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We will inform you about the activities related to the activities of those who are regularly provided information under the Bangladesh Health Education Directorate or have an official website through this question on our website. Under the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the Department, managed by the Ministry of Health and Family Development, is currently working to ensure various aspects of the country’s health.

Key Information About DGHS

  • DGHS stands for Directorate General of Health Services, Bangladesh.
  • It is a government agency responsible for managing and providing healthcare services in Bangladesh.
  • The DGHS was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.
  • The agency is headed by a Director General who is appointed by the Government of Bangladesh.
  • The DGHS has several departments including the Department of Health, the Department of Family Planning, and the Department of Medical Education and Health Manpower Development.
  • Its responsibilities include formulating and implementing national health policies and programs, managing public hospitals and health facilities, and regulating the healthcare sector.
  • The DGHS also works to improve the quality of healthcare services, promote disease prevention and control, and strengthen the healthcare system in Bangladesh.
  • The agency collaborates with various national and international organizations to achieve its goals and objectives.
  • The DGHS website (www.dghs.gov.bd) provides information on its services, programs, policies, and initiatives.


As each department or department is administered by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, we can collect important information related to that department through the website. So if you are interested to know about it and if you are really interested to know about it then know the information in detail through this post provided by our website. Moreover, if you want to know the types of recruitment circulars that are published under the Department of Health or the types of promotion related jobs by entering this website, then we can inform you about it.

Under the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, various measures were taken to ensure the health protection of all the people of the country and to deal with war at that time. So if we want to know about this department then we can easily understand that on 10th of April when new government of Bangladesh was formed then a health department was formed and currently health department has been running since that time.

So if we want to know about its beginning then we will say that this decision was taken on 17th April 1971 when the Mujibnagar government was sworn in and on 2nd of the following month Dr. Tofazzal Hossain was appointed as Director General of Health Directorate and carried out his duties.

If you want to know all the activities that are conducted under the Department of Health, we can give you the correct information about it. As this office is being managed under the Ministry of Health and Family Development, it is working to ensure health services to all the people of the country. Apart from this, the work of this department is for health management and formulation of various action plans and implementation of various policies administratively. So when you want to know the information related to this department, we will inform you about the necessary information by informing you the correct information.

dghs.gov.bd Notice

The Directorate of General Health Services is currently carrying out important health functions across the country. So when you visit this official website and want to know about the different types of notices here, we will inform you the correct website address for collecting different types or by uploading different types of notices on our website. As we have been facing the coronavirus for the past few years and it has remained somewhat dormant till now, important work is being done to protect the health of all people and take necessary measures and vaccination programs.

Therefore, different types of notices are published from here to provide health protection in all parts of the country and to take different types of management and action plans for health. So as a conscious citizen when you want to collect this notice or when you want to visit the official website to get this notice then we help you with correct information and guide you to know about this information.

Also through the Department of Health. Important results of notices and recruitments are arranged for the type of recruitment works that are currently being carried out or the type of recruitment circulars that are published.

So you will stay with us to notice every issue of the Directorate of Health which is being managed by the Government of Bangladesh. We will inform you of every information by publishing this notice and inform you about the various types of community health care or matters that are managed by the Department of Health. Therefore, through today’s post, we will discuss the information about the Department of Health in detail and you will be able to benefit a lot if you inform us of all the information that you search for on the Internet.

dghs.teletalk.com.bd Apply

As the Department of Health carries out important work to ensure the health of the people across the country, various types of people are employed at different levels or upazila level where there are health complexes. When this organization publishes the recruitment circular for the recruitment of various categories of employees starting from doctors, the applicants apply and wait for the next examination.

Since the different types of recruitment circulars under the Bangladesh government have almost the same salary scale, if you apply for the recruitment circular through the Department of Health, then you must follow certain rules to complete the application.

These matters are managed in order to conduct the work of the health department smoothly and when we receive this recruitment circular for various posts, we complete the application within the specified time as per the recruitment circular. Once the application is completed, we participate in the examination accordingly and after getting the final appointment, we get job opportunities in different upazila health complexes or community health clinics in the country to provide health assurance.

So if you want to apply according to this official notice of the health department or according to the official recruitment circular, then you must apply by entering the application process through Teletalk SIM or the websites where the application process is going on.

In this application process of health department an applicant has to provide his/her details and educational qualification as asked in the recruitment notification. When you want to complete every job as per this recruitment notification, you must input every information correctly and also upload the image and signature on the website within the specified resolution. Then you will be able to complete the application very easily and you will provide each and every mobile number for each information so that you can later download the admit card and participate in the exam through exam related SMS.

dghs.gov.bd Order List

As the population of the entire country is properly informed about the important health guidelines and action plans, there are many important issues to be fulfilled for the smooth functioning of each sector. So when you visit our website to know these important things, we will help you with that information and based on that information you will know about different types of order list. So when you want to know about the order list of Directorate of General Health Service, then if we inform you about the matter, you will be aware of the important matter.

You can visit the official website to know the important information about the posting order at different places through the health department or you can also know about the important information about the abandonment letter from anywhere. That is, apart from providing detailed information to those who work here, every information is provided here regularly and to know other information and to know about the detailed information including date, you will not be able to know about the best things if you visit this website and work.

Therefore, we will provide information about the order list to those who want to know, visit the official website of the Department of Health, and by visiting the official website, you can perform important tasks only by going to the order list option.

www dghs gov bd result 2023

We will try to update you every information related to this promotion when you are working in various posts of health department and want to know important information related to promotion. Since the head of the health department is the director general, when the director general appoints a candidate as an assistant professor based on various tests or performance in different places, we know how to provide the important information regarding the specific rules and publication of results in that appointment. Based on this information, when you perform important tasks, definitely visit these posts on our website and we will inform you about them.

All the officers who are working through the Department of Health must do these tasks for the purpose of appointment or promotion to the post of Assistant Professor. As different types of order list are prepared through the Department of Health, as well as different types of promotional work are done, you can directly visit the official website without knowing them elsewhere.

As per circular you can know these recruitment related information or posting related information very easily they are general and hope that through this post you can get correct information about this and act accordingly later.

dghs.gov.bd Login

Generally, in case of login anywhere, user ID or email address must be provided for login. Also, you must use the password for logging in and if you want to know the information related to the login by going to the official website of the health department, then you must collect the password in advance to know the information about this login. So, if someone wants to complete the login by visiting the official website, you can complete this round by using the user ID and email address as well as the password according to the information given in the afternoon.

When you visit the website of the health department, you will first go to the menu option and you will get a dashboard and here various information is provided for you or you can click on the required information from the menu option and it will be better for you to follow the next steps. At the time of corona virus infection, you got to know various things from there and since you got to know from there the kind of work done to increase the awareness of health issues, a separate option has been launched for that.

When you visit this official website, you will be able to find information about various researches and publications related to health. In fact, research is conducted to protect health in daily life and from health management to what steps can be taken for the health of every human being to lead a healthy and prosperous life. So when you want to know about health related research or other issues or want to know which research journals have been published on this topic then this website will provide you that information. For information on health related research and publications visit the official website and download or view them.

dghs.gov.bd Posting Transfer

For those who want to know the information related to posting transfer, it will be best if you know this posting transfer from the official website as the work can be done through this health department. By visiting the official website of the Department of Health, if you can find out the information about this posting transfer, you will do the best job and you can also collect absolutely authentic information about the posting transfer.

So if you can understand them and act accordingly as we are working for you for this purpose, you will know in more detail about the things that you can know through the Department of Health in daily life.

As different types of health programs are adopted to increase health progress, a separate option has been introduced in the menu option on the official website to inform everyone about that program. If you go to the section called health programs and progress, you will get different types of notices and accordingly different communities. You can get accurate information about what steps are being taken in the clinic or in various upazila health complexes. So, as we are conscious citizens, we can know this information through the health department by visiting the official website and can use the information properly and play various beneficial roles based on the correct information.

dghs Medical Admission Result 20232 MBBS

Various types of clinics and various types of private health institutions have been established for health protection. All these organizations have to be properly registered and if the registration is not done, the organizations will be considered null and void. So if someone has opened an important institution for the purpose of health care and wants to provide health care accordingly, then he must complete the registration in advance through the Department of Health and provide the services accordingly after getting the institutional number from there. Hope you have got to know the information about private company registration.

If we visit the official website of the Department of Health once, we can understand how many health related procedures have been adopted here. Moreover, different types of communication systems or different types of press releases have been employed to eliminate informational transparency and take important steps to bring informational transparency.

In order to play the role of an informed citizen, you can log in through email with various subjects, and various basic trainings have been introduced here. So you can do any work you need on this official website of the Department of Health or if you want to do any work officially through this official website. Thank you all.