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We can get a lot of information through the Ministry of Liberation War or from the various facilities provided to the freedom fighters to the various activities conducted with them, all the information is available by visiting the website. Since the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has taken the program of distributing every information and service smoothly within the country, focusing on the slogan “Digital Bangladesh”, it is possible to complete every work smoothly.

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  • The Liberation War of Bangladesh was fought from March 26, 1971, to December 16, 1971, for a duration of 9 months and 21 days.
  • The war was fought between the Pakistan Army and the Bangladesh Liberation forces, which was composed of Bangladeshi civilians and military personnel.
  • The conflict resulted in the deaths of an estimated 3 million people.
  • During the war, an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 Bangladeshi women were ra*ped by the Pakistan Army and its collaborators.
  • An estimated 10 million people, mostly civilians, were displaced during the war.
  • The war resulted in the creation of the independent state of Bangladesh on December 16, 1971.
  • The war also led to the surrender of approximately 93,000 Pakistani soldiers to the Indian Army, making it the largest surrender of a military force since World War II.
  • The war was recognized by the international community, and Bangladesh became a member of the United Nations on April 17, 1974.
  • The Bangladesh Liberation War is also known as the “War of Independence” and is considered one of the deadliest conflicts of the 20th century.


So we can easily visit the official website of the Ministry of Liberation War with the help of information and communication technology of digital Bangladesh. You can avail different types of facilities based on the information about what kind of circular is being announced or what kind of notice is being given on that official website.

People’s Republic of Bangladesh government has been giving special honors to those who sacrificed their lives and risked their lives to take away the freedom of this country. Therefore, by launching the Ministry of Liberation War, we can easily see the various benefits of the families of the freedom fighters through this ministry and from there we can know every information. On October 23, 2001, the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs was established. The Ministry of Liberation War Affairs was initially started on a limited scale, but later after the importance of their work increased, later its office was set up at the Link Road of the Secretariat.

Even though we can always remember the names of the great heroes, it is the duty of every citizen to pay special respect to those who have risked their lives for freedom in this country and for whose blood we have gained freedom. Therefore, through the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs, steps have been taken to improve the quality of life of every freedom fighter by providing various services and programs to each and every freedom fighter. By visiting this official website of Digital Bangladesh, you can easily check the different types of instructions regarding honorarium based on MIS of freedom fighters from the website.

Muktijoddha Montronaloy

If you visit the Ministry of Liberation War of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, then first of all, there will be shown in front of you various important quotes about the Liberation War. Moreover, you can easily view various types of documentaries of liberation war and links and videos of various important websites from here. However, you must visit this official website to get updates on important information about the liberation war or when the various installments will be paid. So, if you believe this official website to get various notices about the Liberation War, then you can easily see that the information is stored here for you.

When you first visit the website, the notice board will appear in front of you and from there you can see more detailed notices by clicking on all the options. By visiting this official website you are provided with important notices regarding government orders and permission visa required for freedom fighters to visit India for health protection or medical treatment.

Also the allowance amount to be paid in favor of National Freedom Fighters Councilor in the budget for FY 2022-23. Important notices in that regard are provided here. As most of the freedom fighters have now become seniors, it is possible to inform everyone on the basis of updating their every word and every act in rendering their various services through the website.

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By visiting the official website of the Ministry of Liberation War, we can easily collect the list of freedom fighters in PDF file form based on the latest updated information. If you want to get the continuous list of those who have been nominated as freedom fighters based on newly registered information and who will get various opportunities as freedom fighters subject to sufficient evidence, then this post on our website will provide you with very important information. Many people who did not register information in the past were later proved to be freedom fighters when they applied subject to various documents and proofs and later got various privileges.

In this case, in order to know the information about the freedom fighters, we can easily visit the website to know this information. At present, by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Liberation War, we can easily collect the list of freedom fighters in the form of a PDF file. From this list, you can find the ID number of the freedom fighters or their As you will know about the gazette number, you will get a general idea that a continuous list of how many freedom fighters are there in your area will be provided to you.

Muktijoddha mis Form Download pdf

If you want to collect their information as a freedom fighter or a child of a freedom fighter family by using the link of Management Information System and want to collect it in the form of PDF file, then we will teach or inform you about this information through this post. You can consistently follow these rules to get the list of freedom fighters in your area or use this information by visiting the website to easily find information about a particular freedom fighter.

However, if you do not have the information of a freedom fighter at all, then you can directly click on the option called the integrated list of freedom fighters. Then from there you will be provided the information of every freedom fighter in your area and if you want to get the information of any other freedom fighter then you must follow the below rules.

Due to the introduction of an option called Muktijoddha information search on the website, we can easily find out the important things from here. Management Information System is abbreviated as MIS. You will enter here by visiting the website and click on MIS option to search your freedom fighter information. After clicking here you have to go to the next page and select the information starting from department to upazila. Because the upazila based information is very easy to find, when you can provide upazila information, then later you have to provide freedom fighter’s gazette number or freedom fighter’s name or freedom fighter’s personal contact number.

When you search the information by providing the correct information in the above mentioned information, then all other information starting from the name of the freedom fighter and his personal contact will be shown there. As various facilities are provided to freedom fighters based on specific information, you can search the information to know the important points of that freedom fighter and accordingly start from the application and withdraw the various allowances. Moreover, if you want to know the upazila-wise list of freedom fighters, then we will give you more detailed information through this post.

www.molwa.gov.bd Notice

If you want to collect the list of freedom fighters in PDF file format and want to understand which freedom fighters in your area are officially recognized and getting various facilities, you must follow the rules below. Latest updated about freedom fighters so that every people can know this information and every information is updated in detail about every freedom fighter benefits and other things through ministry of liberation war affairs. So when you want to get the list of freedom fighters then we will ask you to visit its official website and go there and follow certain rules.

Focusing on the correct use of information and dissemination of information, Bangladesh Ministry of Liberation War Affairs has given the names of each person in the form of PDF file on the upazila based website so that we can easily know the information of the freedom fighters. So when you need this information, you will directly visit the official website and after visiting there, you will have to go down. After clicking on the option named Veer Muktijoddha or after going to that option, you will click on the option named Veer Muktijoddha. Then below you will be shown in detail which upazilas are in which district of each division.

If you click on the upazila that you actually want to know about, or if you want to collect the information of freedom fighters of all the upazilas, click on them. Then those results will come in front of you very easily in the form of PDF file and the information of the freedom fighters of each area will be presented in detail and accurately in front of you. So, to get the list of freedom fighters, click on the brave freedom fighter option and go there and do all the other things you think you can do by clicking on the certificate and smart card identification.

Muktijoddha Digital Certificate

If you want to get digital certificate of brave freedom fighters then you must go to option where list of freedom fighters is provided. Because from there you can collect the desired information and Bir Muktijoddha option has options called certificate and smart card identification. By clicking on that option you will be able to go to the next page which will tell you to download the identification software.

In this case, arrangements will be made to download your certificate and smart card on the basis of necessary data and facial recognition and scanning QR code. So to find the Veer Muktijoddha identification option you have to visit the website and click on the Veer Muktijoddha option on the homepage and complete the next steps.

Muktijoddha Certificate Download

To download Muktijodha certificate you need to download a specific software and this software is Veer Muktijodha identification software. To download this software you need to have a certain amount of megabytes on your phone or internet connection. After downloading this zip file of 160 megabytes you will install the software and after installation you will be able to identify the certificate and smart card with QR code. Also to follow all the steps that are there we will always go to Veer Mukti Jodha option and go there and use the option called Certificate and Smart Card Identification.

Because by going here you can check the correct rules for checking or verifying even if you can’t follow the correct rules to download the certificates of brave freedom fighters. We think that through this post we have been able to inform you all the rules and regulations in getting the list of freedom fighters and searching the information of freedom fighters.

Muktijoddha Vata BD

Those who want to know the important information regarding Mukti Jodha Allowance and the date on which this allowance will be paid, we must use the notice provided by the notice board of this website. According to the latest update, 16949 liberation war heroes were given this honorarium in the month of December 2022. Accordingly, from that website we know that 29 crores 36 lakhs 59 thousand 124 has been paid and also if you visit the website and want to read the notice from this notice board then you can download the notice as PDF file is attached there. You can see or read.

Moreover, if you want to know the important information regarding the allowance of the liberation war, then by following the other steps of this website, you can keep yourself updated about every issue of the freedom fighters and based on this information, you can help the freedom fighters by updating every issue in every work of daily life.

molwa.gov.bd Form

Following the latest update we came to know that even after liberation war those who have not got Sanad and accordingly they are not getting various allowances were given the opportunity to register information. But you will be nominated for this allowance when you are a gazetted freedom fighter and can know by checking the list where your name appears. So, to be included in the gazette, first of all you have to fill the form provided on the official website of the Ministry of Liberation War and submit it accordingly by accepting other signatures.

As many people try to get this facility with fake certificates, you must submit your required documents and proofs as an honest and qualified freedom fighter. So, by visiting the official website of the Ministry of Liberation Affairs, you will go to the form option and from there you will see all the forms that you will be asked to fill in order to be gazetted or get allowance and fill the form accordingly.

www.molwa.gov.bd new Mis list

We have given you the list management information system provided by Liberation War at the top of our website. So when you want to get this list then you have to go to Veer Mukti Jodha Awasan or go to management information system and search Mukti Jodha information.

Also, the Ministry of Liberation War is conducting various activities and besides giving you notices, we have informed you about the things that people are generally looking for or need to know about. So you can stay updated about every issue by visiting Ministry of Liberation War and we will ensure these things so that proper information can be propagated among the freedom fighters who don’t know about many things. If you have any questions regarding the Ministry of Liberation War, then you must comment in the comment box and thank you for staying till the end. I am ending this post here today.