to the nearest drug treatment center for treatment. In addition to knowing all the rules in the field of treatment, you can also know all the information related to drugs. Also, if you want to know what works have been taken up as the next projects of the Narcotics Control Department and how far these works have progressed, you can visit the website and take them. thank you