e-porcha gov bd

For those who want to know any information related to the paper through online, we will inform about the activities of the official website of this paper currently managed by the government. If we want to be updated all the time on land related issues or if those who have confusion related to land acquisition want to know the correct information about it then this official website will provide us a lot of information. It can be seen that nowadays many people have land related problems and many of them are not registered, so this land is getting dispossessed. Moreover, through this website, all the issues of where and how much land is available can be searched through Khatian.

At present, instead of visiting the Tahsil office day after day, if we try to look at the information online, then we can understand where and how much land is in whose name. In other words, you don’t have to run to the land office day after day to register your name through online. Since land registration papers need to be preserved for ages, if we want to preserve them properly, it must be important.

Moreover, many times the lost documents are uploaded from the land office on the official website, so it will be very convenient to find them. Especially by Khatian number or land mark number, where and how much land an owner has or what kind of land is known from this website. If anyone wants to apply for nomination then this website is providing the application form for nomination.

So it is a kind of website from where you can get various services related to land right from home. If you visit the official website using the link mentioned above, you will see that there are many features related to land. So you need to be aware of every aspect of the present time and those who own land should get their names issued in every aspect of land acquisition as well as ensure their possession.

If you want to collect land deed or plan then you can easily get it through postal department to apply and pay fee on application there. Because many times you need all these papers in land measurement and when you get the right design then you can measure it through experienced Amin. Where earlier we had to waste time day after day at the upazila land office or local land office to do these related tasks, the introduction of these services through online has made our every work much easier.

But if you can go to citizen corner in the most effective way, you will see that by searching the khatian, you can know in detail how much land a person has. In most cases, many people here search RS Khatian and through it, if you can know the important information related to the land, you can understand whether the name of the land has been issued in the name of the last person to whom it was sold.

So based on the above mentioned discussion you can know about this e-paper program. So you should do all the activities you need to do through this official website at your own risk. And if you personally need information on a specific topic or want to know how to search from Namzari to Khatian, then see the other information provided by our website.