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I will discuss in detail through this post how to do web DO for those who work in rfl company. For those brothers who have been working as sales representatives in different areas of Bangladesh and are ensuring the sale of the company through proper marketing of products, at present every work has to be done through the official website or the information has to be recorded on the website.

So if you are a SR of PRAN or RFL group and want to order any product through various dealerships as a sales representative then you must learn this DO system. So you can know these things as we discuss about various things in daily life and in this case you can complete each thing correctly by knowing these tasks.

Some Keynotes About Pran RFL Group

  • rflgroupbd.com is the official website of the PRAN RFL Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh.
  • The group operates in a wide range of industries, including plastic products, furniture, household appliances, agribusiness, and telecommunications.
  • The website provides information about the various products and services offered by the group, as well as news and updates on the latest developments and initiatives in the different sectors.
  • Visitors to the website can browse through the group’s extensive product catalog, which includes plastic furniture, storage solutions, home appliances, sanitaryware, and more.
  • The website also features an e-commerce platform that allows customers to purchase products online and have them delivered to their doorstep.
  • Additionally, the website provides information about the group’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as community development projects, environmental conservation efforts, and educational programs.
  • The website offers contact information for the PRAN RFL Group and its affiliated companies and organizations, as well as links to job opportunities and career development resources for prospective employees.


You have to place another order based on providing product code and other details by doing web DO on rfl company. Those who join the job are first informed about these things so that you follow the right rules or are taught how to market those products from the market with an SR. So we have been providing various information for you through this post from time to time. Through this post today, since many people are working in RFL company in our country, I have presented this information for them. So by knowing them properly everyone will follow the right rules and know how to DO the products.

Basically, this rule is very simple and if you know the code number in this case, you will understand it correctly because it will be very convenient for you to order each product. If you need this webdo training or even after joining the company you cannot understand the information properly or can not complete these tasks then it will be very difficult for you. So whenever you go to the market and do the work, you need to know everything correctly and only if you know it correctly, you will be able to do the web DE correctly.

RFL Company is an established company in Bangladesh and their products are so durable that it is in high demand in the current market. In our daily life, if we want to buy any plastic product or want to buy consumables, then of course first of all we try to find RFL products even if the price is a little high. Because if you want to get a little lower price in the market, you may get the product of many companies but it will not be sustainable. So if you want to buy durable products, we will tell you to buy the products of RFL company and because these products are very durable, even if you buy them by spending a little more money, they will last for a long time and save you money.

rfl web do.com

Many of you know about RFL company and from time to time this company offers recruitment for various positions from sales representative to experienced candidates. So when you join RFL company you have to cut orders on website to work at field level instead of working from home according to their institutional rules. In the past orders were taken on paper slips but now the number of products has been increased and the order cutter system has been introduced through the website so that every information can be properly accounted for by the company. So if you want to work as an agent of the company or want to work with a dealership, then you can easily order these products by entering the website.

In today’s world, in the era of information and communication technology, these tasks are managed through the website so that every SR or dealer in Bangladesh can keep an accurate account of the product they want to purchase. Then these will be done through the website, then the information will go to the company’s official site and from there the company will be able to know how much the demand for the product has increased and the demand for the product has decreased compared to the previous month. So as the company conducts these matters through the website for their own personal work, the company officials will follow this rule and they will ensure every sale of the product through the website.

Although every information reaches the head office through the zonal office, still the importance of the website is immense to keep the products of different companies across the country properly accounted for creating competition. Therefore, as big companies are selling their products through the website, rfl company is taking the help of the website to market their products very easily and starting from taking product order through the website, they have to do the work of product delivery. So when you want to do these works of RFL company or want to order any product as a representative of the company, you can easily visit the website and order by knowing the code of that product.

So, in order to order a product, you have to do the web DO and in this case, if you provide detailed information about how much you want to buy and how many pieces you want to buy, the price will be mentioned in front of you. Moreover, the amount of sales commission you will get for the purpose of marketing these products will be shown on the website and starting from your balance, the money you are depositing in the bank will be shown in your user name. That is, a controlled system to manage each sales representative properly is the website and through this it is possible to keep a specific account or statistics of the entire country on the website.

rfl web do entry

Now we will tell you how to do RFL Web DO here. For those who are totally new to this webdio, reading this information here will be the most important thing if they want to follow the correct information properly. Since we are constantly doing various types of work for you, it will be very useful for you to know this information here. In doing webdo of RFL group first of all you have to think about the official website and if you know the official website then it will not be too difficult for you to do it.

Generally, you can easily login to the website based on the privileges provided by the company or on the basis of the username and password you have. And it will not be difficult for you to log in to this web site and you can later write there to order different products according to the product code or if you want to express an opinion about a product, there is also an opportunity to give it there. If you want to follow the correct information properly then know these things from here and if we inform you it will play a very important role for you and you can act accordingly.

To find RFL Group website, you have to directly search by typing RFL web site or visit the official website of RFL Group given in the title of our website. Then after visiting there you will be asked to provide correct information to provide username and password for login. You will provide the username and password in a very nice way and if someone has already saved it, then you can fill it automatically from the saved part. But if it is not saved then you have to give the user name of 6 digits nicely and the password that you have set.

Then after completing your login a blank page will appear and from there you have to enter the information or description of the product you want to provide for web video. Generally, you can order the product based on the code number on the official website, so you will put this code number correctly and specify how many pieces you want to purchase. In this case, every information has to be input correctly and there is difficulty in writing notes if you want to get special benefits regarding that product or if you want to express your opinion regarding the order of that product.

rfl web hris

You can visit AHRIS to find out the sales commission you will be paid at the end of the month for the services you are providing or the position you are holding. That is, those working in this company are paid a total salary at the end of every month depending on the sales and the basic salary paid by the company. So the company will pay you monthly when you can follow all the rules and achieve every target by following the company policy.

In this case, the information about how you have performed in the last month will be uploaded on the website and the number of days you have given attendance in the work or the number of days you have joined the work will also be informed. So if you can meet the target that they ask you to work on following the company policy and ensure more sales then you will be paid advance money and additional money at the end of the month along with the salary at a certain rate on top of the sales. So, to know all these information of the company or through their official website, know every update as salary methods are determined.

As per the company policy, we will give you the updates when you want to know these updates and you can know them directly by visiting the official website. Generally, if you visit the company’s HRIS portal, you will get your name and details along with your performance in the last month through the job ID you have. And from there you will know the details and know what other facilities your company is providing you in this context and what work you have been able to do this month.

Since this is an admin section of the company, you can login there with your job ID and after logging in, you will see the details of how you have sold in the last month and the total amount you can withdraw this month. will be shown. So since you are working in the interest of the company, the company will look after your interests and the salary that the company will pay you must ensure that you can earn the maximum profit by ensuring sales through your own performance.

rfl web do rfl group bd

If you want to do rfl web do then we have informed you about it above. So when you want to get the right idea about it or because you don’t know how to do D and act accordingly by knowing the right information, then of course if we inform you about it, you can stay updated about it. So, as a representative of the company, in addition to ensuring sales in daily life, if you know this information, go to your market to order products or as a dealership, order products and collect them from the company, if you follow every step, the products will arrive and earn profit by ensuring BK. can

Therefore, in using the opportunities that the company is providing you, you must ensure the maximum sales of the company and you must work through advertisement in the market that your product is the best product than the competitive product. That is, if you can ensure the company’s profit, then the company will look at you and pay you sales commission as well as ensure your promotion for a time. No matter what kind of work you do in this day-to-day life or where you are in your career, if you can benefit them by completing each task properly, it will be a matter of benefit for yourself.

At the end of the day if you work just to get salary then after month you will get only that salary and in this case you will not have any profit and you will never be able to move towards promotion. In today’s competitive world when you put in the maximum effort and do these exercises technically it won’t take much time to reach your goals. Also, when you are working for a company and your livelihood issues are coming up through the company, if you can ensure maximum sales for that company, it is good for you and good for the company. So there is a nice career opportunity for those who are earning job in RFL company and you have to make use of it.

As we are giving you the idea about this you can understand them and knowing this idea about this you may know that you can complete the tasks of RFL company in life properly. If you want to know detailed information about RFL Company WebDO as we have provided you above, then it has been explained which rules to follow. Above all, I am ending today’s post here wishing everyone’s overall well-being and if anyone has any questions in this regard, you can definitely write your valuable opinions or questions in the comment box.